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  1. On behalf of my family and friends ( who are also CC members) I want to thank you for your kind reply and understanding of our collective concerns.
  2. Addendum: After the recent CC maintenance (or any maintenance for that matter), we would expect as a courteous gesture from CC, informing their members that certain features i.e. Internet Explorer would no longer work. Many of us were left hanging wondering what happened which could have been easily avoided if only CC had " communicated" with their members. Thank you.
  3. Old folks like us don't count anymore in today's society that walks around with their heads down on some gadget or another "communicating". Did I say " communicating''?? HA !
  4. 1. Since yesterday morning ( after the maintenance at CC ) we can no longer access CC through Internet Explorer. 2. Repeated e-mails to CC asking for their help have been met with silence thus far. 3. Why is it that almost every time there's a CC maintenance there are inevitable new issues that CC fails or doesn't want to explain to their members? 4. We are very disappointed in Cruise Critic.
  5. Thank you for your reply broberts . I have e-mailed the help desk at CC - but haven't heard back yet. Sigh...oh well
  6. Can anyone please help me with the new CC format? I am old and not up on the latest gadgets and I used to use Internet explorer to go to my CC site. Now I can't anymore except I can go to Chrome instead but I have made so many tries I lost count of what I did. How do I get to the CC team by e-mail?
  7. I hope that my post may help others like me who are hopeless when it comes to computers etc. but here's my problem.... As of this morning (after CC's maintenance ) I cannot post /access CC Floataway Lounge when I use my trusted Internet Explorer but is working (albeit in a different format) on Google Chrome. Am I doing something wrong?
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