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  1. The see through floor on both wings of the bridge were a big hit. The crew did not reveal any particular anecdotes but their Cheshire cat grins spoke volumes. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  2. Looked like they separated the darks from lights/whites.
  3. Looks like there are only two forward facing Signature Suites on the Vista class ships (5001 and 5002). Here is a link to pictures of cabin 5002 on the Oosterdam. http://halfacts.com/5002-oosterdam/
  4. Engine Control Room and Laundry. The laundry crew member is tagging each garment as he removes it from the laundry bag.
  5. Obligatory picture of the Morgue-not occupied. Water tight door, canned goods and sorting recyclables.
  6. Pictures from the bridge. The see through floor on the bridge wing reveals some interesting happenings.
  7. We had eleven passengers on the tour and were escorted by the Cruise Director Hamish to various locations within the ship . We toured the bridge, kitchen, laundry, storage areas, tailor shop, waste disposal areas and engine control room. We were allowed to take pictures in every area we toured. Captain Sybe de Boer joined us on the bridge and added to the information already provided to us by a junior officer. The ships photographer took pictures of us with the Captain that were given to us at the end of the tour. At each location, the supervisor in charge, provided an explanation and answered questions. The tour lasted about 3 hours and 30 minutes and did require some walking up and down stairways on the lower decks. At the end of the tour we went to one of the lounges for a drink and received a HAL bag with an America's Test Kitchen apron, photo with the Captain and a HAL mug. We tried to take this tour on the Oosterdam in January 2019, while on a Caribbean cruise, but they were not able to get the minimum amount of participants. It didn't help matters that the tour was never published in the When and Where during the cruise. We knew about the tour from another recent cruise and went to Guest Services on Day #1 to sign up. I visited the desk almost every day to see if any one else signed up but the tour never occurred. Go to Guest Services on Day #1 and sign up. If your lucky, the tour will be published in the When and Where and generate interest. We mentioned it to the many different people we dined with and unfortunately found an interested couple at the end of the cruise when it was too late.
  8. We just returned from the 10 day Mediterranean Dream on the Nieuw Statendam last week where the Behind the Scene tour was offered. It was announced in the When and Where on Day #2 and given on the second sea day.
  9. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2641122-signature-suites-on-the-zuiderdam/
  10. Yes, there is an outlet. There are more pictures of our Oosterdam Signature Suite #6065 here: http://halfacts.com/vista-class/6065-oosterdam/
  11. We depart Civatavecchia at 6 pm next Monday, October 7th. The passenger emergency drill is scheduled for 3:45 pm. YMMV.
  12. It also appears to be based on what version of the HAL Navigator app you have. Unfortunately, I updated the app on my phone today and lost the limited functionality I was viewing yesterday and this morning. Now the app states that everything will be available once on board. โ˜น๏ธ This is what I had before the update:
  13. Thanks for the review. We will be on the Veendam in January cruising the Caribbean.
  14. Looks like the deadline is 3 days from sailing.
  15. Hello Everyone! I know that the HAL Navigator tool has been discussed before but I don't recall anyone mentioning that the Navigator app works, with limited functionality, before you board the ship. We depart Civatavecchia next Monday, October 7th on the NS and I am currently able to view the Happening on Board section and much more at home in NYC. Happy Hour schedules, trivia games, poolside movie titles and World Stage entertainment listings are all available to help you plan your day. Additionally, shore excursion descriptions are available to read but not available to book until you board the ship. Another interesting tidbit is that the passenger emergency drill will be at 3:45 Monday. Has anyone else successfully logged on more than a week in advance of departure? Don
  16. Can you still use Flight Ease if you have transferred your booking to a TA?
  17. Thanks everyone! We have been looking forward to this cruise since last year. Can't wait to leave on Friday for Rome. Don and Lisa
  18. 1. IMHO, highly unlikely that the program will cease to exist without negative fallout. 2.Shareholder benefit does not change if you hold a much larger position of CCL stock. 100 is minimum required. https://www.carnivalcorp.com/static-files/50351a91-4dc0-4f6b-bfec-684647e6129f
  19. I just faxed my info on Thursday, Sept 26 for a January 2020 departure that I haven't made final payment for yet. I haven't received a confirmation email yet but I did see the amount of OBC increase by $100 on my big box TA website. Additionally, I have read here in the past that the CCL shareholder program has to technically be reauthorized each year and that is why they won't process requests that are too far out. That is why I didn't request the OBC for my August 2020 cruise yet. It can wait until next year.
  20. Hello Jacqui, Please add our January 10, 2021 departure on the Westerdam for the 20 Day South America and Antarctica cruise from Santiago to Buenos Aires. BTW, we are celebrating our 40th anniversary on our upcoming departure on October 7th on the Nieuw Statendam from Civatavecchia that is already listed above. Thanks, Don and Lisa
  21. We had washcloths on our Viking Longships.
  22. Yes. See link: https://www.carnivalcorp.com/static-files/50351a91-4dc0-4f6b-bfec-684647e6129f
  23. You send the information direct to Carnival. It's supposed to be sent in 3 weeks prior to sailing. https://www.carnivalcorp.com/shareholder-information/shareholder-benefit https://www.carnivalcorp.com/static-files/50351a91-4dc0-4f6b-bfec-684647e6129f
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