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  1. Hi JP, I'm following this thread with interest as I have also been looking at some of the Ponant itineraries, but haven't been convinced to take the plunge as yet. An acquaintance of mine has done Silversea and Ponant. Her opinion is that Ponant is wonderful and much better than Silversea. She is a self avowed Francophile though, so said she loves the food and the bilingual announcements etc doesn't worry her. She is no longer sailing with SS and is only booking Ponant.
  2. I might have to retract my comment above. I have just checked and can no longer see the reference to a minimum age in the zodiacs and also see that the family special rate is being promoted on Galapagos and Antarctica voyages.
  3. I will have to remain on the expedition cruises as there is a minimum age limit on those who are allowed in the zodiacs.
  4. Just catching up on this as you are nearly finished. Thanks to JP and everyone else for the great commentary and photos. The weather hasn't been kind, but you have persevered and by the looks of it had a wonderful experience, and enjoyed some fabulous food. Glad to hear some of the team I have sailed with previously have been onboard and are doing well - Dom, Hillman and Gilbert. Did I miss the name of the executive chef? I possibly did as I was reading quickly to catch up with you all. Thanks again for taking the time to post and share your voyage šŸ˜€
  5. Parkas are included in the cruise fare. You order online prior to the cruise and they will be in your suite when you arrive. They are yours to keep.
  6. Pricing is now available on the SS website for those who are keen to book.
  7. I also enjoyed these products on my last cruise.
  8. Hi JP. You are correct, it is Bulgari, not L'Occitane. I responded quickly, and got confused with the products, thanks for the correction. Looking forward to following your trip report to Iceland JP. Jazmyn49, thanks for explaining the puff. Yes, the jackets are now 2 piece as JP described, so you will get a puff and a gortex parka which can be worn together or separately.
  9. From my recollection I have put my answers next to your questions. Hope you enjoy Explorer and the Arctic.
  10. Iā€™m sorry for all impacted by these cancellations including the Cuban people. My own Explorer voyage to Cuba was cancelled last year for different reasons. At that time I considered the Cuban itineraries on the classic fleet, but none suited me. Iā€™m now glad that Iā€™m not facing another cancellation.
  11. Reports here are that 5 women aged between 67 and 72 were injured as they tried to run away from the ship. 2 were Australian and 1 from New Zealand.
  12. Observer, thanks for posting the detail, I wasn't able to post the email from SS into the post for some reason. I assumed all would have received the details already from SS.
  13. Tragic news out of Ketchikan. I did the flight in 2014 when it was operated by Promech Air. Since then there has been the 2015 and this recent crash. I'm really not sure I would be brave enough to take the flight again. I also did a flight in Kodiak to see the bears which was a once in a lifetime experience.
  14. The refurbishment of the Shadow sounds as though it will be quite extensive. I was pleased to see that it will be remaining the same size, not getting stretched. Also a good sign that it will be remaining in the fleet for some time.
  15. I haven't sailed on Discoverer, but I heard fairly negative feedback about her and the condition she was in. ? low ceiling height was also an issue. I was onboard Shadow last year when it was announced that she would be leaving the fleet and there was very little reaction from guests.
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