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  1. Are both rooms Havana access? I would not want to give that up.
  2. I received my Allianz refund on April 11th. The request was submitted on March 24th.
  3. They cancelled my Italy excursion on March 13th, the email stated a 5-7 business day time for refund. Still waiting...
  4. We have had Havana Cabana's twice and have another two booked. Absolutely our favorite rooms and having direct access from the Lanai to the pool is priceless. Non-Havana ships aft or aft-wrap is what we would go for.
  5. I see absolutely nothing wrong with doing this. Carnival made the rules and you are abiding by them unless there is sharing going on.
  6. The Rotterdam bar on Paradise has 6 TV's. They had ESPN on with games last week. I needed Fox so I was SOL on the game I wanted to watch. It it located right outside of the comedy club.
  7. Tampa also does not offer Global Entry, just off last week.
  8. The offer I had is the spend $500 get 10,000 points. That offer is now restricted to 1 per membership rewards account. Just off the phone with them again. Unfortunately they cannot or won’t email me the terms and conditions so if someone else has them please post.
  9. Apparently spouses can no longer redeem this on separate online accounts if they are tied to the same rewards program. Per my phone call earlier tonight this is effective 11/1. For those of you redeeming multiples this may come into play.
  10. I paid via a TA last night $500 on my card and immediately got an email from AMX that I had used the offer. Also paid off that cruise with DW's AMX and then paid more on another booked cruise for a total if $500 on hers. She also got the email on using the offer.
  11. I suspect you are correct.
  12. Not strictly due to taxes. Even on the itineraries where VAT is not charged they still don't offer cheers.
  13. If you are talking about the ones right outside the Havana bar, those are public stairs.
  14. I haven't been on the Fantasy but have been on several others in the class. They have all had multiple TV's in the Aft Promenade lounge. On Fantasy that is the Majestic Bar.
  15. We were on the fifth sailing of Vista and there were plenty of workers still doing the finishing touches during port days. It had no impact on our enjoyment of the cruise.
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