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  1. Grand Turk you can go on your own. A few years ago we did a charter with members of my roll call with Grand Turk Diving. They took us to one spot somewhat shallow, to the ledge drop off, and to Gibbs Bay where you could hang out with stingrays. But again, you can enjoy some nice views from the beach if you bring your own gear. Half Moon Cay you would have to do their excursion. We had some onboard credit to burn one trip and did it. They took you by boat away from the main part of the island and you had time to snorkel near some reefs. It's ok. Not the best spot. San Juan I haven't snorkled. St Thomas - a note here that traffic around the port area can get very backed up. I would only suggest doing an excursion with the cruise ship (that will be sure to wait for you, or you might get left behind.) I don't know if HAL still offers it but we went to a marine sanctuary and had a kayak trip through the mangrooves. And when we got to the farthest point, we could snorkle. It was only like 5' deep which was great and the marine biologists that were our guides would tell you about different things we saw. Very fascinating and enjoyable. Whatever you decide - have a great trip!
  2. I highly recommend this book also. Bring some small magnets and you can hang this on one wall of your stateroom (at least we could on the Statendam). It was wonderful to follow along.
  3. Don't be sad. Yours is also a great itinerary. It was a trip of a lifetime for me. If the same itinerary was still available, I'd do it again because there were so many highlights.... but I do like that it will be different for those that have already done the other. That's all.
  4. Exactly! Tho, like I said - I'll miss Kodiak and Sitka.
  5. I did the previous 14 day itinerary so I'm really excited about the changes for 2020. I only wish Kodiak was still there instead of Homer - but - all in all it's a great itinerary. I'm just waiting for the right sale to book.
  6. I'm 3 star and haven't gotten offers whether I have a cruise booked or not. If they were to dangle a carrot - who says I won't bite?
  7. I don't get offers - email or snail mail and I've all but asked for them (I will call tomorrow to inquire why).
  8. Why not book it on your own? You'd have so much more freedom to spend as much time in areas you really want to see.
  9. This was a great read, even for a seasoned cruiser.
  10. yes all the VB aft cabins are deeper than other decks. Also look at 4154 and 4156 which are double wide (due to crew work space)... normal verandah cabin interior... but the balcony is twice as wide as other VB's and twice as deep as verandahs on other decks. http://halfacts.com/pinnacle-class/4154-koningsdam/ I provided these pictures from my cruise a month ago.
  11. In Tortola we took a cab ($16 pp round trip) to Cane Garden Bay. It was beautiful. Highly recommend if you want a nice beach break. St Thomas - we didn't get off the ship. Been there many times and weren't up for crowds. My sister took the sky ride to the top of the mountain right by the port. She enjoyed it. Said the view was lovely and was well worth it. Enjoy your next trip!
  12. I was in 4154 from Jan 4-13. LOVED it. It's twice as wide as a standard balcony. all balconies (at least the back half of the ship) on deck 4 were also deeper than the ones above. So the balcony is HUGE. There were 2 deck chairs with ottomans and a table. We had a 3rd person in our cabin and the steward got us another chair - but it was a folding plastic chair. The table was tiny (about big enough for two glasses). I would have liked something more of a table. (The chair in the 2nd pix is the desk chair from the room.)
  13. I believe it was $89 for our 9 day trip... which works out to $10/day. You'd have to drink more than 5 cans/day every day to be cheaper than buying individually - if I did the math right.
  14. I just got off the Koningsdam on Sunday and have the details on current package rates.
  15. I agree with needing time to clean... but they can let us onboard to lounge in public spaces. Rooms weren't always ready when we boarded. I'm fine with that.
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