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  1. I loved Icy Straight because it felt the most "genuine" to me. I thought Ketchikan had the best shopping. Juneau has all around good options for sightseeing. I loved Kodiak (we went bear viewing via float plane). And as the others said Sitka was great. Homer didn't do much for me. I'm looking forward to Haines/ Skagway on my next trip.
  2. can you use flightease for one way (and then points on my own) for the return?
  3. I'd jump on a 12-14 day itinerary from NY in a heartbeat. I'd love to go to Bermuda again, from NY. And I prefer HAL - the other cruise line itineraries don't interest me enough to switch. Count me in.
  4. I had a medical emergency a few cruises ago and found out the night before that I couldn't do a snorkling tour at Half Moon Cay. I went to the "desk" on the island and they agreed that I couldn't go and my excursion was refunded. They wouldn't refund my sister's tho. They were nice enough to let me go out on the boat and enjoy the views.
  5. $100-200 in OBC is fine because it covers the hotel service charge and then you don't need to lay that out at the end of the cruise... but $800+, I'd rather the lower fare also. I went ahead and booked with the Explore 4 a week or so ago. I got $675 in OBC and booked the few days that I also got free gratuities... between future cruise credits, this booking bonus and my stock credits - I should have over $1000 to spend on board. I'm not saying I won't use it. But especially with not being able to use it to book excursions - I'd just rather have the lower fare.
  6. VermeulT

    hubbard glacier

    Is this the type of boat you guys are talking about?
  7. Is the price in my list for prebooking per person or per cabin? For the 14 day Alaska next August, it lists $288.96. Since everyone in the cabin needs to purchase it, is that the price for the cabin or just one person? If it's for one person - it's roughly $20/pp/pd... which you'd need to drink 5-10 drinks per day to make it worth it. If anyone can clarify - I'd appreciate it.
  8. I have two choices for Hubbard Glacier... Up-Close Exploring: Hubbard Glacier & Enchanting Disenchantment Bay ($259pp) and Excursions by Zodiac: Hubbard Glacier ($169pp) Which is the one you guys are most talking about? Can anyone clarify the difference? There are two choices also for Tracy Arm...???
  9. We took the bus to Fortress of the Bear and then the bus to Raptor Center and from there walked through the Totem park back to downtown. It was super enjoyable & beautiful.
  10. Go to Matanuska Glacier for a day. Drive north on route 1 past Palmer. I think it was about 90 min drive. You can drive literally up to the glacier and go walking on your own. (Or you can arrange with local companies to do a guided hike).
  11. I went ahead and booked Alaska for next year. 14 day Maasdam. Outside cabin. $675 in OBC plus pinnacle, plus beverage card, plus free gratuities... and apparently both my sister and I had a FCD left so deposit is paid for and add another $100 in OBC... When I add my stockholder credit - I'll have over $1000 in OBC plus free gratuities!!! And the rate is decent enough so I wouldn't expect much of a price drop unless I could keep all the promotions. I LOVE THIS SALE!!
  12. I've been considering the 14 alaska cruise next Aug/Sept but wasn't crazy about the Explore 4 (I'd rather have the $600 in OBC back in my pocket since we'd book tours on our own). I was waiting to see if the next sale would be prepaid gratuities... and now both 😲 ??!?!?! I have a call into my TA. The only thing that might get me if it's non-refundable fare... since there's a slight chance of date conflict with stuff next year.
  13. Grand Turk you can go on your own. A few years ago we did a charter with members of my roll call with Grand Turk Diving. They took us to one spot somewhat shallow, to the ledge drop off, and to Gibbs Bay where you could hang out with stingrays. But again, you can enjoy some nice views from the beach if you bring your own gear. Half Moon Cay you would have to do their excursion. We had some onboard credit to burn one trip and did it. They took you by boat away from the main part of the island and you had time to snorkel near some reefs. It's ok. Not the best spot. San Juan I haven't snorkled. St Thomas - a note here that traffic around the port area can get very backed up. I would only suggest doing an excursion with the cruise ship (that will be sure to wait for you, or you might get left behind.) I don't know if HAL still offers it but we went to a marine sanctuary and had a kayak trip through the mangrooves. And when we got to the farthest point, we could snorkle. It was only like 5' deep which was great and the marine biologists that were our guides would tell you about different things we saw. Very fascinating and enjoyable. Whatever you decide - have a great trip!
  14. I highly recommend this book also. Bring some small magnets and you can hang this on one wall of your stateroom (at least we could on the Statendam). It was wonderful to follow along.
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