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  1. I was booked on Rotterdam for New Years which was to be my first on her. My Maasdam cruise next Summer is done too. The Maasdam was my first HAL ship. I really liked her. Im not sure what I’ll do for New Year’s... I do hope HAL will have a variety of itineraries. The ships leftover have only done the same old 7 day routes....
  2. Stock closed up $1.50 today ($17.48). Not sure if it’s related to the news of the ships being sold (see other threads). I hope some good comes out of it.
  3. I just got this in email Both of my booked cruises have been cancelled
  4. https://nltimes.nl/2020/06/27/dutch-deploy-troops-quell-curacao-riots?qt-front=0 There has been much unrest in Curacao due to layoffs and budget cuts. I saw somewhere yesterday that almost half the people on the island are now dependent on government assistance for food.
  5. There are plently of Caribbean islands I don't need to stop at again. If a cruise I take includes a stop there - I *might* get off to have a few drinks shoreside but I'd be fine staying on board. I cruise to relax and too many ports has too much anxiety of getting up early - getting to see as much as we can and then making sure we get back on board. Give me a recliner and a view and I'm set.
  6. I know of several industries that started this weeks ago. Especially given that they are essentially closed for 6 months - it would be a shock to not think this would happen. They will come back. I believe it wholeheartedly. So much so that I took advantage of another dip in stock prices yesterday and bought more. Yes - cruising will NOT be the same. There is no going back for most of life as we knew it.
  7. I'm booked too! enjoy the excitement... !
  8. And bankruptcy protection doesn't mean they're for sure gone. It just means they need time to catch their breath.
  9. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd., amended a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday citing financial losses due to coronavirus mean there is “substantial doubt” the company can “continue as a going concern,” raising the specter of bankruptcy. https://www.orlandosentinel.com/coronavirus/jobs-economy/os-bz-norwegian-cruise-line-holdings-sec-filing-concern-20200505-p5l5wcqz2je67bbbsnvxwcsqym-story.html HAL/ CCL is in better shape but .....
  10. I have a Holiday 2020 and Alaska 2021 booked and have not received the offer.
  11. You know this has always been the case right? WAY before Covid.
  12. yes but I can't fathom $300 worth of coffees, water & soda by 2 people in a week.
  13. I love the smaller ships also. The holidays will be my first trip on the Rotterdam so that adds another Dam ship to my list (soon to be 7). Thanks for sharing in my excitement (most of you anyway).
  14. I got in-touch with my TA about my cancelled August Alaska cruise. And am very excited to have booked a Holiday cruise for this year and rebooked Alaska for next summer. The deals right now made it worth putting down a deposit on both. For the Holiday cruise - I could have the Have It All promotion with free gratuities, free internet and free drink package... but it's about $250 more pp than without the promotion. Gratuities being about $100, internet would be a nice but won't be missed, the drink package would be nice for me - but my sister doesn't really drink - so I'd need a $300 bar bill for this promotion to be worth it. The price is right, especially given it's New Year's. For Alaska next year - I have the same cabin for the same 14 day voyage. It'll cost $100pp. Both times, it included free gratuities. Internet - again, eh - especially since we can use our phones in most ports. This year I had lots of OBC included - next year it'll be the drink package... even with us not drinking much more than a glass of wine a night - the promotion is worth it. Since the demand for Alaska should be higher next year, with so many people having missed out on this summer, I'm not sure if we'll go in 2021 or maybe wait until 2022... but at least I have the promo locked in and can decide later. I'm just so excited to have cruises to look forward to! The last few months have been so gloomy.
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