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  1. Do you need to pick flexible fares for that or can you change with restricted too?
  2. @YXU AC*SE You are THE BEST! Thank you so very very much.
  3. I am working on my scrapbook for my 2015 Alaska cruise. I am looking for the map that shows the route for the 14 day Statendam itinerary. It doesn't need to be specifically for the dates of my cruise... the map was the same for all of them. If you happen to have one - would you consider mailing it to me? I will compensate you. Thank you.
  4. I was booked for the 14 day Statendam for Aug 2020. Then booked for Aug 2021. Then booked for May 2021 on the Koningsdam/Oosterdam (Vancouver round trip/ Seattle round trip) DIY back to back. Now I'm booked for New Year's in the Caribbean. If you're using cruise credits and want to try - go for it... book again in late summer. But know it's very likely not going to happen.
  5. My PCC said smoothies etc are covered too. Where does one get those? I've never tried before.
  6. Thank you all for this thread. Since Alaska has now been cancelled 3 times for me between last year and this year - I decided to book another New Year's trip and will consider a land trip in Alaska for this summer. I have enough credits to cover half the New Year's cruise... with the beverage/wifi promotion. Plus we have $600 OBC banked. I'll add another $100 in OBC from stock. My sister is going to get a gift card for $500. With the 10% bonus and applied to pre-pay part of the remaining fare - she'll get another $125 OBC. Guys... I don't think anyone has spell
  7. one week on Koningsdam out of Vancouver (Sat-Sat) followed by one week on Oosterdam out of Seatte (Sun-Sun)
  8. I have 2 cruises for Alaska in late May... DIY back to back. I have heard of neither being cancelled, yet. I expect it mind you... even before this latest news came out.
  9. Only ship sponsored excursions wouldn't be a deal breaker per se.... I might choose to not go ashore. I'd have to see offerings &/or pricing for the itinerary. I'm not paying $79/pp for a ride to a beach...
  10. posted on HAL's facebook page... "We are excited to announce that Captain Werner Timmers has been named the master of Rotterdam! He has been with Holland America Line for nearly 40 years, and we are honored to have him at the helm. Get to know him this week with a "Meet the Master" series on our stories!"
  11. Of course he is. He's making public relations statements. If he said - we'll be lucky to be operating at half capacity by the end of the year (or whatever you want to use that's less than full capacity) their stock will tumble. Maybe it is optimistic. Maybe it's a full blown lie. Maybe it will workout. It's only Jan still. Dec is a long way away. The status of this pandemic changes weekly. Let's all just hope, for all our sakes, that things ARE better before the end of the year, and hopefully, we'll be able to take a nice vacation by then too.
  12. I'm not as worldly as y'all. I only have 11 cruises under my belt. 1. 14 day Alaska 2. Panama partial transit (10 day) 3. Southern Caribbean 7 day (HMC, Aruba, Curacao). 4. Eastern Caribbean 8 day 5. Bermuda
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