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  1. What disappoints me is the fact that I find out about this by accident, and not from the company!
  2. Just checked NCL website, searched for cruise, no specific type.....first month showing availability: September....
  3. I really limit my time here (only 452 posts versus 76,130) so my sincere apology for not spending even longer searching through these boards when I can easily post just like you. Also, my concern was specific to the Majesty and New Orleans, not the Empress. Have a Merry Christmas!
  4. With the departure of Majesty in New Orleans, will Royal replace her or leave again?
  5. Choosing the FCC/OBC option. Can the OBC be used once on-board to pay for drink package and gratuities? Thanks in advance for the answer.
  6. Apparently the one person working this program is on leave...
  7. Almost laughable.... got an email from Carnival today reminding me of final payment due soon for my cancelled Sept. 26 Valor cruise..... again, all I can do is laugh......
  8. Please pardon my question... regarding the 100% FCC - does that apply to what you put down or the price of the cancelled cruise? Thanks in advance......
  9. Hey Guys, Patrick and Troy here!!! Just booked....our Retirement Cruise, and first transatlantic.... Looking forward to meeting y'all!!!
  10. Does anyone know if repairs in the aft are complete?
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