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  1. Fingers crossed that they do cancel very soon. Far too risky. Surely they need to put the ship somewhere else and start selling a new itinerary!
  2. So why dont X just step up to the line and tell us whats being cancelled in Europe. We are on the 14 day, 7 country cruise to the Baltic out of Southampton on 15th May - Ha Ha, no way is this happening but have X told us its cancelled. You must be kidding. The silence is deafening! BTW we will have had our 2nd jab by mid May anyway.
  3. There is virtually no benefit in going concierge class nowadays. You get a bottle of bubbly in your room and not much else. We have reverted to booking ordinary veranda staterooms because the extra cost of concierge is just a total waste of money! All the staterooms are the same size mostly.
  4. I just think that, even without the long awaited makeover, the whole cruising experience will be so very different I am just not sure I will enjoy it anymore. Once they have a vaccine and we can go back to how it was earlier this year then thats fine. All the on board atmosphere will have gone, are we all going to sit on tables for 2? Sit 2 metres form other people? Walk one way around the ship's corridors lest we meet someone coming the other way? Have the theatre 75% empty. Not an appealing prospect at all for us.
  5. Cruises already booked will bear no resemblance whatsoever to what was expected when they were originally booked. Will X make it crystal clear to travellers what they can now expect and give them an option of cancelling on the basis that they cannot deliver what was originally on offer? With any other product or service that is not as originally described customers in law do have some form of redress (in the UK that is)!
  6. https://nation.com.pk/26-Apr-2020/italy-to-remain-closed-for-tourism-until-end-of-year
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