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  1. I too am bothered by seasickness. It really does depend on your location and the weather. Generally, I find that if I put on the wrist bands and eat ginger chews before we sail, I am not bothered. I was bothered in Scotland, but the sea was quite rough. I was not affected in the Greek Islands, Tahiti, (Wind Star and Spirit) or on the Venice to Rome cruise on the Wind Surf. Give Windstar a try and you will probably not go back to a large ship.
  2. We are scheduled for this cruise in Sept., so I can give you a report after we return. We are doing our pre and post extensions on our own. Please report on your Bordeaux trip.
  3. Please report back after your cruise. We are on this cruise in Sept. and would love to hear about the shore excursions you took. Have a wonderful trip.
  4. I would read the "sticky's" at the top. There are comparisons of the cruise lines there. We have sailed on AmaWaterways twice and love the line. I would either do the Danube or the Rhine as a first cruise. Be sure and go a few days early so you can spend some time in the embarkation city on your own if you have time.
  5. AmaWaterways has final payment due 90 days prior. In the past, if you chose to pay in full, they gave you a 5% discount. I am not sure if they still do this. We will be going on our 3rd AmaWaterways river cruise this September.
  6. The Hungarian paprika is much better than what we get here, and you can bring it back.
  7. A good supportive sneaker would be fine.
  8. Another idea... Fly in to Zurich. The train station is in the airport. Take a train to Lucerne, stay a few days, then take a train for Basel. That is our plan for our trip this fall.
  9. I would suggest getting a Rick Steve's guide book and read about each port you are going to. In some ports, you have time to do some things on your own.
  10. We did this cruise on AmaWaterways at the beginning of June, in the reverse. It was the perfect time, as the river had been very high a few weeks earlier. It is an amazing trip, so definitely take advantage of your win. We love AmaWaterways. It is hard to know what the river will be like between September and October, but I would look at earlier part of the span, just because the weather should be warmer.
  11. We have taken 4 Windstar cruises and love the line. We prefer the "sailing ships, the Wind Star, Spirit, or the Surf. The Wind Star and Surf cover the Mediterrean and the Spirit is mainly in Tahiti. The Star and Spirit hold around 150 passengers and the surf 300. The yacht ships hold 200 currently, but are undergoing a renovation (split and add rooms). The rooms on the yachts are all suites and much larger than the sailing ships, but we prefer the ambiance on the sailing ships. The staff is exceptional on all ships. They are able to go to destinations that larger ships can not go to. I usually book our excursions privately because I think the ships excursions are expensive, and I prefer a more personalized experience. If you are thinking of visiting Greece, Windstar is a wonderful choice. You can't beat a deck BBQ while docked in the caldera of Santorini. I suggest looking at the Windstar site. It may not be as upscale as you prefer, but it is a great low-key choice.
  12. I have been on 4 Windstar cruises and have never had that happen.
  13. We were on this cruise in 2016. It is one of our favorite trips because of the natural beauty. On Moorea, we used Albert Tours for an ATV tour that took us up to Belvedere. It was so much fun! On Bora Bora, we used Maohi Mui for" snorkeling, swimming with the sharks" tour and then an authentic meal on a private island. We were picked up by Jack Sparrow, (he said it was his real name, and he looked the part.) It was the favorite part of our trip. It was expensive, but worth it. Have fun!
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