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  1. We have done both the Rhine, Moselle, (Sept. 2019) and the Danube Budapest to Prague on Ama. We loved them both, so I will probably not be much help. If you do the Rhine, I would encourage you to include the Moselle, which the 2 you have listed do. We loved the small towns on the Moselle. We also loved Amsterdam at the end of the cruise. It is a beautiful city. The Danube was our first river cruise, on a ship that was only a month old, so we were sold on river cruising after that experience. If you choose this itinerary, plan on spending a few days in Budapest. There is so much to see. I would suggest that you look in to doing the pre and post trips on your own, if you feel comfortable with independent travel. You can do this part a lot more economical on your own. I agree with The other Tom, be cognizant of the time you are cruising in regard to water levels. Late May, early June are generally good times in that regard.
  2. I will chime in. We have just returned from an AMA cruise, our third, Basel to Amsterdam, Rhine and the Moselle. You will not be disappointed. The staff is top- notch. They excursions are all included and most of the guides were very good. Our cruise director took very good care of us, especially those that had mobility issues, and he was very entertaining.The food is very good, the fellow passengers are delightful. 3 nights we had local talent that came on board to entertain us. Enjoy your trip.
  3. We were on AmaWaterways, Basel to Amsterdam, Rhine, Moselle trip.
  4. If you are on AMA, you can book the transfer without using their entire pre-cruise program.
  5. Just returned, and I agree with Babcia7. It was a wonderful trip.
  6. AmaWaterways has bike tours everyday on the Rhine/Moselle trips.
  7. The AMA tour was basically a drive through. I agree about getting tickets to the parliament. It is amazing. We went to the baths. If you have watched Rick Steves show on Budapest, it is exactly like that. The old men were playing chess in the water. We stayed on the Pest side and walked everywhere. We did go to the Buda side to see the castle. I was really glad we had the time on our own prior to the cruise.
  8. If you have time in Amsterdam to see the Anne Frank house, you will need to order tickets online, two months prior to the date you want to go. It has some very steep steps if this is a problem.
  9. We just returned from the Ama trip on the Rhine and Moselle. There is a power strip in the drawer above the refrigerator.
  10. Have you looked at the train as an option? We rode the train from Zurich to Lucerne and then to Basel. It was very simple. The train station is in the lower floor of the Zurich airport.
  11. We just spent the night on the Isle of Man. It was very lovely, as we saw the town at night all lite up an quiet. I hated to miss Portrush, but also did not want to tender in dangerous conditions.
  12. Hopefully the seas will be calmer than they were last year. We were not able to make the Portrush stop due to rough seas. It was too dangerous to use the tenders. We sailed on to the Isle of Man for the evening.
  13. Thank you. Several that I have checked have said "no availability". Maybe it is just too early.
  14. Thanks everyone. I will check those out. Jazzbeau, thanks for the food recommendations also.
  15. Thanks to all for your replies. I am not sure about what area. I have heard that the left bank, Latin quarter is good, but am open to any area that is one that other tourist have liked. I am thinking in the $300-$A350 price range. I prefer smaller boutique hotels rather than large ones, but an elevator and air conditioners are a must. .
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