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  1. We did the cruise you are wanting on AmaWaterways several years ago. Prague was an extension. The cruise went from Budapest to Vilshofen. We took the transfers from Vilshofen to Prague, but then did the Prague stay on our on. It is a lot less expensive that way. We stayed at the old town Hilton, and were able to walk everywhere we needed to go. It was our first river cruise and we loved it. Be sure and plan on staying a few days on your own in Budapest also. In Budapest, book an English tour of the Parliament on-line before you go.
  2. Take the train. It is very simple. The station in Zurich is in the train station.
  3. I was able to get a day room at the Intercontinental about 4 years ago that I booked myself. You just have to call them direct.
  4. Petoonya, we were in Moorea 4-5 years ago on Windstar and booked a tour with Albert Transport. It was an ATV tour that went up to the highest mountain, (can't remember the name), and it was a blast.
  5. Jazzbeau, please report back if you do get to go. That is on my wish list for 2022.
  6. I thought of you when I saw this. We have cruised the AmaWaterways on 3 cruises, and have loved them all. Enjoy!
  7. You can still be "in control" of our trip planning if you use a TA. I am the same way. I love the planning stage. I have the agent book the cruise, then I do my own air, pre and post planning.
  8. Strenz, just curious about the date for the new normal...Is that a lucky day for you? I do hope you get to take your Malta trip. I am anxious to hear about it.
  9. Windstar- They have a cruise that departs Venice, then makes stops in Croatia, Montenegro, Sicily and then to Rome, or Vice Versa. We took this cruise on Windstar Surf in 2017 and really enjoyed it. If you have not cruised on Windstar, check it out. It is a small line with 3 ships with sails and 3 yacht ships. We prefer the sailing ships (they mostly use their motor,) but sometimes put the sails up. They range from 150-300 passengers and are very casual. They staff is outstanding and the food it good.
  10. We had a cruise booked to depart May 27. I requested a refund and they said they were only offering refunds if you could not use the FCC by Dec. 31, 2022. ( You would have to wait until then to receive the refund.) They offered 110% , but they raised the price, and lowered or did not offer the discounts that we were given this year, so it was going to cost us $600 more. I told my TA to tell them that was not acceptable. She was on hold one day for 2 hours, then they were only accepting email communication. She told them by email that she needed to speak to someone in management. They finally agreed to my terms of same cabin, same price for June 2021. I would have preferred a refund, but at least I have this.
  11. I also recommend AmaWaterways. We have been on 3 cruises with them. The new Happy Hour prior to dinner was a welcome addition. I also recommend, if time allows, to add the Moselle section. For me, it was the best part. We did the reverse, started in Basel and ended in Amsterdam. I like to do the pre-post trips on my own because you can do it for so much less. We flew to Zurich, took a train (station is on the lower floor of the airport) to Lucerne for 3 nights. We stayed at the Renaissance Hotel which is 2 blocks from the train station. You can walk everywhere you need to go in Lucerne. We did take a trip up to Mount Pilatus, but you can walk to the starting point. We then took a train to Basel and then a taxi to the docking location. In Amsterdam, we stayed at the Kimpton. It was on the tram line, so it was very convenient. I suggest getting a Rick Steve's guidebook that covers the places you are going, especially the starting and ending points, He gives you very practical advice regarding getting around places and ways to cut down on lines to places you want to see. Good luck and happy travels.
  12. If you have insurance, the insurance should cover the whole amount that you have paid, provided that is what your policy states. I would go that route, then you would not be out the $400. Or, if you are planning on taking the trip next year, your might want to ask if you can move the dates on your insurance to next year, then you would not have to purchase insurance for that trip. I guess it depends on how much you paid for your insurance. Best wishes for a good outcome with your medical issue.
  13. TFREE, Call Delta. They are very accommodating. They will take care of you.
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