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  1. I would suggest you might want to start with a 7 day cruise, since you have not taken a river cruise. I love them, but not everyone does. We always add several days prior to our cruise to see the area of embarkation on our own. There are "stickys" at the top of the boards that will give you good guidance on how to choose your cruise. Another good site is "River Cruise Advisor". They have a very good comparison chart of the different lines, so you can compare them. We have taken 3 river cruises and AmaWaterways and highly recommend them.
  2. That seems pretty unreasonable to me. If you can't sail on 4/29, it is not likely that you would be able to cruise by 6/18/21. Hope this works out for you as I know you have really been looking forward to this trip.
  3. Hank, do you have accommodation recommendations for Bayeux and also northern Brittany ( Dinan, Dinard area)? We are planning for a pre-cruise trip for next year. Thank you.
  4. We used Uber in Amsterdam from the hotel to the airport. Worked great and was less than a taxi.
  5. Thanks JP. We are visiting Rouen and Honfleur on our river cruise, so we were concentrating on the other places. We thought we would stay 2 nights in Bayeux, because my husband has a friend who was involved in the D-day excursion. His boots are in the Big Red Museum in Colleville -sur-Mer, and it would mean a lot to him if we could visit the museum. It does not look too far from Bayeux.
  6. Thanks for the information Jazzbeau. I really appreciate it.
  7. We are planning to visit Brittany prior to our Seine river cruise in June 2021 (hopefully). We will be flying in to Rennes, rent a car, and will have 6 nights to see Brittany, Mont St. Michele, and Bayeaux, then take the train from Caen to Paris. Does anyone have preferences as to where to base in Brittany and suggested hotels? We will spend 3 nights there before spending one night across from Mont St. Michele, then 2 nights in Bayeaux. Thank you.
  8. We did the cruise you are wanting on AmaWaterways several years ago. Prague was an extension. The cruise went from Budapest to Vilshofen. We took the transfers from Vilshofen to Prague, but then did the Prague stay on our on. It is a lot less expensive that way. We stayed at the old town Hilton, and were able to walk everywhere we needed to go. It was our first river cruise and we loved it. Be sure and plan on staying a few days on your own in Budapest also. In Budapest, book an English tour of the Parliament on-line before you go.
  9. Take the train. It is very simple. The station in Zurich is in the train station.
  10. I was able to get a day room at the Intercontinental about 4 years ago that I booked myself. You just have to call them direct.
  11. Petoonya, we were in Moorea 4-5 years ago on Windstar and booked a tour with Albert Transport. It was an ATV tour that went up to the highest mountain, (can't remember the name), and it was a blast.
  12. Jazzbeau, please report back if you do get to go. That is on my wish list for 2022.
  13. I thought of you when I saw this. We have cruised the AmaWaterways on 3 cruises, and have loved them all. Enjoy!
  14. You can still be "in control" of our trip planning if you use a TA. I am the same way. I love the planning stage. I have the agent book the cruise, then I do my own air, pre and post planning.
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