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  1. Got my second Moderna yesterday. I'm really tough and never get sick. I have a lot of farm things I do every day including feeding animals. I woke up this morning freezing. Decided to take temp and it was a tad over 100. Got the animals fed and now am in front of the space heater. At least the sun is out and tomorrow it will be 70 degrees. Mississippi governor did indeed do awake with the mask mandate but cities and private businesses can still impose their own rules. I'll probably continue to wear a mask.
  2. My hubby has yet to figure out the difference in an email and a text. Mostly because he knows he doesn't have to. He also thinks the phone shouldn't ring after 8 p.m. But I agree with that.
  3. I grew up in a time when the only time we saw a dentist was to get our piece of paper that went on the school class bulletin board. I was always the last one so our class could be 100%. We didn't have fluoride. Every molar in my mouth I got as a child is filled with amalgam including the sides. Thankfully I only have one crown. I also have trigimenal neuralgia and when it wakes up fiddling with your teeth can be impossible. A few years ago it moved to one tooth. That one tooth drove me crazy for months and the dentist could find nothing but said the old filling could well be cracked. So
  4. If the vaccine changes my DNA I want to be a pianist. We couldn't afford lessons as children but I did take for 5 years at age 30. It wasn't quite the same. When you are a kid you don't know when you sound awful in those recitals.
  5. I have a dog friend who actually believes the vaccine will change peoples' DNA. It will be a waste of time to say anything. I sure hope I don't have a horrid reaction to the second shot on March 2.
  6. I had my first vaccination on Monday. I was so apprehensive. I barely felt the stick and my upper arm was barely sensitive for 8 hours or so. For my regular flu shot last September or whenever I got it, my arm actually hurt pretty badly for 2 days.
  7. I wasn't attributing his contraction of Covid to the vaccination. He obviously had it when he received the vaccination. He is much better but still in the hospital. He and his wife thought they were being so safe and it turns out the dutiful daughter brought it home to them.
  8. No trying to be an alarmist by any means--I'm not anti vaccine at all. Elderly (87) church friend got first shot Monday. He told the person he didn't really feel great but since he didn't have a fever they gave it to him anyway. He was admitted to hospital with the virus on Thursday and is pretty sick. They have been nowhere but have seen their grandchildren and of course this is most likely where it came from.
  9. Not sure I trust J & J after the baby powder fiasco. Didn't help I just finished listening to a multi episode podcast about it.
  10. Funeral potatoes are the very best ever. This year I decided to try Lighthouse Inn casserole and it was really good. What's not to like with russets cooked in heavy cream.
  11. Every day is a vacation for me so I have no plans to resume cruising until mask rules are gone. What makes someone think it will be required forever? It doesn't make sense to think this will happen.
  12. Is there anyone here going to wait a bit before taking the vaccine? I'm not anti vaccine at all. But I'm not sure I want to be one of the first. This morning the news was warning people of possible side effects (yes only possible) and perhaps people need to be able to take the next day off from work due to them. And they were afraid people wouldn't return for the second one.
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