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  1. This is the first time I have purchased the drink package. It honestly is very freeing. I've tried drinks I would never have paid for separately and I've been able to get a nice champagne. If I want to go to the suite lounge I get the drink I want and take it in. There have been quite a few kids in the lounge this week--some noisy and some not. But mostly they are just being kids and I try to keep this in mind.
  2. I'm on Navigator now. Just got to Cococay. I bid the minimum bid on an OS (from a GS) and got it. The OS is huge and we love the extra room for just 2 people. after we boarded I asked the cabin attendant to move the beds apart when she had time. She said " didn't they tell you when you booked the cabin that some of the cabins have beds that cannot be moved apart." I told her no and she showed me that the end tables were permanently attached. Thankfully it it doesn't matter since my sis in law and I don't have a problem with one bed. But some people may so it's something to keep in mind. Cruise has been wonderful so far.
  3. I give $2 for room service. GS and above have no service fee. Not sure about JS.
  4. I must confess I do not know what "wifi-calling" is. I have an iPhone 5 and that is considered pretty old. The iPad cannot be updated any further than it is which was more than 4 years ago. So that is probably why I don't know what wifi-calling is.
  5. I called and the Club is open on Sundays. A nice place to relax after a long plane ride.
  6. I decided to go with it for my iPad and got the AT&T cruise talk/text for my phone. I have a new puppy and want to check on her every day. Maybe twice a day.
  7. I am going to hijack my thread to ask if you know if the Intercontinental Club lounge is open on Sundays. Some Hiltons do not have drinks or canapés on Sunday nights due to lack of business travelers. I can call them today and ask but thought you may know.
  8. I'm thinking this is a question no one has ever asked this board or the RCL call center.
  9. Yes, ATT does offer a cruise package. 200 MB of data isn't much. They also offer a cruise phone plan that allows unlimited phones only when you are on the ship and at certain ports.
  10. I am Diamond. I'll have to check to see what difference that makes.
  11. I did try and find an answer on the forums first. My Navigator cruise is next week. I'm wondering if I should get the internet package before I leave. Right now it is $14.99 per day for boom surf/stream. The regular surf doesn't appear as a choice. Is that a "good" price? Will it be higher on the ship? I know I have read this question before but I couldn't find the answer. Also is there a data limit like there is if you get a "cruise package" from the phone carrier. Thanks for your answers. It's in my cart but I want to be sure first.
  12. Same here! It's busy at my house the few days before. So much I have to be sure is taken care of with the animals. Vacuum up all the dog hair. Fresh paper for the pet birds. Directions to hubby for medications for dogs. It's such a relief to get on that plane.
  13. I live in a very rural area where everything is at least 45 minutes from me. We rarely eat out (I do have lunch with the girlfriends every now and then). I like the MDR because it is nice to sit and have someone bring me my food. I like to meet and talk with strangers from other places. I look forward to onion soup and savory bites. And someone handing me my napkin and putting it in my lap (but I don't think they do that anymore), picking up my plate and asking me if there is anything else I want. Cause it never happens at my house. I cook excellent hamburgers on the grill at home. I don't want a hamburger or hot dog when I go somewhere, especially on a cruise. I want real food on a plate that has a meat, starch and vegetable. Yes, I know all food is "real" but even on embarkation day I see people going straight to the hamburger station to get one of those burgers and I wonder "why choose that with all these choices?" But then I remind myself it is their vacation and their right to eat what makes them happy. I do stand by the hamburger station at times and wait for them to dump the hot fries! However, I do understand people with children sometimes do things differently. If I had ever had children I would have given them whatever they wanted while we were on vacation. It is a vacation. And they can go home and say "I had hamburgers every night" if that is what makes them happy. Or even RCL pizza. When my sis' son was little all he wanted to eat was baloney sandwiches. The doc said it won't kill him and sooner or later he will be tired of baloney and he was right.
  14. Try Steve at the Trip Insurance Store. I've always just gotten RCL's insurance.
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