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  1. Maybe I just am too naive to realize, but I have never noticed anyone being rude to me in the DL or the SL. That includes pinnacles. On Anthem met the nicest pinnacle couple ever. They never asked me my status or if I belonged in the SL. Most "reserved people" I've met on a cruise were in Michael's Club on Celebrity. But I didn't take offense. Best thing about SL and DL is the coffee maker.
  2. parrotfeathers

    RCL vs X......trying to compare deals

    Just retuned on an Infinity cruise. Had the 3 "perks" and I must say it was very nice indeed. And I am not someone one drinks a great deal on a cruise. But gosh those lattes were wonderful all day. RCL's suite lounge has an excellent latte machine but Celebrity's is a bit different and they are better in the cafe. And the premium drink package was great. I may be convinced to buy a drink package on next year's Navigator cruise. Summit is a smaller ship but it is laid out well. I think there were 2 kids on my cruise. Entertainment doesn't match RCL's but I went to rest and relax without a lot of activities.
  3. parrotfeathers

    Back from TA, lessons learned

    Hope this doesn't sound silly. I was wondering if anyone ever became upset on a TA and had to be medicated by the doc on board to calm them down on a terrible TA due to weather.
  4. parrotfeathers

    Horrible experience at Hyatt Place 17th Street

    That does sound like a horrible experience. Tops mine having the expectation that the Holiday Inn Express renovations were complete and they weren't even close.
  5. parrotfeathers

    Infinity Sky Suite Cabin 8117

    I tried to find an opinion on this cabin last year and could only find reviews on Deck 6. After reading informative threads on deck 6, I decided to go ahead with cabin 8117. I am happy I did. My initial apprehension was a review I read about the window washing equipment being parked next to it. Apparently Celebrity took the hint that this was not appreciated by sky suite passengers. It was nowhere in sight. This cabin was in an excellent location, near the elevators, library, etc. It was an easy walk to Michael's club. I would have liked to walk out on a balcony on deck 6 but it seemed odd to just ask someone if I could do so. There were no noise issues in my cabin. Our butler was Rodney. He watched over us constantly. I asked him about the trips to decks 8 and 9 and he said he volunteered for the job. He said there was a new steward on deck 6. I am sure he had more suites to handle also. He brought us lunch one day and I needed salt and pepper. After he left I decided to just go up to Oceanview and get my own salt and pepper. He was still on the floor and was very concerned at my leaving the cabin so soon after bringing our salads. I told him I was getting some salt and he would have none of it. He brought me the salt and pepper and my sister in law's wine. He takes his position very seriously. We ate in Luminae every day. The waiters had excellent suggestions for our meals. The second night the maitre D did not apparently remember 8117 was a suite cabin and told us to go to the regular restaurant. I turned away and stopped. I got my seapass card out and showed it to him. He was very embarrassed and said he wasn't paying attention. After many apologies I told him all was fine. He never forgot us again. The sommelier was the best ever. The staff in Michael's club was equally amazing. Never forgot what we drank. We went to tea several times and always enjoyed it, even with the champagne. The staff there seemed to enjoy everyone participating. The entire staff was amazing. I still am wearing my splint from my broken hand so cannot really type well. Will be happy to answer any questions.
  6. parrotfeathers

    Holiday Inn Express- 17th Street Ft. L. -OK?

    Absolutely! When I made the reservation the renovation was supposed to be ready by November. It's just very old and worn. And for gosh sake don't take the shuttle. Took us 45 minutes to get to pier 19. Always have done Uber an I don't know what happened to my brain. A bus big enough for a cross country trip with 20 people it. And it was late.
  7. parrotfeathers

    Holiday Inn Express- 17th Street Ft. L. -OK?

    Stayed at 17th St. Causeway precruise last week. The renovations are NOT ready. I'm not picky but the first room had a horrible odor from some type of deodorizer they used and I requested a different room. It was okay. I would not stay there again. Employees are very nice though.
  8. parrotfeathers

    Celebrity Infinity-any recent cruisers?

    On Infinity now in a sky suite. I must say, even after always having a S1 on HAL and a GS on RCL, this is the best cruise ever.
  9. parrotfeathers

    Tell Me About 5 Night Cruises

    Mostly I have done 4 and 5 nighters on RCL. Have never noticed less nights being concentrated with party goers. That applies to the one Majesty cruise I took. They did seem to be a very festive bunch but were never unruly. I try to cruise when kids are in school and not during the holidays.
  10. parrotfeathers

    Doctor's Letter?

    Doc did say he thought I needed an orthopedic surgeon to accompany me just in case I needed emergency treatment, and he would volunteer to do it. I think I will still have a great time. Wasn't planning on excursions so all will be fine. Amazing how many cruisers get hurt right before their cruise. I was always afraid of falling off the ladder. Never thought I would trip over a chihuahua.
  11. parrotfeathers

    Doctor's Letter?

    Doc visit went fine. Gave me a removable splint since it had already started mending but he did say don't take it off unless absolutely necessary. I have 2 fingers free so can handle my Cosmo okay! He said they try not to use plaster anymore because of the fiberglass but mine wasn't bad enough for that anyway. It will be a little inconvenient especially with the curling iron but as long as I'm on the ocean all is okay.
  12. parrotfeathers

    Doctor's Letter?

    Thank you everyone. Doc appt at 3 tomorrow. Will tell him I need this trip. Hope for something not plaster.
  13. parrotfeathers

    Doctor's Letter?

    Thanks. I think it will be a removable splint hopefully.
  14. parrotfeathers

    Doctor's Letter?

    I hadn't even thought about the flight! I do have cruise insurance but plan to go. Do I call Delta?