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  1. I've been following this thread because I have interest in the Dream, having sailed on her several times, and I've also done this itinerary on the Dream. I totally get the disappointment the passengers must feel having to miss some of the ports. The Falkland Islands was one of my favorites. However, in fairness, there's no way to know if this stop would have happened anyway because this stop is missed OFTEN because of seas. Besides that, from what I've read in this post and in a few other places, this accident wasn't the Dream's fault. Something got in their way. Ships can't stop on a dime. Titanic anyone? ;) I think the OP is understandably upset but his comments about the captain are unfounded and speculation and fueled by anger and not facts. I've sailed with Captain Mogic and Captain Hoddevik (sp on both?) and both seemed capable and competent. Why wouldn't they be? It's not like there aren't qualifications to be a captain. The Devry comment was childish in my opinion and derogatory to those that actually go to Devry. And to even bring up the question of the Dream hitting the barge on purpose is too silly to address. Oh, as long as I'm on it...of course their trying to get the ship to the next embarkation port for the next cruise. Should NCL ruin the vacation of the next 2000 people because there was an unfortunate accident on your cruise? Again, I sympathize with everyone on the current cruise. The South America itinerary was one of my favorites. But when accidents happen, it's always so easy to point the finger at everyone instead of understanding that accidents happen. That's why they're called accidents and not on purposes.
  2. Host Cecilia


    Everyone has an opinion. You're free to recommend another line however I don't believe what you're saying is factual. I think you're misleading cruisers interested in NCL and it should be noted. That's a good question? Why would someone that dislikes NCL so much spend this much time, months actually, bad mouthing NCL? And why not just move on? Personally, I've found that some people can't move on. Some people will never forgive and never forget and will always try and make other people feel the way they do. One of the best features of this message board is you can look at a person's past 250 posts and you can see what their agenda is. Smart cruisers will consider the source and take the opinions here for what they're worth. As for your post getting pulled...not my board anymore. :-) But even if it was, I don't think you're wrong to question what someone's motives are when you notice a pattern of somewhat snide negative comments from someone that only comes here to post that negativity.
  3. Host Cecilia

    Host Cecilia is moving on....

    Thank you! And thank you to the rest of you. To answer you, unfortunately being a host is not a paid position. :( All of the CC hosts are volunteers. Yes, now I can help with real problems. ;) It's so nice for some of you to mention my son. For a while I was switching out my avatar weekly. Here's a picture from last week. He's two now!
  4. Before any of you cheer ;) , I'm not going far! I've had the pleasure of hosting the NCL board for over 4 years and I've really enjoyed being a part of this board and learning so much from so many of you. It's been the best education for cruising. I've accepted a full time position with Cruise Critic as the Community Assistant. I work directly with the Community Manager. I can be reached at boards@cruisecritic.com. You can contact me for anything. If you forget your password, need help editing a post, can't get your countdown clock to work...anything at all. I have the username Admin. And my Host Cecilia username will change to something that I can use when I post to the board as someone that wants to talk about cruising. Lucky for all of you, you're inheriting Host Mama and Host Star. Both wonderful hosts that have NCL experience. You couldn't be in better hands. I hope to still see all of you around the boards. :)
  5. Host Cecilia

    NCL Pearl Smoking

    I don't believe the OP was looking for any type of response in particular. I think they were relaying their experience so others could know what happened to them. That could be a benefit to other smokers or non smokers. However, no can of worms was opened and there haven't been any "bad" posts made. I didn't say there were any posts like that in this thread. But I've been around here for a while and these types of discussions can take a turn very quickly and as I said initially, my post was a reminder so that wouldn't happen.
  6. Host Cecilia

    NCL Pearl Smoking

    Just a reminder that this isn't a board to bash smokers or non smokers or talk about the health effects of smoking or use nasty names to describe smokers or non smokers. The OP described a situation they encountered and responses should be relevant to what the OP wrote. This discussion shouldn't break down to a fight between those that do and those that don't. Thanks!
  7. Host Cecilia

    ?'s about group cruise

    Hi. Sorry you're running into dead ends! The first thing to do is start a thread on this board with the details in the title like ship, sailing date, etc. Tell people you're interested in putting together an official Cruise Critic group cruise. If you get enough interest, e mail the board administrator and give her your details and she'll get back to you with pricing, etc. I hope this helps.
  8. Host Cecilia


    If jeans are allowed, I don't care who wears them. Heck, maybe I'd wear them. I don't think the issue is the jeans themselves but the look of the jeans. I don't care to see big open holes at someone's knees or to see the tops of someone's boxer shorts. But there's no accounting for taste. I don't lose sleep over what anyone wears to dinner. But if there's a dress code, you should follow it. For everyone that doesn't get why people care about the dress code...why do you care if I do care about the dress code?
  9. Host Cecilia

    New promotion today

    No one reported this thread as violating the board guidelines, including you. And the guidelines haven't been broken. No one called anyone a name or attacked anyone personally. Some people may be more direct and not as tactful but it's not a board violation. Everyone else should stop calling those members out because that does break the guidelines. :) Sorry you didn't get the kind of responses you wanted.
  10. Host Cecilia

    More nickel and diming by NCL

    If you sent in your review more than 24 hours ago and it hasn't been posted, there was a problem. Did you get an e mail thanking you for your submission? Did you get a second e mail with a link to your review or an e mail rejecting your review for content? If your review was received into our system, you would get at least 2 e mails about it. If you never got the second e mail, then there was a problem and you'll have to resubmit the review. I read and release every review on the CC board and I don't recall seeing one from you. :(
  11. Host Cecilia

    NCL Pride of America

    I think it's a standard answer for NCL customer service to say no to anything that's off the script. I've never had a problem with water or soda and I think most other people have said the same thing. I'd check recent reviews and see what they say.
  12. Host Cecilia

    Cruise Critic Parties

    The Latitudes information should be in your room or in the Freestyle Daily. As others have said, Cruise Critic gatherings are organized by Cruise Critic members and aren't officially sponsored by NCL. Cruise line response to the parties is varied. Sometimes the crew go out of their way for CC members and sometimes there's nothing extra done at all. NCL doesn't have a set thing they do because they don't have official parties for CC members.
  13. Host Cecilia

    The First Gem Review!

    The first review of the Gem has been posted to Cruise Critic. Read it here.
  14. Host Cecilia

    Would You Bail?

    It turned into a 9/11 debate and the last 7 posts had nothing to do with NCL or cruising. It was reported and removed because it got very heated very fast. Because it's not a board violation to disagree with someone. And you didn't report feeling attacked or see anyone else attacked. If you think someone did that, point it out and it can be looked at. When you report a post, it's sent to every single host and administrator on the boards. That's 20 or 30 people that can see what you've reported. With all those eyes looking, we can figure out if what's being said is OK or not. I don't think that anyone disagrees with you that NCL customer service could be better. But for NCL cruisers here we enjoy the product on the ship and either haven't had a bad customer service incident or the ship product outweighs it. You're right. We're supposed to make sure the board guidelines are followed but as you probably know, this message board and others are about personal feelings and relationships just as much as it's about cruising. When you take personal feelings into it, it's a tough job to try and figure out what's a simple statement and what's a personal dig. If we could add inflection to the typed word, there would be a lot less moderation.
  15. Host Cecilia

    Would You Bail?

    Well, people weren't kicked off. That's the difference. :) I have no idea how you can make this kind of conjecture. Well, of course not because I left. I'm not going to split hairs with you over this. You posted a poll and I said that if I had chosen to get off, then I wouldn't be due anything back but if NCL kicked me off, I'd expect a full refund. You've made a lot of assumptions about what actually happened on this sailing. I understand you've had an issue with them about something completely different but now you're taking every single topic and turning it into a thing.