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  1. I cruise solo a lot & never had a problem with the speciality restaurants. I always have a great experience. Sometimes I’ll meet another solo & we’ll go together. Enjoy
  2. Hi everyone I just checked this cruise. It says we arrive in Copenhagen on Tuesday but disembark Wednesday. Is it 2 different parts of Copenhagen
  3. In London I stayed at Premier near Waterloo. Great location & near Starbucks & London Eye. In was a budget hotel but for 2nites it was fine. Had breakfast every morning there. On my way to port in Southampton a few other people from roll call split cost of van & we also stopped at Stonehenge for 2hrs. Just something to think about. Enjoy. Happy Anniversary
  4. I wouldn’t book a TA to NY now even if it’s November. I’m just flying into Amsterdam & then after 5 days I’m flying to Iceland. Praying my TA out of NY in April will sail🙏🏼🤞🏼
  5. I really believed it would sail especially after hearing July cruises are starting
  6. Pretty sure it’s canceled. Uggghhh
  7. Tried to look up my Baltic Cruise on Escape Sept 22, 2021 it’s missing😳
  8. Just went on NCL website & couldn’t find our cruise. 😳
  9. I’m staying at The Admiral. Just booked. So excited
  10. I always used a company called Rome in Limo. They have a Facebook page now called Sharing Tours in Italy. Last time I used them was 2018. They are reliable, reasonable & trustworthy. A group of 6 of us who met on roll call used them for all our excursions. It’s about 1.5-2hrs to port from Rome.
  11. CDC has nothing to do with Europe. Also NCL clearly states they will reevaluate policy after July & August sailings.
  12. Let’s see what happens after the August cruises sail. My Baltic is end of Sept. I’m not worried. Airfare is booked gonna be a great 3week tour of Europe for me. I can suck it up
  13. As much as I’d rather do my own excursions I’ll do whatever to go on a cruise. I wonder how they’re going to handle the time to explore on your own part of the ship tours.
  14. NCL said for first cruises in July & August then they will reevaluate
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