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  1. Ugghhhh Connie I’m not canceling mine. Just gonna wait & see
  2. So I can only get this from an agent? It helps TAs but what I don’t want to use an agent? Doesn’t seem right
  3. Now I’m just hoping cruises sail in April. My cruise leaves April 21rst🤞🏼🤞🏼🙏🏼
  4. I have a CAS cruise end of April. It’s a TA. So I have to hope the ship needs to get to Amsterdam for it to happen. Lots of variables with a TA. Mine isn’t a total comp. but still a great deal. I had to cancel 1 CAS cruise from Sept. hopefully they will give you an extension to make final payment. My final payment is due in December and I’m hoping that we get an extension. Good luck
  5. I believe our cruise will be a go by the end of next April. Positive thinking
  6. In CT they said over 60% of deaths were in nursing homes. These stats were from August. Most deaths were over 70years
  7. So those who want to cruise can. Those who don’t won’t. Simple. Life has to go on
  8. My final payment is Dec 23 for April 22 cruise. I hope they know what’s going on by then. 🤞🏼
  9. Actually I book early & get cabin I wanted. Plus if I’m cruising in Europe there are other factors. Airfare, hotel, etc. my cruise is showing most cabins sold out. And now thanks to Covid my cruise doubled in price. So I’m glad I booked early
  10. It’s true there are so many variables. I have a TA 4/22/21 but my ship has to be in NY for the cruise to happen. And she has to be headed to Europe. Everything depends on where a cruise ship is docked, where it’s headed, & what’s the itinerary. I’m praying it’s a go. But I am a CAS guest & solo. So if reduced capacity does that mean no CAS guests? Will the casino even open? I’m a craps player. I’m sure slots would still be open. Ughhh it’s a true cluster.... I have till December to figure it out. Hopefully we’ll have more answers by then
  11. I have a cruise a TA next April. Final payment Dec. so many factors have to work to make this happen including where the ship will be. Will it make a TA? Will capacity be less than 100%? I have backup plans if canceled. And just do a land trip but I really love TAs. Thankful I have sometime to see what happens. I canceled 1cruise already. Fingers crossed
  12. Y’all are in a pissing contest. Grow up
  13. I just spoke with my CAS representative, I canceled my Sept cruise out of NY. She told me they were hoping to start up August 1 but they were waiting for CDC. Who really knows tho
  14. I’m looking forward to our dinners. And I won’t go if we have to wear masks all the time either. Praying things are different next year❣️
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