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  1. Yes, if it goes, we will be on the Sky, January 29, 2021!!
  2. Received notice today from Silversea via TA of cruise cancellation of Silver Cloud Expedition, Ushuaia to Ushuaia, 2020-12-01. So sad - our first Silversea cruise and a bucket list cruise!
  3. We have an RCI cruise booked for October. My husband and I are both over 70 and are both in good health. We do have a family doctor who will sign a clearance form. However, I really resent having to submit a form to RCI so I can cruise because I am over 70. We’ve been regularly cruising for the past 30 years. I have seen many less than 70 year old cruisers who are extremely overweight, using portable oxygen, waddling about, etc., who have seem to have many health issues. Land tours are becoming more attractive.
  4. Cancelled our April 11-25 cruise in the Western Med this evening - before the ban.
  5. This is a fantastic cruise! We were on the Feb 2019 Star cruise from Santiago to Buenos Aires and thoroughly enjoyed the cruise. We began with 3 pre-cruise days in Santiago which was a good introduction to South America. Walking among the penguins in the Falkland Islands was a highlight of the cruise. We booked an expedition cruise from Ushuaia to Antartica for December 2020 so we can actually step foot on the Seventh Continent. Never thought about going to Antartica until we went on the Feb 2019 cruise!
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