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  1. Thanks for the review. Was on her in January and will be back on her next January! Love that ship.
  2. Not rushed at all going into the Haven. They have a separate waiting area. What ship are you on? That will determine where they take you. You can carry on all of your luggage if you like. The rooms are ready by 1:00 pm. The latest you can get on is determined by what time your ship sets sail.
  3. Yes you go outside the Haven area on the 16th floor, up the stair case and into the Haven lounge and sundeck on the 17th floor.
  4. Are they going to replace Margaritaville on the Escape as well?
  5. be one of the first groups to get off and it should not be a problem.
  6. You were right. Went on the Escape and you had not finished your review until I got home. I got to look forward to things and then look back at them once at home. Thanks again for your wonderful review!
  7. Thanks for the info. Must have been booked that way.
  8. This was my first time traveling in the Haven. When I checked my latitudes account they had credited 21 points for a 7 day cruise. I expected 14 for the suite but what is the other 7 for? I am thrilled because it pushed me right into platinum.
  9. I am on the Escape January 11th. Does this happen on all sailings or just a select few? Where on the website did you find out information. I would love to do something like this. Do you remember how much it was Bird travels?
  10. All I could think about as you were describing the walk you had to make was AARGG then she has to walk it back as well. You are very brave.
  11. Leaving on the Escape January 11th. Such a timely report. So thrilled that it is you writing it as you are very thoughtful and thorough. Hope you heal soon.
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