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  1. I liked it. I thought it was very funny. I saw it on the Escape.
  2. When in January are you going. We are going the last week of January into the first week of February.
  3. We have booked a suite on the Gem. We usually go Haven but with the ship going our under booked (first one out of Miami) there did not seem to be much difference in the suite. We are also booked in a Haven suite on the Escape in January. Big difference there!
  4. I am ready to sail. I will go in August if the ship sails regardless. I am fully vaccinated and have also had COVID so I am not afraid to catch it. I believe there will only be a small chance of an outbreak, one that I am willing to make.
  5. Hello all, My husband surprised me yesterday and suggested we renew our vows on the Escape this January. I see NCL has a package for $499.00. Has anyone done this? What was your experience?
  6. I said I wouldn't but I am going to. Book the Gem out of Miami on Aug. 15th. I sure hope they get the Florida Fiasco over by then.
  7. I also booked in January of 2022. On the Escape in the Haven. We used our FCC to purchase from two cruises. The third we only used deposits and got those back. So it won't cost that much "more" but we are down two cruises to one.
  8. Have a cruise booked in August on the Breakaway and January on the Escape. My husband and I are fully vaccinated and are ready to sail. Even though I am vaccinated I feel even more safe when cruising with others who are as well. Much less change for an outbreak to sweep the entire ship. If there are a few who will come down with COVID there are extended isolation cabins where they will be required to quarantine. I am so glad NCL is pushing back. Let the people who feel safe cruise while the people who do not can take land vacations. Give us the choice back!
  9. I was wondering what kind of wine they offer for the platinum specialty dinner at Cagney's? I hope it is better than the sparkling wine they give you at the beginning of the cruise.
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