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    Just back off the Valor Video

    Since you enjoyed The Valor Video. here is one I did on the carnival Magic a couple of years ago

    Just back off the Valor Video

    Thanks....22 Carnival cruises all out of Galveston...45 minutes from the house!

    Just back off the Valor Video

    thanks for the Love!

    Just back off the Valor Video

    mostly GoPro Hero 6 with Karma grip stabilizer, also JVC GY-HM 100 ProHd Camcorder,

    Carnival vaolor video


    Carnival valor video

    Just back off the Carnival Valor. Here is the new video
  7. Just back home from the Carnival Valor, so I posted a new video
  8. Thanks for bringing it back to the original post. I was getting tired of all the lecturing about rule breaking, smuggling, ruining the vacation etc. I was just pointing out that we like to pre-purchase some wine and liquor (at the ridiculous prices to have the convenience). And we were surprised that carnival changed the rules to limit pre-prurchases of liquor in February. And it was no where to be found on the FUN SHOP webpage. We are happy to buy a wine package once we get on board. Just couldn't find any info on that pre-cruise.And of course we each bring one bottle on. But that might only get us through the first night!
  9. a Bottle of Crown Royal is 100.00 plus gratuity, no wonder people sneak liquor aboard
  10. we do. 2 Bottles? that will get us through night one..We just like to have it WHEN we want it.
  11. This was a bit upsetting, I ordered two bottles of wine to be delivered to the room on the second night at their ridiculous overpriced amount. Like I always do, then my wife went online to order a bottle of champagne..DENIED. no where on the carnival FUNSHOP website do they mention that as of FEB 2018, they now LIMIT the bottles you can purchase ahead of time to 2. WHAT A GRATUITY GRAB. When you go to the dining room and order a bottle, you are lucky if it gets there before desert. It's bad enough that you have to wait at the bar and wait in the dining room to get bar service, but to limit what you can but in advance at 5X markup is ridiculous. So now a 6 dollar bottle of lousy Barefoot Chardonay is 27.00 then add 5.00 Gratuity, CARNIVAL YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF.