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  1. Thanks, allisonb22! We've heard others recommend Jaime's and are excited to try it!
  2. Thank you!! This is very helpful! Are milkshakes from Johnny Rockets also included? Stopping there for an afternoon snack is going to be a fun perk.
  3. My husband and I bought the unlimited dining plan for the first time for our upcoming cruise on Anthem. This is a special treat for our anniversary cruise as we have only done specialty dining once or twice in the past. Could you share tips about unlimited dining, and specifically for Anthem? Here are some of my questions: Will any restaurants be open on embarkation day? Does the UDP include lunch that day? I read a review that dining takes longer in Specialty restaurants. Is that true? What are your favorite restaurants on Anthem? I’m trying to figure out w
  4. We'll be sailing on Anthem soon in a regular balcony cabin. I'm wondering if we can swap our Quantum WOWbands (for free) for Anthem WOWbands or if we'll have to pay for the new ones. Anyone have experience with this?
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