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  1. We were on this cruise, too. Enjoying reliving the voyage with your posts and pictures. We ended up with one of those stuffed penguins, had to buy a suitcase to get it home!
  2. I used "Pinnacle" instead of "Pinnacle Grill". Suite passengers can eat there for breakfast, but that is no longer available, you eat in CO. I confused the two (it was late). If you are 5 Star, what would you gain by the CO package? Don't you already get most of those benefits, except for eating in the CO? For $50 a day (what it was selling at on that trip) I wouldn't buy it. We could eat every night in Tamarind, Pinnacle Grill, or Cannoletto for less. Sorry for confusion.
  3. Exactly as we felt. Maybe the other perks make it worthwhile for new cruisers, but for 5 star the trade-off of losing the Pinnacle is not worth it.
  4. Just tried to look up flights through Flight Ease for a June Cruise. Website just took me in a circle back to my itinerary. Is it still up and running? Have credits to use up through airlines, but still like to compare, as have often found great bargains there.
  5. On the Koningsdam last December, Club Orange was given to the suite passengers and they were not given a MDR assignment. Our key card only said Club Orange. We enjoy getting to know new people and always ask for a large table for dinner, which there were none offered in CO. If you had a group of people you wanted to eat with they would accommodate you. The CO is like eating in a fish bowl, the wall between you and the hallway is glass, and everyone walking by looks right in. After the first night we decided it wasn't for us and asked for an assignment in the MDR. The meal was nothing spe
  6. We have used Flight Ease many times. I always check flights on line so I know if I'm getting a good deal. No money tied up til final payment date, and don't have to mess with airline cancellation fees and fighting to get your money back from airline if cruise is cancelled. Always go to embarkation port a few days early, use HAL transfer to ship. Have stayed a few days after cruise, but never tried adding another stop and layover.
  7. November 2020 Zaandam Hawaii, Tahiti and Marquesas 32 days November 17, 2020 Don and Terry
  8. Just boarded the Koningsdam today in a Neptune Suite. We, too, always ask for fixed dining. We enjoy meeting new people. You know how your key card usually has your table number? Ours only said club orange. Also, a letter in our cabin said club orange was for suite passengers only. Apparently we were being forced to be snobs and eat only with suite passengers at dinner. We had to insist on a fixed table in the main dining room. And no more pinnacle for breakfast. That was my favorite perk! I am not a morning person and dislike the crowded noisy Lido on this ship. I'll try Club Orange for brea
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