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  1. I had the same problem, too heavy to lift. Called ships services and they reconfigured my water order so I receive only one gallon every 10 days. They we're very helpful.
  2. The part of this that makes no sense is why don't they just start boarding times at 11 or so, and stagger them from there, instead of starting at 1? Rooms may not be ready but even later passengers would have some time to explore public areas and ship layout before the muster drill.
  3. This trailed all the way back to page 5.
  4. Have they announced when this horrible idea is moving to the other ships? It would be good to know before I book my next cruise. We enjoy the quiet, hassle free breakfast in the Pinnacle, doesn't look like this is a good substitute. If all they wanted was a way to sell this package why not just keep it in the Pinnacle? When we were on the Koningsdam last year, we went to the Lido for breakfast but there were NO seats available, even around the pool. We were left standing, with our breakfast getting cold, for about a half hour. We finally took it back to our room. It was like they added passengers but forgot to increase the seating area. After the first day we ate in the Pinnacle or room service every day. I'm on vacation. I don't want to be seated in the "kitchen", which is what this Club Orange looks like.
  5. Even though I am on this same voyage, I will be following along to make sure I don't miss anything! Thank you for doing this, I can only imagine how time consuming it is.
  6. I thought the Prinsendam was only on a week long dry dock? I believe there is a roll call for Dec. 15th or so.
  7. What a bunch of b.s. from the Mariner society! I cruised LAST December and getting the information posted had been a problem since September or October - that's 2017. I'm sure you can find those complaints on CC somewhere. My info took over two months to post and almost a year later is still not correct. When I pointed out to them that their own figures shown on the site didn't add up, I got some nonsensical response. STILL have not gotten all credit for my on-board spending. I don't care about most of that - once I made 4-star the rest of that isn't important to me - but the fact that they continue to use the same excuses a year later really ticks me off. I'm beginning to think I need to look elsewhere for cruises. If I can't trust them to be honest, why am I paying them so much money to cheat me out of benefits I have EARNED?? I love the ships, itinerary and the staff, but corporate is horrible and out of touch and isn't worth the stress of dealing with their lies and excuses.
  8. CC needs to hire you. Why couldn't they put together a tutorial like this and save us all the frustration?
  9. Definitely a form letter. We departed the Veendam Jan 2018 and it took almost 2 months for anything to post. Got the same form letter, including the part about it not being necessary to contact them again. At that time there were many posts from people who cruised in summer and fall of 2017 with missing credits or nothing posting. Same excuses y'all are reporting, and a year later it still isn't correct. The numbers they posted on my account don't add up to the total they show but couldn't get them to fix it. Went on an Alaska cruise in June 2018 - also messed up. I've kept my records, and when I feel like arguing with them again I'll call and try to work it out. Very frustrating that they are still using the same excuses a year later.
  10. So sorry to hear this! I, too, have severe asthma attacks and can understand what you are going through. Were the fireworks and dry ice prior to Sel de Mer? We have been to Sel de Mer on Koningsdam and Nieuw Amsterdam and I never saw them in the restaurant. Thanks for the warning.
  11. My Husband and I usually take the HAL winery excursions, when offered. We have each brought back a bottle from these ports and there has never been a corkage fee. So, maybe it doesn't apply if you've been on a ship excursion.
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