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  1. WOW, thanks everyone for all the great ideas and remedies......and I have no problem dealing with negative comments.....my hubby & I both worked since the age of 14, got a good education & made wise decisions along the way. Retirement has been good us......and if that means we are privileged & spoiled...….well bring it on baby!!!
  2. After 26 plus cruises, we find ourselves getting rather bored. Anyone else there with us? Heading out of Baltimore in February on an 8 day since Charleston SC was a port & we have never been there. Very refreshing. I am hoping RC continues to add new ports so us seasoned travelers will have something new to look forward to you. How are the rest of you dealing with this boredom???
  3. We are from Cleveland & generally go to FLL/Tampa/Miami to cruise in February. In order to try something different, we are sailing GOS, out of Baltimore at the end of February. For those of you have done this, or live in the are: how or what do pack for clothing? at what point in the trip does the weather get semi-nice?????
  4. luckily we will be there the last week of February
  5. After 20+ cruises with RC, I was so happy to see the port of Charleston SC listed as a port!! However, I think the excursions offered via RC are weak at best. We would love to enjoy the city & hopefully do 2 different types of excursions while there. Any and all recommendations are welcomed....and thank you!
  6. yup....GOS was our first......first time I hit a Royal Flush....and was also invited to join the Club Royale. We are looking forward to cruising her, out of Baltimore in 2/2020
  7. Hello folks....we received a free cruise on the Infinity. Although it is "free" we are reluctant to book. 2 years ago we sailed the Infinity and the service, food & offerings were way BELOW the Celebrity standards. There were obvious issues. Just checking to see if anyone has sailed her lately and have you been satisfied with your cruise. Thank you
  8. for all of you who were thinking it was a "medical issue" it wasn't.....a large male was running down the hall, flapping his arms & saying " that *&^^%%$####*((%% witch...." The crew was running behind him saying "you need to calm down" which leads me to believe it was a domestic issue...not medical
  9. we were sailing on the ROS 12/7 thru 12/14. on 12/9, around 11:20 pm we heard loud mail voices, then a PA announcement about commotion in front of 2033. Looking out my peep-hole, I saw several crew members running along with a passenger, cursing to high heaven, going down the hall. My gosh...it was scary....did anyone else witness this? or know what went on?
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