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  1. Based on the current price of the package the gratuity would be $19.80 per day.
  2. I second seeing the sloths and monkeys in Roatan. Bodden wasn't operating tours the day we were there so we booked with Daniel Johnson through Facebook Messenger. Best time ever on a shore excursion.
  3. The beds in suites are much more comfortable in our experience.
  4. I had no idea these vending machines existed. The medical center is usually located in an area where passengers wouldn't be unless their cabins are on the same deck. My first thought, if I needed something, would be to go to the gift shop where everything is overpriced. Maybe that's why they don't advertise that there's another option.
  5. I've never seen that type of vending machine on any of the NCL ships I've been on but they do sell some OTC medications in the shops. Prices are high though, similar to what you'd find in a hotel gift shop, so we always take anything we think we might need with us when traveling.
  6. No need to bring a cork screw. There should be one in the suite or the room steward will get it for you.
  7. Just be aware that the crew will often try to steer you in the direction of the buffet (which is probably why the MDR is often nearly empty). If you board really early you may have to wait a bit for them to open but it's a much nicer way to start your vacation.
  8. Usually you need to be on board 30 minutes prior to departure time.
  9. I was thinking they already had their cabin reserved and were making the final payment. You're probably right and it won't work in this situation.
  10. You can sign into MyNCL and make payments. You can choose the amount you want to pay and give the CC info. I would think each person pay their share that way and you wouldn't have to call at all.
  11. If you want to use OBC for the dinner package I think you have to do it on board. I could be wrong but I believe, if you do in advance online, they charge you when you make the purchase.
  12. Yes. Some people seem to not understand that nothing is really free. Someone is going to pay for it.
  13. You have to do the math and decided if the price difference is worth it. Nothing is free and when corporations (and politicians) say it is, don't believe it.
  14. Shows are repeated on the largest ships like the Breakaway, probably because the theaters are not large enough to accommodate the number of passengers. Our last cruise was 11 days on the Epic and shows in the main theater were repeated but we've done several longer cruises on smaller ships, including the Jade, and shows were not repeated. The entertainers will probably appear more than once during the cruise but the show will be different.
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