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  1. My daughter has a Crown and Anchor number so surely I won’t get double points if she’s in a cabin with me?
  2. That’s great thanks... we are booking an interior directly opposite the balcony cabin We will have the drinks package included as it is included at the moment on UK bookings
  3. We have just returned from a week on the Harmony in a Balcony cabin,myself,DH and nearly 16 year old daughter. For various reasons including the fact that she was often back later than us to the cabin we would like 2 cabins next year. If I book a balcony for me and her and an interior for my husband ( we will swap when onboard) will there be any chance of my husband having another cabin access card for what will officially be mine and our daughters cabin? Otherwise he will need mine or my daughters card to access where he will be sleeping which may occasionally be a problem if we are not together.
  4. We are due to sail on Sunday...does anyone know which days are formal nights? Is it 2 and 5? I like to book a hair appointment in advance..thanks
  5. They were closed last night and this morning... haven’t got time now !
  6. Been trying to book since last night on RCL website but won’t let me...keeps saying checking availability! So annoying as price has gone up overnight and still won’t let me book. Going to work now so won’t be able to check until later today! Anyone else had problems?
  7. We had a 10.20am flight yesterday from Barcelona...we took our own bags off at 7 am and waited for our transfer..he did not show so I rang the company and he was at the wrong terminal...it didn’t specify on our transfer slip which terminal...he took 2 minutes to get to us at Terminal C and we were checked in at the airport and through security by 8.20! Way too early but I didn’t want to be panicking about the missing the flight home. Sunday morning traffic was very quiet as you would expect
  8. We are back... we were too early to port but were allowed to board around 10.45 and were some of the first onboard...amazing cruise ship...Loved it!
  9. We have just got off the Symphony this morning...a few days ago we were sat at the edge of one of the main pools when a boy aged about 6 years told his parents that he need a wee so was getting in the pool! Gross...obviously kids of all ages do this all the time but the parents just laughed and didn’t try to stop him so what chance do you have!
  10. Thanks for all the replies... I have tried to change time of our transfer to 10am but am unable to do so...it is prepaid so I am loathe to get a taxi an hour later... will just have to wait at the port !
  11. Anyone been on Syphony recently out of Barcelona? We board tomorrow...can’t wait! Our cruise company have booked us a cab at 9am to the port...I think this is too early...we are only 15mins maximium away from cruise terminal... Only ever sailed RCL from. Florida before when we have been able to go through security around 10.30/11am and board shortly afterwards...Just wondering how it compares in Barcelona ? Also what time does self disembarkation start at Barcelona...we have a really early flight home! Thanks Sue
  12. Thanks...I’ve just checked the timetables and there are quite a few different companies...does it matter which one or can you go with one and return with another? Are they all near together at the port?
  13. How far is the hydrofoil /ferry to Capri from where the Symphony docks? I know we need to book return tickets for August but I am just wondering how much time to leave from disembarking the ship to get to the ferry?
  14. We went last year in August...plenty of minibuses at port...we found a driver and shared his minibus with another family...20 euros return per person..bargain...he dropped us near the tower and returned 3 hours later,,,this was long enough.... much cheaper than through cruise line
  15. RCL website is stating 25% discount on shore excursions until today 8th March ..UK guests. Is it genuine or just fake advertising? Don’t know whether to book today or not?
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