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  1. Following both vessels on Marinetraffic, they are not heading for the Yucatan channel or Windward passage but heading in Northwesterly direction and are currently some 40 miles southeast of San Andres Island.
  2. Well, if you look at the itinerary of this world cruise, crossing the Pacific westbound the only stop they made with decent medical facilities was Hawaii. Now if these fragile people can't fly because of pre-existing conditions what other options do you have? The ship has to relocate to FLA anyway to start her next trip(s), if this is going to happen. And a ship does not have to dock to refuel and or pick up provisions, this can be done at anchor or on the roads, with very limited or no interaction with vessel's crew. Done this many times in my previous life. I have not seen the
  3. What is HAL's excuse NOT to bring the ship back to Ft. Lauderdale? It's 11000 NM from Fremantle to FLA via the Panama canal with a stop in New Zealand to top of bunkers and provisions, with out letting anyone go ashore. The crossing from New Zealand to Panama is around 6700 NM, with an economical speed of 450 NM per day that is give or take 15 days. Top of bunkers/provisions in Panama and on to FLA which is 3 days. It is 7 days fm Fremantle to NZ, one day bunkers/provisions, 15 days to cross Pacific to Panama, 1 day bunkers/prov., 1 day Canal, 3 days to FLA. Total days 28! Why is that a "
  4. NCL apparently copied the CLIA proposal as reported by the Maritime Executive, see below: BY THE MARITIME EXECUTIVE 03-11-2020 07:31:00 In an effort to reduce the risk associated with novel coronavirus, the cruise industry's biggest association has proposed new rules that would limit embarkation for vulnerable and elevated-risk passengers. The details have not been published, but accounts leaked to media outline several new measures. In a plan submitted to the office of Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday, the Cruise Lines International Association (C
  5. Visited Ephesus 6 months ago 5 hr tour (small group) with Curiotravel via Viator, tourguide Mrs. Selda. At our request they ommitted the stop at a rug factory. Enjoyed the tour.
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