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  1. It probably depends on the time of day and weather. We're just off the Volendam and walked the promenade most days around mid-afternoon. Most days the lounges were fully occupied at that time, though there were sometimes single lounges available. The times we walked in the mornings, they were usually available.
  2. No one really 'needs' an outside cabin or balcony, a meal in an up-charge restaurant, or even a beverage package either. Isn't it up to each person to decide for themselves what they need to get the best experience they can for their vacation dollars?
  3. We've had very good experiences in CC but would cut off the acceptable price bump at more like $25-30 extra per person/per day, especially for a longer cruise. We like the exceptional service level and quieter atmosphere, and the extra dishes have been, for the most part, really special. Some of the best pasta dishes we've ever had have been those prepared in the dining room We've never had to wait and it seemed that the entire staff in the dining room gets to know you and your preferences - much better teamwork than we've seen in the MDR.
  4. You do not necessarily sail back to your original starting point on a B2B. We've done Sydney>Perth:Perth>Sydney, but also Southampton>Southampton:Southampton>New York and Los Angeles>Vancouver:Vancouver>Alaska>Vancouver. B2B simply means two cruises, usually on the same ship, with the 2nd one beginning on the same day the 1st one ends. Go to a couple of the large online book agencies, or even a cruise line online website, and do a search for a single cruise ship's sailings without specifying cruise location. The results will usually be in chronological order, allowing you to see potential B2B's.
  5. We did find the shower operation to be somewhat confusing on the Ruby in February, but you should definitely ask your cabin steward to show you all the possible variations. We had trouble getting the right 'happy medium' between very hot and very cool. You should be able to get very cool water if that's what you want.
  6. Adagio is currently performing on the Volendam every night. A few fervent supporters (maybe 50-60 people?) attend every night, but not many.
  7. Don't count on Explorers' Lounge being a quiet place on sea days. On 3 sea days on the Ruby recently, the entire lounge was taken over all day by Art Auctions, leaving very few indoor seating areas available. By the way, we're currently on the HAL Volendam, with many very comfortable indoor seating areas looking out to the sea and NO ART AUCTIONS!
  8. As stated above, the answer is "No'. But...the good news is you really don't need one. There are irons and ironing boards on each passenger deck in the laundry rooms that you can use if you feel it's absolutely necessary. We usually don't bother - we have pretty much eliminated clothes from our wardrobes that really need ironing. Also, fellow passengers aren't going to judge you for a few wrinkles - no one will really notice or care.
  9. All good advice so far. A few more: Pack for 7-10 days and plan on doing or having laundry done. Make sure to pre-pay or set up automatic payments for any bills that will come due while you're gone. Turn off heat and water in your home unless someone will be staying there, unplug appliances. In addition to prescriptions, take plenty of any personal care products and OTC medications you might typically use if you develop a cold, sore throat, aches & pains, etc. - the supplies on ships are typically very limited and very expensive. Plan a way to back up/store photos - you'll have many and may need extra storage capacity. Our longest cruises have been 24, 28, and 34 days and with a little planning they're wonderful experiences. Have a great time!
  10. You can find the port schedule here: http://crew-center.com/san-diego-california-cruise-ship-schedule-2019 We boarded on April 3 when there were 3 ships in port. We arrived at the port at around 10:30, very little traffic. Boarding didn't start until 11:45, and our Boarding Group 4 was called around 12:15.
  11. Are you sure the credit wasn't posted to your onboard account and used "to cover other expenses" there? We once thought we were due a credit, called and the person we talked to emailed us a final copy of our onboard account with the posted credit shown.
  12. On April 3, both the Disney Wonder and Volendam were at the B Street pier, sharing the main building for security and waiting to board, with Volendam closer to the Midway. We boarded the Volendam and there were no power issues as far as we know. Boarding for both ships seemed to be delayed a little - didn't start until about 11:45 for Volendam, a little later for the Disney ship. The Grand Princess was at the farther south pier.
  13. It wasn't bad. Our parking lot shuttle basically drove right in with very little traffic delay and we were entering the security building at 11:00. HAL and Disney passengers all went through the same security line - that took us about 15 minutes. Passengers then separated into 2 check-in areas and check-in took about another 15 minutes. Boarding for both ships did seem to be delayed - HAL started boarding about 11:45, Disney a little later. We were boarding group 4, on the ship and in our room by 12:45.
  14. Has anyone experienced boarding in San Diego with 3 ships in port? On Wednesday (4/3) both the Disney Wonder and HAL Volendam (the CrewCenter website shows the wrong ship) will be disembarking/boarding, while the Grand Princess will be visiting for the day. Crowds and traffic will obviously be a mess - anyone have any tips? We're going on the Volendam, arriving via parking lot shuttle. Should we delay our arrival until mid-afternoon?
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