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  1. You may be getting a real bargain by booking early - prices will undoubtedly be higher by then!
  2. The advantages of CC are 1) best mini-suite locations on the ship, and 2) a more relaxed, better service dining experience with a few extra menu choices. What are those items are worth to you? For us, the cut-off point is about $100/couple/day. We've seen prices much higher than that and declined to book when that's the case. Yes, for that amount of money you can eat in specialty restaurants every night, but we get tired of the same menus and being served way too much food. To us, the specialty restaurants can sometimes feel like more of a 'production', which we don't find relaxing.
  3. After having to spend days/weeks going through all the 'stuff' that our parents left behind when they died, we're making a conscious effort to eliminate anything that's not really meaningful or necessary to keep. We keep receipts for several months, just long enough to make sure there's no dispute with charges. Menus, daily newsletters, etc. are disposed of almost immediately - don't know why we even both to carry them home. I've kept an Excel spreadsheet Travel & Event Calendar for many years - just a simple listing of where we went, when, a few details. We keep it, as well as photos and Trip Journals for each trip on our laptop, have saved all of those on an external hard drive back up along with all our other important papers.
  4. There are several very long threads that were begun shortly after she came out of refurbishing - just scroll through several pages of topics on this board and you'll spot them. Here's one of the longer ones: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2677533-live-from-summit/
  5. We probably live very close to the OP, so agree that sailings out of San Diego and LA are great options. The problem is the limited variety; we're no longer interested in Mexico, but there are some interesting Pacific Coastal, repositioning to/from Alaska (train one way?), and round-trip to Hawaii or even the South Pacific. For the last 2-3 years we eliminated flying due to recovery from some major illnesses, but now want to make up for lost time. We've vowed to avoid flying unless we can save for/afford at least a non-stop Business Class flight; you still have the airport hassles, but the flying experience is much less stressful. Right now we have booked a Canada/New England trip (used points for one air ticket, paid for the other) and a Vancouver to Hawaii trip (flights are much cheaper than Europe). We'll keep it up as long as we can, then sit back and just enjoy our own wonderful climate and activities.
  6. Back in 2013, we visited Portland and my sister (living there at the time) took us to a great place called Ri Ra Irish Pub for lunch. Apparently it's an authentic Irish pub, dismantled in Ireland and rebuilt in Portland. I've Googled it and apparently it's still there, but never comes up in recommendations on where to eat. Does anyone know anything about it currently? We're visiting again in September and their website isn't very clear on whether it's open for lunch.
  7. https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/article/what-happens-if-you-miss-your-cruise/ar-AAFi3xw?ocid=spartanntp Just read this very thorough and accurate (as far as I can tell!) article that explains all the different considerations when you miss a cruise. It covers cruise line obligations (or lack there-of), cruise-line vs. privately arranged transportation getting to the port, 'catching up' with the cruise at later ports, and insurance coverage possibilities. Worth reading or forwarding to friends new to cruising.
  8. If you elect to wear a long gown, you will probably not be the only one but you will 'stand out' as one of the minority - but not in a bad way. If it makes you happy, do it.
  9. It won't help with your current situation, but in the US you can do annual credit checks with all 3 major agencies FREE from annualcreditreport.com. For your current problem, is it not possible to pay for the cruise by check? If you can't do that, your best course of action is to get on the phone with your cruise line and ask for an extension. If that doesn't work, you may be better off cancelling while you can still get a refund of your deposit and rebooking for a later date.
  10. If you are booking private tours in Canadian ports (Victoria, Vancouver), you may be seeing quotes in CA$, but shouldn't be seeing them on Celebrity tours unless it's a computer glitch (which wouldn't be shocking on Celebrity's website!).
  11. Here's the link for the roll call for your cruise: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2496573-pride-of-america-september-21-2019/ You may find others on your cruise discussing activities in ports and onboard. In general, consider renting a car - driving in the islands is pretty easy and can be much less expensive than tours, especially for 4 people. Check DiscountHawii or Costco for car rentals at very good rates. Also check the Hawaii board under Ports of Call - lots of discussion about activities in each port there.
  12. We've almost always had OBC's given by the TA not appear on our account until about Day 2 onboard. OBC given by Princess shows up prior to boarding, but many TA credits do not. That appears to be what you are seeing. Make sure to take paperwork with you that shows the OBC you are entitled to from your TA. If it doesn't appear by Day 2 or 3, visit Customer Service.
  13. The alcohol policy greatly depends on the cruise line, so post your question on the board for yours. Also, to clarify an above statement, for airline travel, the bottles should be packaged in protective material and carried in your checked bags. To take them on the ship, do NOT put them in your checked bags, but in your carry-on. Be up front and declare them as you turn your hand-carried luggage over to the security scanners; in most cases, they will then be held by the cruise line and returned to you the last night of the cruise. If you put them in your checked bags boarding the ship, they may delay your having luggage delivered to your cabin, and the bottles could be confiscated and not returned to you.
  14. What can I get if I'm both military and a retired high school teacher??
  15. It is not true that the military OBC cannot be used to pay gratuities. Possibly it can't be used to prepay gratuities (before boarding) but once you're onboard, it's simply a credit amount on your account that is yours to use as you wish - gratuities, drinks, specialty restaurant, shops, etc. Anything charged against your account onboard is deducted from the credit until it's gone. Military credit is also refundable - what you don't use will be mailed to you after the cruise.
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