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  1. I thought so...just went back and looked at the picture again and noticed what looks like a raw egg yolk on top of the rice??? To me, that would taint the whole plate.
  2. Kartgv

    All Inclusive Beach Excursion

    If it's mainly a cell phone you're worried about, check Amazon for a 'waterproof pouch' that fastens around your waist. There are many different ones, different sizes and most work well as long as you follow the directions carefully in sealing the pouch. Someone else may come along and have specific information about these beach facilities.
  3. The real crime in this article, or at least the one I read earlier today, is that the headline billed the couple as 'elderly' when they are 70 and 72 years old. In this day and age, that's on the younger side for many cruise ships!
  4. Kartgv

    All Inclusive Beach Excursion

    Please come back and tell us which port, which beach you're considering. I can't think of too many beach locations in the world that it would be safe to leave your belongings unless they had lockers.
  5. That picture isn't a King Crab meal...if I'm not mistaken, that's one of the 'small plates' entrees in Share rather than an entire main course dinner. At least I hope so!
  6. Kartgv

    Found Ocean Medallion

    Why not just ask "Are you an honest, responsible adult or not?"
  7. Kartgv

    Scheduling an Uber

    This is probably location dependent. Try asking your neighbors if they've used either service or see if there are Yelp reviews for your area. Check and see if there is a "Nextdoor" website for your area. If so, that's the perfect place to ask that question. Unlike Cruise Critic and Yelp, Nextdoor requires a real name to sign up. There's a neighborhood board monitor, so phony reviews are more likely to be caught.
  8. I think your next step into the depths of 'cruise insanity' involves starting to lay out all your outfits to pack for the cruise - hurry, must do it now! Then your can read through all the online menus for your ship/cruise and choose what you plan to eat each night for dinner.
  9. Kartgv

    How to I post on cruise critic roll call

    The "Reply" button really means 'Post a Message" - it does not have to be a reply to anyone. Just click on it and start introducing yourself. If you do see a previous post that mentions an activity you'd be interested in, then you can use the 'quote' function as mentioned above, or just address the previous poster by name and say that you'd be interested.
  10. Kartgv

    Park West art auctions?

    You're correct, no one forces anyone to attend. The problem comes in when you're on a cruise with a sea day when it's cold or wet weather outside. On sea days, on many ships the auction company is allowed to take over one of the large indoor seating/lounge area (i.e. Explorers Lounge on Princess ships, Viking Crown lounge on RCI), completely filling it with 'works of art'. This severely strains indoor lounging capacity when the outdoor pool areas can't be used. This isn't just for the time the auction takes, but also for several hours 'set-up' time preceding and 'clean-up' time following the auction. So...you're not forced to attend, but you may not be left with too many other options in some circumstances.
  11. Kartgv

    Park West art auctions?

    We went to a couple of auctions in our earliest cruises, none in 20 years or so! Our most entertaining auction memory: One large family group bid for almost every item that came up and 'won' most bids with much celebrating. A couple of days later, we pulled into a port and watched the first group off the ship - the entire family being escorted off with all their luggage, right into the hands of local authorities. The story was that they had attempted to pay for everything with a credit card that had been reported stolen.
  12. Kartgv


    Just a tip… you do not need to use the 'Quote' button unless there are multiple posts in the thread and readers might be confused about which post you're referring to. Please don't quote a post if you have nothing to add - it just clutters up the topic. Also, when doing a quote, you can go into the quote and edit out sections that are not relevant to your response. This helps eliminate one of the reasons for sometimes very long threads that take ages to get to new and relevant information.
  13. Kartgv

    Pet Peeves

    These quotes bother me also - some threads seem to have multiples of this type of post for some reason. I've been seeing a lot of posts quoting a previous one with no comments at all! The photographs are the worst: they may be lovely, but they don't need to be repeated time after time. Other pet peeves - 'dinning', 'will I like...…?', as well as the 'Can I remove the daily gratuity?' questions.
  14. Kartgv

    Beach in Kona from the Pride of America

    Don't know the Uber price, but there is also a Kona Trolley that stops right at the pier and goes to Kahalu'u Beach as well as other stops. I tried to copy the link to information, but am having no luck, so just Google Kona Trolley. It's $2.00 per person each way. The problems with it are that it may be crowded and it takes awhile to make its round, so make sure to allow plenty of time to get back to the ship. It might be worthwhile taking the trolley to the beach, then Uber back to the ship. The little beach next to the King Kam Hotel is OK for sunning or just cooling off in the water, but we've found that the water is less than pristine due to all the boats coming in to the pier area. Snorkeling isn't nearly as good there as it is in Kahalu'u.
  15. Don't know about you, but we do not go on a cruise because it "makes sense". Either you like the itinerary, ship/cruise line and price better than comparable vacations, or you don't. Without more information, we don't understand your concern about booking. Ships too similar? Itinerary? Price?