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  1. 1 hour ago, farmersfight said:





    Hi Host Kat,


    I previously posted a recommendation to another cruise-related website and used a "masked hint" of the name of that website. So, guilty as charged with regard to the 2nd & 3rd quoted comments of yours above. My apologies. On a positive note, at least I was aware that I couldn't actually name the other cruise-related website, lol. Guess I should've read the "Travel Agent Recommendations" in the "Guidelines" that you referenced above (and I shall do that).


    Just one note about the other cruise-related website that I recommended (or promoted). I don't think this site was an actual travel agency because if you wanted to book a cruise it has listed, it connected (linked) you directly to the cruise line itself. This other cruise-related website was not involved in booking cruises and only listed "Cruise Line Single supplement/Solo Bargains" for informational purposes only. So this website did not receive any form of compensation at all. So, I may be innocent of the 1st quoted comment of yours above since this website was not a travel agency (hope so, lol). Regarding the 4th quoted comment of yours above, again guilty as charged for asking a member to e-mail me but perhaps again innocent because it wasn't an actual travel agency? I know, probably still guilty  because even by asking a member to e-mail me, it was still using the CC forum to recommend (promote) another cruise-related website. Again, my apologies.


    Thanks for your clarification and reminder regarding the "Guidelines" here on Cruise Critic.


    I risk being booted off for saying anything, but I am certain many are thinking it. I feel that berating this poster verse and chapter is a bit excessive and heavy handed on the part of the forum admin. I recall, when people were still cruising, that cruisers were increasingly taking their roll calls to a Facebook page because it was just getting too exhausting to do so much as organize independent excursions without being scolded like school children by CC. I understand the need for rules and guidelines, but the tone does not need to be so harsh. Maybe you could just lighten up a little. After all cruising is not king anymore and we don't know if it ever will be again. Maybe best not to dump buckets of ice water on people when they try to talk about when to try booking another cruise again. Is there anything wrong with just friendly reminders that get the point across without humiliating and alienating people?

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  2. 17 minutes ago, mef_57 said:

    Dress is supposedly relaxed, but I can imagine the costs of those 'relaxed' clothes.  I think the bigger question for jmsync might be the ages.  Granted, I haven't sailed with them.

    Despite the current reduced single supplement, I can't confirm that flights from Canada are included and the quoted per day rate in Cdn is still ~3 times my normal per day budget. As I am not a big drinker and generally do my own 'shore tours', it appears to be wasted benefits for me.  The same reason I book cheap cabin fares rather than fares with bonuses or 'free' stuff.  I am not a profitable customer as I spend very little on board.  But, it might be a once in a lifetime event.

    I have never sailed on Silversea but I did go on Regent Seven Seas (ONCE).  It's another one of those luxury cruise lines. Clientele is quite elderly and not really a fun crowd. older people can be fun. These folks were not. Alot of regulars on these lines and they tend to be self promoting- which is the most charitable way I can think of putting it.

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  3. Was hoping for specific dishes as opposed to places that people have enjoyed. From reviews I so far have the roast beef sandwiches  at Café Two70 and the lobster Mac and Cheese at Michael's pub, but looking for other suggestions. All dining venues have their hits and misses. Was wondering if cruisers had something that they particularly enjoyed and would recommend. 

  4. If you love cruising, it almost "pays" to live within driving range of a port city....especially if you are retired...

    I have easy access to Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Bayonne cruise ports, but also Boston and Baltimore possible...


    Those in Florida really have it made...:)

    I live in Ottawa Canada and still consider NY and NJ ports to be within driving distance.its about a 8 hour drive but it can be done the day before so booking 3 days out can work if you are determined.

  5. For what it's worth, I don't think this is unique to Cozumel. We just got off our cruise and were in Roatan where our plan was to go to Little French Key. The contact outside the port for LFK lined up a taxi for us to go to LFK as the van was full, but this taxi driver did not stop trying to get us to go to West Bay instead. He wanted to charge us 4X the normal entrance fee to enter West Bay as well. We did not agree, of course, but some of these taxi drivers definitely have their own agenda.

  6. Your phone has a GPS. So do many new cars. You visit web sites and many ask for your location. You are on a ship. They know where you are. Paranoia run rampant. Black helicopters from the UN, anyone?


    Not really the same thing. No one is asking for your location here. They are telling you. One ought to be asked. Passengers should have rights, but don't. And won't if people just sit back and let corporations do what suits them and even help them by calling fellow travelers names if they raise questions.

  7. It is safe to use taxi in Cozumel. There is a taxi stand just outside the terminal. There is also a big sign that lists the taxi fare ( in U.S. dollars) to the beach clubs and other attractions you may want to visit.


    Excellent. Thanks!

  8. Does anyone have any experience with taking taxis from the cruise port in Cozumel? Is it safe? Is there anything to look out for or advice? Do you pay in pesos or US dollars? Where do you find taxis. We will be with Royal Caribbean so that the International port I think.



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