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  1. "YOU should have bought a watch!"
  2. jordanaire

    still cant book shows

    This past Monday, the show reservations just opened up for our April 7th Allure cruise. I understand your frustration, as we were not understanding why the delay. When we were finally able to make the reservations, we didn't notice any reasons for the delay. No changes from the previous cruise's schedule. Go figure!
  3. jordanaire

    Dock damaged by Norwegian ship?

    Anyone know how much damage was done this morning by the Norwegian ship to the dock here? Will it affect upcoming cruises?
  4. jordanaire

    What cruise documents?

    Thx for the info. I called RCI about our luggage tags and was told they would be available 49 days prior to sailing (which is this coming Sunday). Sounds like we're just about set to sail.
  5. jordanaire

    Orient Beach Newly Re-Opened Beach Club

    Thanks for the great pics and info! Orient Beach is our favorite place on Planet Earth, and we will be back there in early April.
  6. jordanaire

    go port canaveral

    We have used them 4 times and have never had any issues with them. Free shuttle to/from the ship. Excellent service!
  7. jordanaire

    go port canaveral

    Don't recommend Cocoa Beach Shuttle. They arrived an hour and a half late picking us up (after 4 phone calls asking about our pickup and being told each time "they're on their way").
  8. There's a small cafe close to Terminal F at the port. It's called The Seaman's Cafe and opens at 7:00am. We've eaten here twice before walking to the ship to board. Their breakfast is good.
  9. When looking at my Cruise Planner, it says "documents not available at this time". What documents are they talking about? Also, how soon will I be able to print out my luggage tags (we're 53 days from sailing aboard the Allure)? Thanks for any input.
  10. jordanaire

    Would you risk hotwire

    I, too, have used Hotwire many times in the past with absolutely NO issues at all. We have gotten some very good deals with them. Go for it!
  11. jordanaire

    Parking available at Bayside Marketplace?

    Thanks so much!
  12. jordanaire

    Parking available at Bayside Marketplace?

    OK, thanks!
  13. jordanaire

    Sunset bar & grill Maho

    It's too bad that this plane doesn't fly into St. Maarten any longer! It sure was something to see. Glad that we were able to experience seeing it land and take off.
  14. jordanaire

    Parking available at Bayside Marketplace?

    I recently saw a photo of Bayside Marketplace and noticed some parking spaces out in front of Bayside. I was wondering how hard these parking spots are to get? Is there a time we should arrive there in order to possibly get one? One member of our group cannot walk great distances without stopping to rest, and one of these spots would help tremendously.
  15. Allure now sails out of Miami