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  1. Thanks for the great replies! Jaxson's it is!
  2. My son and grandson will be flying into FLL the night prior to their cruise in October and he is wondering if anyone has been to this restaurant before. Is it a good place to take a 13-yr old boy for dinner? It looks fascinating! It looks good enough for my wife and I to stop their next year prior to our cruise. They are staying at the Wyndham Garden Inn hotel just up the street, and he's hoping it's a short walk from there. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Can someone tell me how to edit my signature at the end of my posts? I need to add a cruise to it. THX
  4. Mango Swirl is my favorite drink
  5. Can someone tell me how much it will be for an Uber or Lyft from Port of Miami to FLL airport?
  6. My son will be stepping off the Conquest in Miami and flying from FLL at 11:40. Will he have time to make this flight? The next Delta flight is a few hours later and costs $150 more.
  7. Booked Oct 3, 2020 Horizon cruise yesterday. Only 459 days to go!
  8. When they have this fabulous dessert, I usually skip the appetizers and salad in order to save room.
  9. OMG...the Grand Marnier Souffle is the BEST dessert on the high seas! Love having 2-3 every time they serve it.
  10. No...chairs and umbrellas are extra. Not sure at Maho, but it was $30 for 2 chairs and an umbrella
  11. I sure hope that you are able to win a "ship-on-a-stick" during your cruise. And if you do win, treasure it like a valuable item. We just returned from a Royal Caribbean cruise 2 weeks ago and I won a trivia game. You now what the prize was? A key chain! But they told us that if we won 20 key chains, we could exchange it for a highlighter! Not kidding. My 14 "ships-on-a-stick" just doubled in valuable.
  12. I totally agree! Bring one with you and pack in your CPAP bag. Have never had one confiscated on Carnival. I just returned from a Royal Caribbean cruise 2 weeks ago. Six months ago, I contacted their Special Needs Department to request an extension cord, distilled water and a Sharpe's container. They sent me an email stating that everything would be in our cabin upon arrival. Guess what? None of these items were there! I went to Guest Services and they told me that they had no record of my requests. I should them THEIR email to me and still couldn't find anything. They assured me that everything would be in our cabin by the end of embarkation day. The water showed up on Day #3, the Sharpe's container on Day #6 and I never saw the extension cord! Fortunately, I smuggled one on in my CPAP bag. This is one reason why we only sail with RCI three times since 1996, and with Carnival 22 times! POOR customer service!
  13. I spent that time at Guest Services because I NEEDED those items! There's quite a bit of difference between wanting something and needing something. My life depends on my CPAP machine being able to work, and it can't without the extension cord. Yes...I smuggled a cord in, but what would have happened if I hadn't or the one I had was confiscated?
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