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  1. Hell no it won't change anything for my wife and I. We are vaccinated and ready to set sail. If we're are stuck in our balcony cabin, so be it. We were stuck in our home for months! As for the bars and night clubs, we don't use either. As for the shore excursions, we've been to just about every place we'd like to visit. Getting away from our daily routine is more important than anything for us when it comes to cruising.
  2. First Carnival cruise aboard the Fantasy in 1995. Last cruise in 2018 on Sunshine. Twenty two Carnival cruises in between. Booked on Mardi Gras on September 25, 2021. Total of 138 days at sea currently. Royal Caribbean Cruises: 3 Sea Days: 21 total
  3. I have always booked my cruises myself...until now. With the cancellation of our October 3rd Horizon cruise, I wanted to make sure that I was correctly able to rebook it to the Mardi Gras next September, and that I would be assured that I received the $600 OBC that they offered. I was able to get that OBC plus the OBC that I already had on the Horizon cruise. My new PVP also found me a great price on a balcony cabin, which we've never tried before (always inside or obstructed view cabin). Looking forward to working with him in the future.
  4. Does anyone know which ship, if any, is going to replace the Sunshine when it leaves Charleston? I haven't heard or read anything regarding this.
  5. I totally agree with wearing a mask on my cruise. It doesn't hurt anyone to wear one. It keeps you and others safer than not wearing one at all.
  6. I'm 65 years old and DON'T plan to ride the Bolt. Far too many other things to enjoy on the Mardi Gras. Leave it for the kids to ride this thing.
  7. Our October 3rd Horizon cruise was cancelled as well. I just got off the phone with my new PVP and he got us rescheduled to sail aboard the Mardi Gras on September 25, 2021. We will certainly put that $600 OBC to good use. I just hope that the virus will be a distant memory by then.
  8. I would say that Carnival is well aware of the instances that you mentioned. But it all comes down to money and the virus. Most of the Fantasy class ships are approaching 30 years of age. The cost of keeping these old ships afloat is probably quite costly. Think of owning a 30-yr old car that continuously runs week after week, barely stopping. Things will eventually start breaking down. And parts may not even be available for ships that old. It's time to put them to bed.
  9. "I think the $600 OBC for rebooking is extremely generous and am willing to bet that someday Carnival will sail again." That's exactly how my wife and I feel too.
  10. I don't see it as a big deal. We've cruised to KW five times before and once you've been there, you've seen it all. Besides, the ships always set sail before the real action starts there. It's not quite the same during the day than what the night time brings! The way I see it, it's their loss.
  11. We're booked on the Oct 3rd Horizon cruise. I am not feeling the joy and eagerness that I usually have 81 days before we cruise. Hopefully we will get to sail, but I'm certainly not holding my breath. If Carnival cancels, then I'll take the OBC and book again next year.
  12. My son contacted Carnival regarding his October 3rd sailing of the Magic. He was told that the ship is no longer taking reservations since it is "at a reduced capacity" for this sailing. My wife and I set sail on the same day on the Horizon, but haven't heard anything about it being at reduced capacity. I'm pretty sure that it will be since you cannot book this cruise any longer.
  13. I booked our cruise a year ago. It's an 8-day Southern cruise. I understand about the 3-5 day cruises being all that's left to choose from.
  14. Where did you see this? We are on the Oct 3rd Horizon cruise, but haven't heard anything about it being cancelled!
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