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  1. BBC, Miami Vice, Kiss on the Lips, Mango Swirl, Twilight Zone and more
  2. I just now was able to see our boarding passes and it says A01. Thanks
  3. What I can recall is: 1. No one allowed in casino unless you are playing the slots or games. No one allowed to just watch. 2. Casino bar will be closed. Will have to order drinks from bar staff.
  4. How do you find out which "slot" number you get? I have 10:30-11:00 boarding time.
  5. I know several months ago, the cruise lines went to paper straws. Is that still the situation? Would bringing your own steel drinking straws be a good idea?
  6. Thanks to all! Checked in at 12:01am this morning. One step closer to boarding!
  7. How early can you check-in online? For example, my check-in day is tomorrow. If I stay up until midnight tonight, can I check-in at 12:01am?
  8. I beg to differ when you say "Carnival has always requested that guests NOT email the Maitre'd". I have emailed them on the past 11 cruises and received a very pleasant confirmation from each of those requests. Where does it say what you have stated? After 25 cruises, I believe I would have seen, or been told, that by now.
  9. I sent an email to the Maitre 'd on the Mardi Gras to request a table for two, but the email would not go through. I have always requested this in the past with great success. Any reasons why this time the email was blocked?
  10. I logged into my Cruise Manager to print out my luggage tags but didn't see where to do it. There used to be a place to "Print Cruise Documents" but it is no longer there. Any ideas as to why this option is not available to me? We Cruise in 39 days on Mardi Gras.
  11. Does anyone know how to contact the Maitre 'D on the Mardi Gras? Thanks
  12. Following your great review! Will be on the MG in 48 more days!
  13. Here's a list of the dining locations on the Carnival Mardi Gras: · Palm Main Dining Room Decks 6 & 7, Aft Carnival Kitchen Deck 6, Aft ·Emeril’s Bistro Deck 6, Aft · Flamingo Main Dining Room Deck 6, Mid · Java Blue Café Deck 6, Mid · Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse Deck 7, Aft · ChiBang Deck 8, Mid · Bonsai Teppanyaki Deck 8, Mid · Cucina Del Capitano Deck 8, Aft · Pizzeria Del Capitano Deck 8, Aft · Piazza Panini Deck 8, Aft · Guy’s Pig & Anchor Deck 8, Aft · Blue Iguana Deck 16, Mid · Seafood Shack Deck 16, Mid · Street Eats Deck 16, Mid · Shaq’s Big Chicken Deck 16, Aft · Guy’s Burgers Deck 17, Mid
  14. Please carefully review the information below regarding new, temporary testing requirements: Effective with cruises departing on Saturday, August 14, 2021, we will require ALL fully vaccinated guests to produce a negative viral COVID-19 test (PCR or antigen) taken within 3 days of their embarkation on all Carnival Cruise Line sailings. Guests who are unvaccinated will continue to follow the requirements already communicated (and as detailed below). Fully vaccinated guests will be required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test along with proof of full vaccination upon arrival in the terminal and can then proceed on board. Please note that testing in the terminal will not be available for vaccinated guests so it’s critical that you have your negative test results with you upon your arrival. We will not be able to accommodate guests without proof of a negative test. Please check our Have Fun. Be Safe. protocols at Carnival.com for further details on testing requirements. Guests who are not fully vaccinated are still required to show the negative results of a PCR test taken between 72 and 24 hours prior to the sailing date, and will be tested again in the terminal prior to boarding the ship and again within 24 hours of debarkation (for itineraries five days or longer). Unvaccinated guests approved for an exemption will continue to be charged US$150, per person, for testing, reporting and health safety screenings, and also must provide proof of travel insurance if departing from the states of Florida or Texas. Children under two are exempt from testing requirements. In addition to testing requirements, we are also making adjustments to our onboard mask policy effective with cruises beginning this Saturday, August 7, 2021, as follows: First, we strongly encourage all guests to wear face masks when indoors, particularly guests who are unvaccinated including children under the age of 12 who should wear masks in public areas, except when eating or drinking. All guests age 2 and older will be required to wear face masks in elevators and in designated indoor entertainment areas, all retail shops, and in the casino, except when eating or drinking. Guests will be required to wear face masks prior to being seated in our main dining rooms and in the Lido Buffet area and occasionally in other designated areas where larger number of guests may congregate. As a reminder, masks are required during embark and debark in the terminal, and masks should also be worn during the debarkation process on board. These new requirements are being implemented to protect our guests and crew while on board. Several destinations have implemented their own requirements and all guests will be required to follow the protocols in each destination we visit. As stated above, we expect these requirements will be temporary and we appreciate your cooperation and look forward to welcoming you aboard.
  15. I received an email today from Carnival stating that our Mardi Gras itinerary has been changed. No longer going to Turks & Caicos. Going to Nassau instead. This will be a "stay onboard" day.
  16. Amazing...as I already have written confirmation from the Maitre 'D for our upcoming cruise.
  17. You can email the Maitre 'D on the ship and request a table for 2.
  18. For those sailing on the Mardi Gras on September 25th, you can now fill out your 1-question health check in your cruise planner.
  19. Thx for your reply. I think a good Cruise Director makes the cruise even better
  20. Has anyone ever had Chris Williams as your Cruise Director? What's he like?
  21. After 25 cruises, I got the call for an upgrade. However...it came 20-min AFTER we had boarded the ship. And the cost was an additional $389! Fagetabout it.
  22. Go to Guest Services and ask to see the week's MDR menus. It's in a binder. I check once we board the ship so we can pick which night to make reservations for the supper club. Works for us!
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