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  1. I'll keep all this in mind. And add binoculars to my packing list!
  2. Thanks everyone for your insights. I really figured , deep down, that it would be a crap shoot, but was hoping (aka, dreaming) that there was a more definitive answer!🤣🤣 Since were flying in from north Texas, where the winter weather is even more unpredictable, I'll probably have to pack for two seasons, anyway. Hoping for smooth sailing!😁
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Even LA gets a little cold sometimes! I was out there at the end of June for a few days and it was mostly cloudy and cool the whole time I was there. Meanwhile, back in Dallas, it was 104. I always take long pants and a jacket, because even in the warmest weather, the indoor spaces are always cold. As for motion sickness, I hate taking Bonine or Dramamine, because all it does is knock me out. Have never done the patch. I had a pair of wrist bands, but they've gone MIA. I think I loaned them to my daughter and never hot them back. I've got a few months to replenish my cruise first aid bag!
  4. This made me laugh!! I know LA is huge, I just didn't realize just HOW huge!
  5. We're sailing Panorama in February 2020 and I just asked the same question about the weather and the water conditions on a separate thread. We also haven't ever sailed out of California, so it's all new to us, too. Hoping for smooth sailing and pleasant weather for all of us!
  6. We will be sailing on the Panorama February 8th to Cabo, Mazatlán, and Puerto Vallarta. Have never done this itinerary before and it's February. I know that "winter" in Los Angeles can vary wildly. We were there in Feb 2016 and it was 90 degrees the whole time we were there. And of course, we will be sailing south. What is the water like that time of year? I have problems with motion sickness sometimes when the water is choppy. Also, we have a couple sailing with us who have never done a cruise before. I want them to be prepared for the possibility of rough seas.(and me, too!) I realize that whatever the "average" is, the weather can be exactly opposite at any given time. Just asking about your experiences. thanks! Kay in Dallas
  7. Good question about this itinerary for first timers. I was wondering the same thing myself. We've always done the Caribbean, nearest homeport for us is Galveston. We're flying to LA and sailing the Panorama in February. Port side cove balcony cabins. thanks for the question, OP, and thanks to those who replied.😃
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