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  1. We are doing the Triks in Aruba. Nothing planned for Curaco but walking around lots. Husband is going snorkeling while I help their economy by shopping in Bonaire.
  2. We are sailing on the 25th! We used the APP on Royal and it was fine. An interesting part was that with the ipad set on airplane mode, we were able to text home as well as onboard via imessage. I had not bought the internet package so it was a link or such that was still open to all. Anyone have the "luck" on Equinox?
  3. We will be on the August 25, 2018 sailing. I was looking at some of the activities available on sea days. I was wondering if the Glass Blowing "class" was available? I know you have to sign up once on board and attending the demonstration, but looking for more info.
  4. Thanks so much for the reply. I booked them as well and am waiting for their reply.
  5. Hi All - We will be in port from 8AM - 12:00AM. Our daytime is planned but would like to go to a restaurant in the PM. I don't want to start with cab rides since it will be PM and timing is a little tighter. Any recommendations for good places close to the pier/downtown?
  6. Considering booking Trikes, it looks like a blast. Do they pick up at pier (or near) or do you need to get to them? Any additional advice is welcome also!
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