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  1. BKLYNBOY8, thank you so much for your kind words. Living in Connecticut we thought it would be perfect cruising out of NY because we could avoid the chaos at airport terminals and fatigue of flying. This turned out to be much worse. We will be looking into other options and will avoid Manhattan like the plague. We've already cancelled one of the cruises. Our two cruises on Princess out of Brooklyn were a pleasure and seamless. Thank you for your warm and caring words. Jennie
  2. Thank you, LHT28. That's exactly what we've decided to do. Yesterday we cancelled our Oceania cruise for next year and might do the same with MSC. As suggested, I'll check the terminal schedule. Keep it simple, right? Thanks again Jennie
  3. We disembarked from Oceania Insignia a few days ago, the same time as one of the very large Carnival ships. The terminal was a madhouse and the agents working there were rude and refused to even tell us where the Oceania luggage was. Once outside the terminal with our luggage. we were told that we couldn't stay in that area, but had to cross 12th Avenue to the corner. We are in our 80s and have difficulty walking with a cane, let alone with luggage. We explained that we simply couldn't drag our luggage across six lanes of traffic and then stand on the corner with hundreds of others with their luggage. Because our driver was stuck in traffic, we waited about an hour, being repeatedly screamed at for being there. This was our first time in over 30 cruises that we arrived in NYC. We have two more cruises booked for next year and I'm seeking an alternative way so as to avoid what we experienced. If we took a shuttle tour or something of that nature where would we get picked up? I am hoping some of you more experienced folks will chime in and give me some ideas. My husband wants to "pull the plug" on any cruise arriving in New York. We've done NJ and Brooklyn with no problems. With many thanks for any advice, Jennie
  4. We were offered an "upgrade" when we checked in at the pier when sailing on Celebrity Zenith (yes, a long time ago). They offered us a "suite" for $3000 more PER PERSON!. We declined. Our stateroom happened to be two doors down from that suite. It stayed empty all week. We have cruised more than 30 times and each and every time ask for an upgrade or upsell and each time have been told that the ship is fully booked. We book the cabin and location we want, so if we aren't upgraded we are happy where we are. Have a wonderful cruise and go with the flow. Jennie
  5. Okay, I did respond with quote this morning, but it never showed up. Thank you so much for the suggestion of Salonpas. I ordered the cream and the roll-on. Even if it helps just a little, it will help my honey get through the day. In fact, I have an autoimmune connective tissue problem with pain in many areas, so I think it just might be helpful for me, as well. Thanks again for your response and the suggestion. Best regards, Jennie
  6. Thank you, everyone, for your replies. This is made by CBDClinics. It looks and smells like Vaseline and we bought it at the doctor's office. We've decided it's not worth the stress, so it's staying home. The cruise will allow adequate rest and his pain might not be as bad. The ship is small and there won't be much walking at all. This is very new to us (just started about three weeks ago) and we were skeptical, but amazed at how well it works. We've been on more than 30 cruises, but this is our first on Oceania. It appears that it will be just the right "fit" for us. We are looking forward to meeting the nice folks that seem to be Oceania regulars. Thanks again Jennie
  7. Please excise my obvious ignorance on the subject. My husband was recently given a jar of CBD to rub on his leg for pain, being told it is not and nothing like e marijuana with no psychotropic properties. We don't smoke or drink alcohol, so it's important to us. It is really helpful in relieving the pain, but we are afraid to take it with us on our cruise leaving in about 2 weeks. We will be in St. George overnight. At our age, we certainly do not want to be detained by authorities. Thank you for any help. I've tried to research this, but to no avail. Jennie
  8. Good day, everyone: We've sailed over 30 times, but this is the first time on Oceania. We will be leaving on Insignia on Sept 3 out of NYC. I have some walking and climbing difficulties. I generally get a wheelchair on embarkation/disembarkation, but use a cane around the ship. Since this ship is so small I'm thinking perhaps I could walk on. On which deck do we get on the ship and is it a long walk or steep incline? I've tried to search for the answer, but had no luck. I would really appreciate any feedback. Many thanks, Jennie
  9. We are former Celebrity "cheerleaders" with over thirty cruises completed, about 24 of them on Celebrity. We sailed MSC Seaside YC April 28. We now have two more booked on MSC. There were absolutely no negatives. Honestly, MSC to us is what Celebrity used to be before the new CEO took over a few years ago. If you are new to Celebrity it all seems fine, but if you have been sailing with them for well over 20 years, the difference is notable. The rest of Seaside, of course, isn't sedate like YC, but has a very happy atmosphere loaded with all kinds of activity and music everywhere. Venchi Chocolate bar is like a dream come true with their shakes and sundaes made with gelato and the most wonderful chocolate -- all included with YC. The shows are very different, but amazing. A standing ovation every single night. We have cancelled a cruise in concierge class on Celebrity Edge in favor of MSC Seaside. Jennie
  10. Please do not worry about your cruise on MSC. We just completed our cruise on Seaside May 5 in a YC deluxe "suite". Everything, and I mean everything, was wonderful. When we were walking around the rest of the ship there was a very happy vibe and we heard no complaints. We've sailed over 30 times, mostly Celebrity. We booked two more MSC cruises and cancelled cruises booked on Celebrity and Princess. That's how great it was. Hope this helps. Jennie
  11. Thanks so much. To clarify, I can walk short distances and walking around the ship is okay because there are always places to sit and rest. Sometimes I use a cane. It's just that at airports and getting onto a ship means a long, long distance and that just won't work for me. We usually don't get off the ship because of the long piers and the fact that we've already been to most of the ports in our younger, more agile days. My husband, Richard, has a weak hip and uses a cane. I appreciate your advice and confirmation that there will be someone there to help. It's our first time on MSC and in anything like the YC. We've been on about 30 cruises. Probably in the future I'll have the give in and rent that scooter. Respectfully, Jennie
  12. Good morning: We are boarding MSC in ten days. I have a problem with walking more than a short distance and with stairs/ramp climbing. In airports and while boarding ships I use a wheelchair. We are booked in YC and in searching I cannot determine from reading posts if it will be a challenge to get onto the ship and up to 16. Will they provide a wheelchair and someone to push it just until we get to our destination on the ship? Many thanks for any assistance, Jennie
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