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  1. Not surprised. We are having a similar repayment delay with Globus, both Globus and Avalon are part of the same company. The story we are getting, that the delays in processing refunds is because their staff are working from home, also lacks credibility.
  2. Are monetary refunds for paid in full cruises even an option? If so, what lines have people successfully received their money back?
  3. So way back in early March we rebooked our April cruise for July . . . Now I’m waiting to find out what OAT will do to us.
  4. The Coast Guard recently sent a COVID memo stating that cruise ships should evacuate any ill pax privately. That cruise ships should seek aid and assistance from the country where they are flagged. https://homeport.uscg.mil/Lists/Content/Attachments/62863/MSIB 20-001 COVID-19 Cruiseship Medical Capabilities_Signed.29Mar20.pdf
  5. That’s just flat out wrong based on what is known and not known at this time. It is not a media hoax. People get the virus and all too many die, they don’t al get over it and recover. For many more than those that die treatment involves long stays in ICUs. Don’t believe it leads to death? Look at the medical professionals that got it and died. Look at the reefer trucks hospitals are using to store dead bodies because their morgues are overwhelmed. Continuing immunity following infection has yet to be established.
  6. The Southern Jersey Philly ‘burbs have stay home, with exceptions. Among the less than common exceptions: building supply and hardware, liquor stores (the only place that can sell alcohol), and marijuana dispensaries. It’s Opening Day . . . Play Ball
  7. Great Caesar’s Ghost! No spargel essen 😱😰😭
  8. We have a name for those people. Covidiots, I don’t know whether to use der, die, oder das.
  9. Can crew be sent home/laid off while under contract? If they are on board with no pax, do waiters, cabin attendants, etc. get paid? I assume there is a lot of productive stuff to do for a while, but for how long? Is it safe to assume that as crew rotates out they aren’t replaced unless essential to the ship’s operation?
  10. Do you massage on a port day. There usually are specials. How do you plan to get from MCO to Melbourne and then to the ship? Have you read the TripAdvisor reviews of that motel in Melbourne? Chances of the Star Wars hotel opening when you are going are slim to none. With 100 or so rooms, you best call the first day reservations open.
  11. Lots of more appropriate and feasible ways to get space to house patients if needed. DC and the White House need to do more to procure PPE and stop the price gouging that is occurring with states bidding against each other.
  12. Yep, CYA. Plus they’ll use The White House OK to grab bailout money. They’re “foreign” companies when it come to dodging requirements for accommodation and dodge lawsuits. But good ol’ ‘muricans when it comes to bail outs.
  13. Well, a lot of us still want to travel whether on the water or land tours like GCT/OAT operates.
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