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  1. Even in September Greece is hot.
  2. One of the major benefits of a small ship is that you dock everywhere in the Adriatic and most other locations. Also, grand circle has itโ€™s own guides aboard, so thereโ€™s always someone who knows the area. We overnighted in both Dubrovnik and Kotor. Great to see at night without crowds!
  3. You do know that a Russian Visa is required if you don't arrive and depart by sea, right?
  4. Not a worry, a reality and not that big a deal. The "minder" that showed up and shadowed our group used my former rank and name when saying goodbye, in German rather than English, when we boarded the bus back to our ship. Plus ca change plus c'est la meme chose. We decided to enter by sea as I was denied a visa for a planned land trip. Quite a hassle getting a refund for that trip.
  5. What about a Shriners cruise convention?
  6. Or perhaps past life experience leads OP not to want to visit Russia. To my surprise, the present Russian regime does, at times, check visitors without visas against the intel files of the Soviet Union.
  7. Yo, I'm in the galley with the loaves and fishes and my passport safely stowed in the safe.
  8. Fixed it for you . . . ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿค“๐Ÿ˜Ž
  9. There is a very long thread on the NCL board about the Encore's construction and the features on it. My concern with Encore is that a lot of the upper deck space that is open to all pax on Bliss has been converted to revenue space. Open areas forward that were previously available at all pax will be only for a Haven guests. Spice H2O won't exist and Vibe is significantly expanded. That pretty much means that pax not paying for the Haven cabins or for vibe passes will be jammed into less space. We cancelled our family cruise to Bermuda for next year based on these concerns and the uncertainty of the features for kids. There are just too many unknowns. Yep, it's new, but will it be an Edsel?
  10. I make the call unless I can notify the bank through the thier website.
  11. I am always astounded that posters on CC are so inquisitive about the income of cruise line employees in tipped positions. Why does it matter to a cruiser? The "I'm retired so I make nothing" response is just disingenuous. It's pretty obvious that the question was, "what's your income?" Insulting to ask? Perhaps. But perhaps not in the context a discussion that has a lot of inquiring about other people's income.
  12. Do you happen to know whether the Corinthian (98 pax operated by Grand Circle Cruise Line) is Polar Class? All I could ascertain is that she is "ice reinforced." I have no idea what that actually means.
  13. IN Gdansk, the Solidarity Center located near/in the old shipyard is a very interesting visit. As it isn't at all close to the docking area for the ship, a tour would be necessary.
  14. Wicked hot is wicked hot. Get to 90 plus and I'm uncomfortable, whether in the desert or the swamp. Oven or stew pot, the chicken cooks.
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