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  1. I'm interested in the HOHO excursion that also provides transportation from Miami to FLL. We have a later flight out, need to be at airport 4ish. Has anyone done this and how did it work out with luggage etc.
  2. CPT Trips

    How to report post

    I couldn't figure out how to report a post to inform mods that this is a second role call for a cruise.
  3. Ocean cruises often often have announcements about various upcoming activities designed to separate you from your money - bingo, "art" auctions, tasting of various types of alcoholic beverages, etc. they will not announce when it is time for the next meal.
  4. Just goes to show, size doesn't matter.
  5. CPT Trips

    Balcony door open

    Check with the Jedi Chief Engineer. HVAC is hyperspace variable activation controller.
  6. CPT Trips

    The city tours scam on cruises

    Excellent point. Support the licensed guides, they know their stuff! Some of the unlicensed guides are long on good stories that are short on facts. I recently took a "free" ("name your price") tour in Philly with German friends who were visiting. Way too much inaccurate information was put out by the guide.
  7. CPT Trips

    Danube fiasco with Riviera

    I think you vastly underestimate the cost of an escorted bus trip of a comparable duration, with hotels of similar quality, and three meals a day.
  8. CPT Trips

    All Things Vantage

    Owners of Vantage and Viking are not brothers. It's Vantage and Grand Circle/OAT
  9. CPT Trips

    What's up with Viking River roll calls?

    Viking. Oy! They are like the Borg.
  10. Some ships have a powered stair chair to access the sun deck. Ask your TA or the cruise line.
  11. CPT Trips

    Cruising throughout the night

    I recently saw an ad for a Vienna to Basel itinerary. This gives several stretches of scenic cruising and the engineering marvel of the Main-Danube canal. It's Crystal's Majestic Europe.
  12. A while back, on another thread, I posted surprise that a walking tour of Koblenz had a cost. I was informed that Viking did not dock in Koblenz on some itineraries. If this is the case on OP's cruise, then just going across the river on the cable car may not be doable. FWIW, I have not cruised with Viking. I also very much enjoyed Marksburg Castle. I agree it shouldn't be difficult for 40 somethings as long as they wear decent walking shoes.
  13. CPT Trips

    Trip Insurance question

    Sure, but how many? What's the extra premium over the least expensive policy with similar coverage limits purchased early on?
  14. CPT Trips

    Trip Insurance question

    e It might not be wise to wait until final payment. You have about a year until final payment to develop a preexisting condition.
  15. CPT Trips

    Recs for River Cruise in Provence

    Grand Circle - https://www.gct.com/trips/river-cruises/europe/cruising-burgundy-and-provence-to-the-cote-d-azur/2018/itineraries - has a trip Paris to Nice or reverse. You are on the ship from Beaune to Arles. It's a 45 pax ship, one of the smallest European river ships; cabins are about 220 sq. ft.