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  1. That’s interesting. We were booked this June and had booked several zodiac tours on the scenic cruising days. One of the reasons to book the Maasdam. Due the cancellations we have moved it to June 2021. Until now there is not one zodiac tour scheduled on the scenic cruising Days. Only one excursion in Haines what looks like a HAL zodiac instead of a local operator. Is there one for you for the Inian Island scenic cruising for example?
  2. Maybe this is true in the USA. But I booked via the European office (Rotterdam) and couldn't add this although our final payment is in April. They state that as soon you have paid your deposit and the cancellation fees kick it is impossible to add it. Here the cancellation fees (20%) start at the moment that you have a reservation.
  3. We stop during our cruise in Anchorage. We are in port from 10:00 til 22:00. Thinking about renting a car to do sightseeing and hiking in the area. I think our best option is to rent a car from the airport as they are longer open than downtown. It is difficult to find information about transportation from Port Anchorage to downtown or the airport as not many ships dock here. The questions I have are: * will there be a shuttle bus from the port to downtown and where will it drop us. Are taxis available to the airport from this point? * will there be taxis available in the port to take us to the airport and vice versa. I hope somebody has some experience with this port and is willing to share it. Thanks!
  4. We are on the June 1st sailing and still have Haines on our itinerary. It is our first cruise to Alaska. Still not sure if Skagway is preferabele. The train excursion sounds fun, but I’m thinking about renting a car and drive to Haines Junction and do some trails along the way.
  5. We didn't have lunch in the speciality restaurant on embarkation or on the one sea day we had.
  6. Just returned. We had no problem with making reservation at the times we wanted. But our cruise was not sold out (about 3600 passengers were on board) so that could have contributed to the availability.
  7. Thanks all for replying. I will try to remember to post our experiences after our cruise.
  8. Our flight arrives at 10:30 so will be difficult to board earlier 😀. On our Set SailPass it states that check-in starts at 12:30. Do they also have stand-by for the restaurants, in our experience with other cruises some people don't show up and their table keeps empty.
  9. Hi, I purchased the unlimited dining package for our Oasis 7 night cruise in a few weeks. We like to try different restaurants and usually prefer the specialty restaurants over the main dining room. The price was $180 pp and with the 40% discount on bottle of wines in the restaurant this looks like a good deal. But I'm a little worried about to be able to make reservations at our preferred time between 7 and 8 pm. Do they keep part of the inventory open for bookings after boarding? We will be in the cruise terminal around 11:30/12:00 (Barcelona). This is the first time on RCI, but are platinum due our status with Celebrity. I understand that with platinum we have some priority on boarding. The plan is as soon as we have boarded to make the reservations for all nights. Thanks!
  10. We are on the Oasis in august this year and disembark in Barcelona. I know that there is a stay on board program which allows you to stay longer on board. But does anyone know what is the latest that you can disembark without that program. We will have only hand luggage so I assume we can ignore the luggage tag numbers and just leave at the last moment. Our flight is at 13:20 so we would like to disembark around 10:00 and catch a taxi to the airport. Thanks
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