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  1. Been there done that and felt your pain. Had a sunset veranda booked on equinox for August. Had to move booking to October next year. Sort of took the decision to jump before we got pushed. Had a long drawn out discussion with celebrity about being prevented from entering usa. Celebrity view was not there problem and we could take a fcc less port fees that would be refunded. I opted to move the booking next year. Here's hoping everyone stays safe
  2. I had acupuncture on a cruise in 2009 to stop smoking. I was a 40 a day smoker. They recommended 4 sessions at approx 90usd a session. I had the first session and it was like turning off a tap. I stopped smoking there and then and never touched a cigarette since. I had the remaining three sessions to reinforce whatever it did to help me stop. Best thing i ever did and with the money saved from not buying any more ciggies booked and paid for another cruise the following year.
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