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  1. I consider the first part of vacation to be "Land Cruise." That is the car/plane travel, hotel, and meals leading up to the actual cruise. So, my "Cruise begins when the garage doors goes down, and we drive to the airport. For the nit-picky people who don't include pre-cruise time as cruise but merely vacation, it would be when we arrive at the pier and hand our luggage over to the porters. 😃
  2. I don't understand the people who get upset when the "Perks" or loyalty gifts are deemed "Not good enough." I have never understood people who cruise for status. We cruise because we like the destinations and the pleasant way to get there. Is it a plus that I get a free ice cream? Yes, but that is just a bonus. Really don't care about the stuff. I just want to have a great vacation. We only cruise about every other year or so. I think when you cruise more often, you lose the joy in it and start getting "Nit-picky" about everything. So, to answer the question, yes
  3. We have the classic package for our next cruise. We have had the premium package before, but it was a perk. My question is this, they usually have the table set up in the terminal for package purchases, if we decide to upgrade our package before we board, can we pay cash for the upgrade, or will I need to use a credit card?
  4. This may be a stupid question, but is it $14.99 per movie, or per day to get the channel to watch movie?
  5. I don't think cruise line really matters. We have seen drunks on every line we have sailed. With the beverage packages that are now available, it may be more prevalent then ever. It does make for some interesting "People Watching." Shorter cruises, spring break, summer vacations, and very inexpensive cruises are all things you want to look at when trying to avoid large groups of "Over-imbibing" cruisers. With all that being said, cruise ships are large enough, that you can find places to relax where the "Less-sober" people are not.
  6. If you would have read ChelleBee's post, you would have seen that she did look at the deck plan. She checked for what was important to her at the time. I'm sure you don't mean to sound condescending, but your posts do come off that way.
  7. If DH and I have unlimited internet, will we be able to bring our roku stick and plug it in the tv?
  8. They may not be the traditional hump cabins in the middle of the ship, but there are some angled bumps on "M" class ships.
  9. Again, to me that is a necessity. DH snores like a freight train. 😴
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