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  1. We used the ship's laundry services on Freedom last week and other ships in the past with no problems. They do a nice job
  2. Hmm, when we were on Freedom of the Seas last week, no tender was required...we pulled right up to the dock. That might be kinda scary if the ship went up to Barefoot Beach. It would mess up the view!
  3. Hmm, good point. You're probably right. If you are, and Royal Caribbean goes there to make a buck and making a buck is an excuse to go there. I sure hope a lot more companies need "excuses" like that to do business in Haiti. Yes, it sure is a tragedy to be sure and one that will probably never fade from the memory of all who live there and a whole lot of people all around the world. And next for Haiti? The place was a mess before the earthquake. What now? I understand the need for sensitivity but these people are going to need a way to make a living. They deserve the opportunity to make a living just like everybody else. New business would be very welcome. In the same spirit, old business pulling out would not be good for them. I don't need an excuse: My presence on the island means money to them and they need it any way they can get it. Donations are a wonderful thing but what after they're gone? If Royal Caribbean pulled out it would mean the loss of a lot of jobs. I think passengers should be running off the ship to get to the island and help. I'm pretty sure I would have a really short fuse to some idiot guest that was really demanding and rude as tourists can be though.
  4. ... and if they changed the itinerary, going someplace else or a day at sea it would be "Heartless Cruise Line Abandons Needy" from the press They made the right, tough choice I'll be there next week, will go ashore, buy stuff and tip generously
  5. Haha, it's faster to ask a question here while on hold with the cruise line while they try to figure it out sometimes! Cruise Critic has it going on!
  6. Oddly, I am waiting for the microwave guy to come!
  7. That has to be a new world record fast response time for that answer, thank you so much!
  8. Can anyone who sailed on Freedom of the Seas in the last few weeks tell me who the Cruise Director was? Thanks!
  9. We just booked this---do you have photos posted someplace?
  10. Well, here's one viewpoint: Book it now. Book it now and use a responsive travel agent (not a Cruise Broker). Don't have one? Ask a trusted friend for a recommendation. As far as price goes Royal Caribbean is really good about lowering prices if they go down. Unless you're talking the very last part of August, odds are not great that the price will go down during the popular Summer season. So booking early will insure two things; that you get the best price and that you get the best cabin location too. There are a limited number of cabins available that will accomodate four and they are really popular for Summer (family-time) sailings. I'd say book it now then visit the Royal Caribbean website daily to check pricing. If the price goes down, contact your Travel Agent to have the price reduced on your cruise, as many times as it happens. Be aware though, Happy Hour tuesday sale pricing would not apply. You won't have to worry about those until shortly before sailing. Waiting until then (last-minute booking) just in case your sailing goes on the list is a bad strategy when booking a cabin for four...there might not be one available.
  11. Generally speaking, Yes, receiving a gift of appreciation for your business is probably the norm unless you book really short cruises on the Happy Hour sale at the last minute or are a total jerk. Your TA might not make enough to afford a gift. Longer cruises give your TA more to work with as does your Crown and Anchor status if all 10 of those are on Royal Caribbean. If you're a total jerk (you sure don't sound like one :)) they may spend so much time and resources on your bookings that the service they give you IS a perk. Along those lines, if your TA watches prices carefully and makes sure you get lower prices when they go down (one of THE main reasons wise guests use a good TA), looks for opportunities for a complementary upgrade or other perk and in general does a darn good job for you, is the bottle of wine really all that important? I mean like if your TA put you in a substantially better position than you started in on the booking and one you without a doubt would not have been in had you booked elsewhere, shouldn't that be considered a win? I wouldn't throw out your TA over this unless there are other issues to consider.
  12. Remember, technically you can show up at the pier armed with just your booking number, approved ID and some form of payment for your onboard purchases and get on the ship....it will take longer but they're not going to deny boarding. :)
  13. I'm tellin ya, sooner or later Carnival will have us sitting on picnic tables eating hot dogs and chips :rolleyes:
  14. That's Captain Giorgio Pagano, Master of the Carnival Splendor.
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