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  1. Regents Points - usually on the last night or the next to the last night Regents will announce where and when you can redeem your accumulated points. They will also have a list of items and points costs.
  2. The included business fare also includes transfers. A Travel Agent experienced with Regents can make sure you know what transfers and when you get them based on deviations etc.
  3. In the past, sailings around Hawaii have taken a day trip to Fanny Island which is a foreign port. For changes to Azamara that I would like the new owners to consider: The liquor packages and what is included to begin with and with a club continent room are all very confusing to me. You have to go through some kind of logic diagram to determine if you can have this drink in this place or if you will be buying it separately. If you have this and that then someone can bring you drinks or a bottle of wine with a room service dinner. A redesign of the web page would be an
  4. Regents - there are so many, but I will start at the beginning of the day. Morning coffee or breakfast room service is just great. Our last cruise, we even got a quick phone call as breakfast was on its way. It can be a quick wake up with just a pot of coffee or it can be a nice full breakfast with table clothe. What ever works for a start for the day ahead.
  5. To reward crew members who are especially attentive or go above and beyond, it is very important to mention them by name in the mid-cruise comment card or at the end, this gives them recognition with their supervisors. I remember one cruise that on the mid-cruise comment I noted a certain crew member by name and an example of her excellent service. A couple of days later while we were eating lunch, her supervisor came up to our table, introduced himself and thanked us for the comments we had put on the comment card. He said it would help him in promoting that crew member. As for
  6. I have been able to book two excursions the same day on line, the last was 2019. In addition to the 90 minutes needed between end of one and start of another, you need to consider if you are tendering (that time is not part of the time of tours). Also, sometime the afternoon tours meet on the dock (especially if tendering). So book what you want but double check with the excursion desk (I would say at least the day before) to see if any meet on the dock rather than in the theater.
  7. Continuing with the original comment - I follow two forums most of the time. I find it amazing that they have such differences in what is posted. (I am not talking politics). While I have gotten good information from both forums, it is interesting that the forums even have a different spin on discussing cruising. I cannot find a word to describe the differences. I would also stay away from a forum that got political and insulting, etc.
  8. . If you are a teetotaler or hardly drink, then paying for unlimited alcohol is a waste of money. A good way to Price this comparison is to see what other cruise lines charge for a drink package or a single serving of what ever you may drink. But for those who don't drink very much another thing to look at is if you like to have fancy coffee drinks. I was surprised that these are extra on the couple of mass market cruises I have been on. Not trying to convince anyone on a cruise they don't want, but just want people to see what each cruise has to make a comparison.
  9. Let me put it this way. The reason Canada has extended their restrictions would probably also be a reason for USA to extend cruise restrictions. I know we all want to cruise, but I don't want to get caught at a foreign port if the pandemic causes new restrictions while I am there.
  10. If every thing else about cruising to Alaska is a go, the PVSA, Jones Act, would be the least of their worries. There is an exemption for the Caribbean, so temporary exemptions could be possible. There is also a fine for situations (prior to COVID) when someone gets on or off a ship prior to the foreign port. It would be interesting to know what has caused this new restriction for Canada.
  11. I have to second wishiweretraveling's menu recommendations. The Miso Sea Bass and dover sole are two of my favorites. With the Dover Sole, your waiter will debone it for you at the table. Prime 7 doesn't do much for us, since the food is so good in Compass Rose. One night DH ordered the 2lb crab leg dinner. What they brought was 2lbs of crab with no shells, way too much food for even 2 people. We will clarify the next time. There is a dessert in Prime 7 with ice cream, caramel, chocolate, popcorn. I ordered that one be split between us, and of course they were still big!! Bu
  12. I have seen the cost per person per day for Regents vary significantly based on which ports and how many ports the itinerary takes you and where the cruise starts and ends. We have had a cruise between $500-600/person/day and others reaching $1000/person/day. I can see what is the cause for this when I compare itineraries. And for us the $1000/person/day is worth it. One of our future booked cruises, with before and after land tours, is reaching the $1000 level and worth it to us. Now if our cruises just happen.
  13. You can always call room service for hot water and tea.
  14. It looks like it is part of a grand voyage. This happened to us before. They could have been holding the cabins to be available for other grand voyage bookings. Then at some point they start releasing the non booked cabins for segments.
  15. On RSSC.com you can set up an account (need booking number) and there is a schedule for various things, one is when you can request shore excursions. There are some ports where you can sign up for 2 excursions in a day. It will depend on port times and the times excursions are offered and how much time is between the two excursions. You get into that detail when you can reserve excursions. I have been able to do this a couple of times. Also, if by chance the excursion you want is full when you go to sign up, sign up for your second choice and call Regent and let them
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