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  1. Notamermaid: Thanks for the video link. I have been looking at barges that go on the lift. I am fascinated with the lift. Never thought of looking at larger cruise companies.
  2. If this were me, I would plan on the later train, set my bags out the night before, have a nice breakfast, arrange for a porter to take my bags "across the street" to the train station. If make it to the train in time for the early train, good.
  3. Breakfast will be served, double check Passages" to see which venues and times. Surprisingly room service is also offered.
  4. Does this sell out mean that all suites are booked, or just the ones that they set up for the WC? In other words, will there be segments offered later on? The entire cruise looks just great, but not ready for that yet, but do see a segment that I would like to book, when/if they open up.
  5. Yes, if you do book an additional night at the precruise hotel through Regent, it will be really expensive compared to what you could get for a rate through the hotel. What I understand from comments above is that they use concierge when they don't want to worry about anything, how they get to the port city and then to the ship. Which I understand, and we have booked concierge for a cruise next year that starts in a part of the world we have not been to (Asia) Yes, the precruise land program for this cruise is probably doing the same (hind site is 20-20). There are just those times whe
  6. We had local entertainment while at St John, Newfoundland, it was great. Our departure was 7pm, so not always late departure.
  7. I second the Resistance Museum, makes you think about what would you do in similar situations. Then do something really fun.
  8. Are there other options for meals besides the dining room with assigned tables. (I understand the reason for assigned tables, just curious about other venues)
  9. It is our first trip to that part of the world. After double checking our booking we are also doing vibrant Tokyo. Yes, agree fairly easy to get FF miles or $$back, but if things like embarkation port changes, whatever, I want Regent in the loop with our TA in working changes. Really looking forward to this cruise.
  10. Our first was Alaska starting in Fairbanks. You won’t be disappointed. We have not yet done a cruise up the eastern coast to Montreal or other port, but I think this would be another cruise to check out Regent. I have also seen some kind of special including Business class air for Alaskan cruises.
  11. We went to Antarctica with Ponant in 2014. We were the only English speaking people not with the Tauck group. But no problems Announcements were in two languages, it is a culture shock for the English announcement to be second. We were in a zodiac group with English speakers. One interesting thing was the buffet. We divided our time between the dining room and the buffet. There were many. many interesting vegetables on the buffet, we just loved that. We did hear several Americans complain about the French food, but we found it all very good, wherever we ate. When we did
  12. The trip is amazing ! ! ! We went in January 2014 The weight limit on flights into and out of Ushuaia caused a lot of discussion on our forum prior to the trip. Many passengers were even wearing their boots since they weighed so much. Our experience: We were traveling by ourselves and our guide picked us up at our hotel in plenty of time. We got to the airport early and ended up being the first people in the check in line. When it came time to check in our guide (a very nice lady) insisted on putting my suitcase on the scale. She let out a grown as she tried to pick it u
  13. On our last cruise on the Navigator, the dress code was not suspended for the last night. A couple came to the main dining room in shorts and was asked to change.
  14. When offered, I will take a slow walkers tour. One main reason on regular walking tours while walking I am always looking down for that cobblestone that will get me. While looking down, I do not see if the guide turns to head someplace that I don't see. Another reason I will take the slow walkers tour is to have plenty of time to take pictures. I would check in first thing with the reception desk to let them know you are interested in a slow walkers tour, they may not offer one if they don't think anyone is interested.
  15. Hopefully our first cruise is from Tokyo to San Francisco in April 2022 on Mariner. This is the last segment of the world cruise. Will be able to work flights the end of this month. Am planning on keeping the flights under Regent in case things change.
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