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  1. Interesting protocols in the Costa flyer, and several haven't been discussed among cruise critic that I have seen. RSSC and other lines will probably implement things similar to these and all eyes will be on the first ships out to see how they work. My thoughts: Only sitting at dinner with family or people you are traveling with will impact many people who enjoy sitting with different people. Multiple shows; we may finally get to see some more shows, since we can't stay up as late as we use to. Not having any buffets doesn't bother me, except many times being able to have a quick lunch is important which I hope cruise lines will have that issue figured out. We will miss not being able to sit at the bar and get to know the bar staff. I am sure all of the protocols will be tweaked and updated as they get used. Hopefully people on the first ships to sail will be able to do day by day reports.
  2. For a professional looking photo from your cruise, yes any fellow passenger or crew member will take a picture of you with the setting you want. Then when you get home, take the photo to your local photography shop and they can crop and enlarge the photo to make it look just like a professional portrait perfect for framing.
  3. For AA tickets: I requested a refund after our flights were cancelled and it showed up in my Barclays credit card in about 3 weeks. I could not get a transfer to our bank account. When I contacted Barclays they said I could get a check immediately or after 4 months of a credit balance, the credit balance would be automatically refunded with a check. The check showed up within a week. So far the miles for the tickets are still in my account.
  4. We have had many great experiences. Our first cruise on Regents was Seward to Vancouver. One morning sailing into Ketchikan I looked out our balcony and there is a seaplane was flying right along with us. He was low enough for us to see the pilot. We were sailing right along side of a sea plane port.
  5. Thanks for the info. I was just wondering what you could do with extra FCC if the rebooking does not use it all. This makes me fell better about our final payment on our December cruise.
  6. Social distancing would not be required if (and that is a big IF) the antibody tests can quickly tell when someone is contagious. The reason we social distance now is that we have no way of knowing who is contagious. I realize that the tests need more research/testing which seems to be happening. Cruise lines and airlines and others venues need to develop a process to ensure that contagious people (passengers and staff) can be identified when they become contagious. If the test is simple (another big IF) like saliva on some kind of litmus paper, then this can be done at set times/places based on itinerary. Then processes need to be developed for recommended ports of call and information coming from the public health at ports regarding any issues they are currently having (similar to other current diseases)
  7. We did a last segment of a Grand Voyage this past year. There were plenty of people who boarded when we did, so was easy to get a trivia team formed. I really didn't notice who was on the grand voyage and who had just gotten on. Everyone really friendly. We are also looking on a last segment of a world cruise in 2022, the fact that it is a world cruise segment and the last segment does not enter into our decision.
  8. For our cruise to Antarctica on Ponant, we (I assume all) were required to get a medical form signed by our doctor about us being able to be 2-3 days away from medical help. I do not remember how general the form was about our health but I talked with all our doctors way before final payment and had no problem getting our PCP to sign the form.
  9. Only if you bring it to your room. In a veranda suite, the liquor/beer in the mini bar will cost you. I am still unsure about what kind of drink package you need to purchase or what kind of suite you are in to get wine delivered to your suite along with a meal. On the positive - the wines offered in the dining room have been good, and they had two red and two white each night that they had for us to select from.
  10. If we don't take the Regent hotel in Cape Town for one night, does anyone know what the credit is ?
  11. DH and I are also on this cruise and looking at all the excursions. I would also appreciate any input from those who have been on some of the excursions.
  12. On your Account page is an item "Reserve Shore Excursions" but if I remember correctly, it won't be accessible until the time for you to reserve them. To find the shore excursions available for your cruise, the way I do it is to pull up the cruise description where it lists all the days and ports. You can click on each port and you will be shown the excursions for that day.
  13. We have sailed on Azamara for the itinerary. And we have another one booked, also for the itinerary. The itinerary balances with what may be higher price. Our trip on the Journey was very nice and I felt very confident with the crew as we started going through immigration in Cuba. On other cruise lines we usually eat in the dining room, as we did on Azamara, so I overlooked the various special cuisines that were offered on different nights in Windows. We did not feel as pampered on Azamara as our usual cruise line, but the itinerary along with the small ship were the main factors. We probably wouldn't sail Azamara on a ho hum itinerary.
  14. Also request any liquor, beer and soda you want in your suite.
  15. We took out the ice bucket and that gave more room in the refrigerator. I found a couple of times that the ice bucket had kept the refrigerator from closing completely. We told our steward that we would only want some ice in the evening. If we want a snack we just go get one or call room service. Our steward kept me in fresh fruit.
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