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  1. I have always done excursions the next day or so. I have already reviewed them and knowwhat we want to book. I also look at all the excursions when they become available because sometimes one may be added or one may not be there. Our last cruise, I had to wait list two excursions, but they both cleared. Also, my computer, or the Regents web site, was acting up and when I checked out I had lost an excursion, so I started checking out after each cruise. While this took longer, I was able to be sure that I got the excursions I wanted.
  2. We have done one cruise on the Journey, another Azamara booked. When on the Journey, I was surprised by how empty the library was the couple times we went to it.
  3. Email address is GuestRelations@rssc.com. I do call Regents around 3 months before our cruise to request what we would like in our minibar set up. I had read several times here on cruise critic that if you want something special (like a special type of beer) to make sure to let Regents know in time for Regents to be able to get it. The last time I did not call, we met with our cabin attendant and requested what we would like and it was 2 days before we got it. (I know that sounds picky . . . it is just easier for us to request it ahead of time)
  4. thank you so much for sharing your trip with us. I enjoy reading about your days. Question - what happens in the Seven Seas Lounge at 7:40 am?
  5. We always try to make the block party. Even though we have done it several times, the block party is always new because we have new neighbors. It is always nice for the rest of the cruise to then meet your neighbors in the hallways with a nice "hello" exchanged.
  6. It would be very interesting to see a review of this cruise.
  7. You said if you have the highest beverage package you can have drinks and other included alcohol delivered but someone else seemed to say (I thought) that if you have a beverage package (not the highest) you can have alcohol delivered. Do you really need the highest beverage package?
  8. Our last cruise (Navigator) - we showed up about 11:30 and shortly they started checking us in. Once on board we were delightfully told our cabin was ready. What we usually do is go to the Pool Grill and have a drink and order lunch and start enjoying our cruise.
  9. We stay in Veranda cabins and I will call guest services 2-3 months before our cruise and let them know what liquor/wine/beer/soda we would like in our cabin. It is usually there. We have always had (without asking) a bucket of ice in our frig everyday. When we run out of something, we leave a note for our attendant to let her know what we would like.
  10. I may be dense or something, but the beverage "rules" and room service are still not completely clear to me. If you have a beverage package and a club continent suite you can get room service for drinks, correct? If you have a club veranda stateroom and a beverage package can you get room service for drinks? If you are in a club continent suite and no beverage package is the beer in your frig included? Can you get room service in either of these cabins for dinner?
  11. A couple months ago I had found two black sea itineraries for September 2021, one was Sept 14, 2021 and the next one was Sept 28, 2021. I am ready to have my TA get a quote and start making the reservation. We want the one that sails Sept 28, 2021. I can no longer find this cruise on Azamara web. I only find the one that sails Sept 14, 2021. Has the second cruise been changed to some other itinerary? I cannot find where the Pursuit goes after the Sept 14, 2021 sailing.
  12. We disembarked in New York at the beginning of this month. We flew out of LGA and used the Regents transfer which was great except . . . . . .the majority of the bus needed Terminal A. The bus first stopped at Terminal D and told the Delta people to get off. The Delta people said that they needed Terminal C, but the bus driver said this was where they needed to get off, so they did and got their luggage and headed to the Terminal C. the bus took off and did a complete circle and ended up at Terminal D again. He told all of us that we needed to get off and get a shuttle to Terminal A, that his bus was too tall to get there. No one got off and said they would not get off until they got to Terminal A. Finally the bus driver got on and started driving and I saw signs directing the way to Terminal A. We were then delivered to Terminal A and we got off. There was a lot of construction going on at LGA (a lot). Understand where you need to go so if you are told to get off someplace, you know where you are.
  13. I cannot say when the electronic questionnaire started or if it has been rolled out to all the ships. I am of the opinion that it is fairly new. They had a PowerPoint that showed on one of the ships channels and played it in the coffee area, but the charts had a typo that was copied on several pages. Except for the typo(s) it was relatively easy to get started. When I completed the last question (I did not know it was the last question) I could not go to the "next" screen. I went to the registration desk for help. He then showed my that the "next" button was not high lighted so I should select "save". I was impressed that registration could answer my questions.
  14. I easily see Regents giving each passenger (in their suite) a reusable (collapsible ) water bottle that fits what ever type of fountain they will have. Passengers bring these back to the ship just like they bring back their key card. At the end of the cruise the passengers takes the bottle with them.
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