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    [quote name='Anita Latte']The way I see it...you are wearing two neutrals. So you should be able to have a lot of fun with your DH's outfit. Assuming your DH has a black suit... I would start with his tie. Find a tie that includes some golden colors and if not black, then a dark, dark color that is close enough, and also some other colors...like in a paisley tie...and pick up one of the other colors in the tie for his shirt. For instance...an all neutrals kind of palette might start from a tie like this one: [IMG]https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQaSmzeeHIV9eIFUS61BEbG5fGFofj7eJBJ-hZbi_1RA05k29MvGQ[/IMG] Pick up on the lovely gray color in the tie for the shirt. Then you both will be in a kind of sophisticated all neutral kind of look. I wouldn't have the gold/black be too major a color in the tie...as that would look a bit too matchy and less coordinated. You could go gold toned...depending on your DH's coloring...and go into a butterscotch/topaz kind of direction like this: [IMG]https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSAJN691gt9AK2GasDvI7xMwFCymLXbFcnbxdo_U0ciWZsCfkSB[/IMG] And the shirt could be anywhere from a deep russet kind of color through topaz through some of the warm taupes/tan color in the tie... If you could find a design with something like a warm reddish burgundy...that seems harmonious to my mind as well. Anyway...I think I made my point. Treat yourself like a neutral and play with introducing a new color or another neutral (besides white) that looks good on your DH. My DH looks fab in all Autumn colors so I would be going for mustard, butterscotch, rust, russet, burgundy, maybe a chocolate brown?, a warm khaki, a deep tan, a warm charcoal gray, maybe cream?, maybe butter?... PLAY. Have fun with it. Hope you get a great picture![/QUOTE] Thank you Anita! I love the idea of the fall colors and picking out the tie first! :D


    [quote name='LMW1330']It wasn't my intention to hurt any feelings. My dad, brother, etc. hate it when myself or my mother try to tell them what to wear. Your hubs might be different. I would be extremely offended, but I am neither a man, nor your man. [emoji6][/QUOTE] It wasn't your comment that got me. But yes my hubs likes for me to help him because he has no clue but wants to look nice. He dresses in dress pants and dress shirts for his job and i also help him with that because when he does choose his own...well lets just say sometimes i think he is color blind...lol


    [quote name='sherilyn70']I don't understand the objection to coordinating colors. I like to get nice pictures on formal nights, so I'd prefer we not clash and look like we're together.[/QUOTE] Yes...exactly! Thank you! :)


    [quote name='KARTI1955']I agree with white. Maybe gold tie clip/cuff links? Don't let the snarkies bug you. There are lots of helpful folks here. The ignore feature sometimes needs to be used ;)[/QUOTE] Thank you! :)


    [quote name='C_hasRedBottoms']Well I think it's a cute idea- Go with it!!! I also agree with awhfy, a black shirt will work just fine.[/QUOTE] Thank you! :)


    Wow...i'm pretty much sorry i asked....:( why do people have to be so hateful! Thank you to the ones that gave me answers without being that way. Sorry i didn't explain why i was asking the question...didn't know i had to!! Have a good day!!


    I'm wearing a gold lacy shirt that has a black liner under it with black dress pants. What color of dress shirt should my husband wear?? :confused: TIA

    Current dances

    Thanks y'all!! I appreciate all the responses!! :)

    Current dances

    Was just curious as to what dances they are doing now on the Lido deck?? :D

    How many days until your next cruise??? Part 2

    [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Purple"][COLOR="Purple"]393..wooooo!! lol[/COLOR][/COLOR][/SIZE]

    Formal Night pics

    Thank you all for posting!! You all look just beautiful! :)

    Formal Night pics

    I'm curious about the different ways people dress for formal night. Can you please post a pic of you and your significant other on formal night. I would appreciate it!! :)

    Open letter to all who about Carnival Triumph


    What Does the Media Have Wrong?

    Exactly!!! I was on the sailing that missed Cozumel because of propulsion problems. They kept us informed of everything that was going on and always reassured us that we were in no danger because of it....It was on this sailing that the problem was fixed. We were scheduled to be in Galveston at about 11:30 on 2/2 and because of repairs we were able to pick up speed and be in Galveston by 9:00 a.m.
  15. [quote name='airmj2123']It is dangerous to get in lifeboats and transfer ships... In open waters when one ship has no power, it is even more difficult and dangerous[/quote] Thank you for explaining!!