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  1. It's not the high deck it's being at the back of the ship. That's where the engine is, LOL Move to Mid ship.
  2. From what I understand the sick patient was initially cleared by the CDC and was being disembarked first with a medical issue. Not sure what that is though. But the hospital was the one that requested the Corona Virus test before/upon admission. Hence what followed after. All had to wait for the results. Any way this is what I've read somewhere in the 100's of post I've read . Been following this very close, as we just got off the Panorama a couple weeks ago. And I always follow Saint Gregs LIVE reviews, LOL
  3. I wonder if they got a negative test back on the one Royal crew member??? Has anyone heard anything on that issue? I heard the Panoramas guest test came back negative, but nothing about the Royals crew member. On the Royal 3/7 roll call their mentioned how at 8:30pm last night the last 35 B2B folks needed to be off the ship at 9:30pm. This why I'm guessing their test came back negative. Kind of rude to kick them off like that. IMHO
  4. What does anyone know about the Grands disembarkation? Are they going to test everyone before they disperse them around the US? I've been reading a lot of blogs and articles, know they are going to Oakland but thats it.
  5. I'm not sure how anybody can possibly think anything is going to change tonight. Cannot believe Carnival has not atleast said check in tomorrow 6am whatever and we'll see where were sitting. Is everyone still just in LIMBO?
  6. If he tests negative, I wouldn't be worried. It has been well over 14 days since he was on the Grand
  7. Greg how are you doing? Seems your live report has been hijacked abit , LOL Are you still getting drinks on Cheers? Will you be dining in the MDR tonight? Any word that your spending the night yet?
  8. For the Royal passengers waiting to board, too I guess someone from the Mexican Grand cruise transfered to the Royal, a crew member. So was reported. Also reported the crew member is not sick. So maybe they'll get cleared soon.
  9. This was just posted on a cc forum in princess section. Health Advisory and Travel Safety Procedures To protect the health and safety of all onboard, we are closely monitoring the evolving situation with novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We are quickly implementing enhanced screening measures and additional prevention and control procedures. Our protection and prevention tactics include: Beginning in select embarkation terminals on March 7th and as soon as possible in all embarkation terminals, we will be temperature checking all guests embarking on our ships using temporal sca
  10. No tomatoes or pickles, thats just weird, any in the side bar area? They can't be out, they should be serving the next cruisers anyways
  11. I'm praying, I bought at 27, thought it couldn't get to much lower, I'm so impatient.
  12. This is why I'm glad I put my name and cell number in each check on suitcase. I know, it's a strange thing to say, but strange things are going through my mind.
  13. Well at least they are opening up some venues. Hopefully that nasty bug didn't attach itself to the Panorama. My prayers are with you.
  14. https://www.carnival.com/health-and-sailing-update?fbclid=IwAR1CIRZh4-e3pCHBhCHodoM1yGD29RglErIh6orfARuJbuGZKSjRL6udEiE
  15. I bet they are going to be checking everyone extra hard because of the Grand. Keep us posted, this is crazy. I'm usually out of LA on the freeway by now. I've sailed this itinerary many time. WOW!
  16. OK that omelet made me sooo hungry. YUM!!! It was the peppers and memories. LOL Must have jalapenos.
  17. Good morning Greg😁 Hope you have a easy disembarkment! It has been a pleasure sailing along with you on your Mexican adventure. Safe travels. Remember to wash your hands a lot and DON'T touch your face, it is getting scary out there.
  18. You had him the first time right? We were in the same situation when we went. The other table was having much more fun. And you could tell it was the chef not the patrons at the table making the difference.
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