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  1. Thanks, Ritabob. The rain jacket you describe sounds like the one I have been thinking about getting. Theresa, I hope you are able to find a sailing that fits your schedule. Hopefully you'll find something over the weekend- and you won't get as much snow as they are predicting. As always, I really appreciate all of the details and information about the Mozart. I am really starting to get excited!
  2. I bet that is what happened. Anyone looking at the day's excursion for our sailing through the Wacchau Valley would see options for the Melk Abbey that afternoon or a second choice of Going to a castle and seeing where the Archduke is internned and meeting a member of the family, but it doesn't show any option of biking from Weissenkirchin to Melk so I'm sure there will be people surprised when the bikes get pulled out, Hopefully you'll be able to go on another river cruise and get access to the bikes which are supposed to be nice. My challenge will be to try to not be too lazy and just use the e-assist the entire time! On other random off topic question: I know we'll be there during different times and weather will not be similar, but what types of outerwear did you bring? I have an LLBean jacket that works with a pretty wide range of weather. It isn't beautiful or anything, but it works and it packs away easily into a little bag If I don't need it, I figure a rain jacket is a necessity and have a decent one I got for work so it looks ok, but it still casual. It doesn't fold down, pack very small, or pack into a self-contained pocket like some do. I'm trying to keep expenses low and not buy more than I need, but I am wondering if a packable rain jacket that I could throw in a bag or even clip to whatever coat I'm wearing might be useful, especially since Spring can be rainy. Any thoughts? And yeah, I obsess about stupid stuff. It's an illness, 🙂 You should see me already obsessions about a trip we may or may not take in 2 years, My husband thinks about sending me to an institution all the time but then realizes he needs me here to plan his trips and tell him what he needs to pack! So he's stuck with me ❤️
  3. I wonder if a group requested to use them? Or if it was a nice day someone requested one and they anticipated others being interested? There are a couple biking excursions on our cruise. The one we are on is no longer on the list of possible excursions but still on our personal schedule, so I assume there aren't even spaces left on the wait list. The other I was looking at but didn't sign up for is full, but still has spots on the wait list. They did say to sign up early because it was limited to the number of bikes they have. When there isn't a bike excursion offered I think passengers can just take them out on their own, if I recall correctly. Now we just have to hope for good weather- and water levels.
  4. Racr- yes, I was thinking that very same thing! Theresa- I will definitely write a review. We actually received our docs in the mail today so it is starting to feel more "real". Thank you so much for all your help with our planning! And Epixx, thank you so much for letting me know- I feel much more reassured. 🙂 I've always wanted to do a trip like yours which is why the excursion sounded so nice. Thanks, everyone!!
  5. capriccio, that is exactly why I have been wondering. Though even with only seeing one side I'm not sure I can pass up biking along the Danube. I suppose there are no bad choices here so I should stop worrying! Where in the Shenadoah Valley are you? I went to school there and now live over the mountain. Hope you aren't getting too much ice right now!
  6. Thanks, acwmom and Ritabob. I appreciate the feedback. Ritabob, our ship carries bikes with it and they are all ebikes. I've never been on one so it will be a new experience for me. jmcmo, I hope you have a wonderful trip!
  7. Hi, all. We're going on our first river cruise in mid-April and I'm second guessing all of the excursions we've pre-booked. 🙂 The ship is stopping one morning in Weissenkirchen to let people off so they can (e)bike to Melk where they will meet the ship a few hours later. My husband and I signed up for the biking excursion. For those of you who have biked along this portion of the Danube, do you get to enjoy the scenery or should we reconsider and stay on-board? The timing makes me think it will be a relaxed trip with plenty of time built in (we have 3 1/2 hrs). Based on the itinerary I think we'll be able to get up early and enjoy the scenery that and the following morning, but like most river cruises the rest of the sailing will be done at night. I know this is a personal choice, but I'd appreciate hearing about anyone else's experiences or opinions. Thank you!!
  8. I used to have to travel with a medication that was legal, but likely to be questioned for a neurological disease I have. I carried the med in the original bottle, as has already been suggested, but my doctor also wrote a note on her Rx pad stating when I had started taking it and for what condition. I never needed it because the few times I was stopped and searched they saw my meds in their bottles after checking for my name on them, but it made me feel a bit better having the note just in case. I always checked the gov't site for any country or area I was planning to travel to usually starting with a google search, probably something like, "Is x medication legal in Hungary?", or wherever, which was an easy way of finding the right page. Just be sure that the result is an official site from that country and not a general travel page since laws change and third party sources can be inaccurate. We sometimes planned our vacations around the med because it was illegal in several Asian countries. I also check certain OTC medication, like pseudoephedrine, which is illegal in certain countries where it is considered a controlled substance.
  9. Thank you so much (again!). All your help in planning has made such a difference. I had the feeling the apps would be much more useful on an ocean voyage than river cruise, but figured I'd ask. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
  10. We're going on a Crystal river cruise in a couple months (on the Mozart) and I have been looking at the Crystal board in addition to this one while doing research. I have seen several posts about the apps to access newspapers, menus, etc. on Ocean cruises and was wondering if we should download the same apps for a river cruise. I'm not sure we'll have time to read newspapers and such, but better to be prepared just in case than not! Thanks so much for your help!
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