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  1. Thank you for your review! Like you I was getting a little worried when I had seen some of those negative reviews, especially the ones about the plumbing issues. You helped ease my mind. :cool:
  2. Thank you for posting your update! My BFF and I will be cruising on the Sensation in Sept. and some of the above posts made me a little nervous about cruising on this ship but your review has helped me disregard them. I have sailed a few of the different ships and have always had a good time. Glad you enjoyed your first cruise! :):)
  3. Hello Everyone!:) I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! I wanted to say thank you so much to everyone for being here for me during this difficult time with my mom. Thankfully she is stabilized and feeling stronger and ready to divorce her DH. They have court next week for the Battery charge against him, then she will be moving into a new apartment and is looking forward to fresh start as an independent woman. I'm so proud of her!:D And I also want to say thank you for all of your support in the Atkins WOE. It's so great when you can rely on fellow Atkin'ers for such great support and positive thinking. With that being said, I will say goodbye. I will try to pop in from time to time to say Hi, but for now I am going to try the Body for Life program with my husband. He has been asking me to give it a try for a long time so that we can work on it together as a team. And that is what we are, a team with great support for each other. So I want to give it a try. I wish you all the best success with the Atkins WOE and happy sailing!:)
  4. Good Morning everyone! I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your kind words. Unfortunately things have gotten worse. My moms husband broke her wrist and hit her in the face. This was last Thursday evening. I took her to Victim/Witness and she filed a restraining order against him. He's was charged with Battery-causing great bodily harm. He was in jail from last Saturday evening until yesterday. He's charging up credit cards and writing bad checks, so we also need to get her into our Women's Center for assistance with an attorney and possibly a safe house. We're not sure if he will try to go after her or not after he spent some time in jail. We also need to find her a new place to live because she can't afford the rent on her own where she's at. UGH!:( JEAN, HAVE A WONDERFUL VACATION!! Hola to everyone else, hope all is well. Hang in there to those of you who are struggling with the Atkins WOE, you can do it!! :)
  5. Hola Everyone! Congrats to all of you who are doing so well on the Atkins WOE!!! You can do, just stick to it!:p It's been really busy here at work, lots of silly projects have been thrown our way because we are short staffed. That means doing things we typically do not do which is not a big deal, but more time consuming. And my family issues have spiked back up again. Without giving TMI, my mom may be divorcing her husband, who is schizophrenic & out-of-control drinking & doing drugs.:eek: I am the oldest of 3 kids so mom calls me for help a lot. Plus I work at our local Human Services so I am able to connect her with helpful resources, thank goodness. So with that said, I've fallen off the Atkins WOE dealing with lots of stress, which is not a good excuse but I'm using it for now.:( I will try to keep popping in but if you don't hear from please know that I'm thinking of you guys and hoping all is well!
  6. Your right, the family things can get pretty crazy! I did fall off Induction but have jumped right back on. And I also received some good news about my ankle, NO SURGERY!! I actually found a new pair of tennis shoes from New Balance that are specifically for people with severe pronation (sp?). They were $155.00 but that's a lot cheaper than having surgery. I have had the shoes for a week now and the pain in my ankle is almost completely gone. And I was able to take Veda out for a walk last night, so I was back on the treadmill this morning!! I have a refreshed outlook on my weightloss now and am totally ready to kick butt big time! I think the fact that I could not exercise the way I enjoyed kept me from being truly dedicated. Hola!:) WELCOME TRUDY! These ladies are a great group! I recently joined on and am so glad I did. They are truly inspirational. Good luck on your weightloss and your newfound Atkins Way of Eating! PINK: Don't worry about New Orleans, I've only heard good things from people visiting. And I've seen many ads on t.v.about visiting N.O. because they have so much to offer their visitors. And have you ever considered renting a jeep to drive around the Island of Cozumel? There is a woman who sells maps for the different Mexican towns called the Mapchick (mapchick dot com). She takes orders on the honor system, you order through her website, she sends you the map and you send her a check. She's very reputable and I've purchased 2 maps from her and they have tons of great info on them. Or depending on how long your port stop is, maybe taking the ferry over to Playa del Carmen? Playa has great shopping, especially on the north end of 5th Av. along with many great restaurants and bars. Just make sure if you take the ferry that you go by your cruise ship time. We were going to take the ferry from Coz once and realized we would not have had enough time to get back because of the ferry schedule. Hope everyone else is doing well! Have a great day!
  7. Okay, I feel terrible I have been away from the boards for a while. My mom was in crisis with her schizophrenic 2nd husband. Thankfully things have calmed down, he's on his meds and back to work! Then my co-worker has been sick with a virus and was out of work last Friday and yesterday. She was back half day today. Hopefully this week will continue to get better! WELCOME eddiesgal! We are taking a cruise a week after yours (no ticker because I have not booked yet, but we are positive we are going). Speaking of tickers, I love yours! And don't feel bad about falling off as the other wonderful ladies on this board have said. Just jump right back on. I have to pat myself on the back because I've been able to go out to restaurants and stick with Atkins no problem. Chili's actually has a great dish, it's under the Fajita menu ( I just don't get the tortillas-for Induction), but it's a chicken breast grilled with bacon, mushrooms & cheese melted on top and they serve it with veggies. It tastes awesome and I don't have to feel guilty! WELCOME donnaholder! I too have 100 pounds to lose. Back in 2004 I had started Atkins in January and by my May, when I had a 40th b-day celebration cruise with my best friend planned I had lost 60 lbs. I can't tell you how often I think if only I would have continued the Atkins WOE, I would have it all gone by now! Unfortunately I was one of the people who went off of it after my cruise and gained all 60 back and then some! Hang in there, you can do it! Also, I have been drinking the Atkin's shakes & bars (which taste almost like a candy bar). I purchase the shakes (which come in cans) from the grocery store. I have also seen them at Walmart and Sam's Club. Hope this helps for you! Pink, how cool you are taking a cruise out of N.O.! My first cruise was out of there and we flew in a day early so we could enjoy the French Quarter. I would love to leave out of that city again! Jean, You lost 40 lbs. when you first started Atkins?! How excellent and you've "mostly" kept it off;) And congrats on completing that 5 mile walk and such a good cause! And positive thoughts to your younger sister! And now how long have you had that new IPod? Has the old one popped up yet? Jocelyn, Sorry to hear about your hubby and his asthma, that must have been scary having to head to the hospital. I feel so sorry for people with bad allergies. Our trees and grass are putting everyone's allergy's into overdrive right now. I too enjoy American Idol, I was bummed when Michael Johns was voted off and now most recently Carley Smithson. I'm hoping David Cook is not next! Hola to everyone else! I hope everyone has a great evening and I will try to get online more often. Oh by the way, I found Heize 57 ketchup comes in 1 net carb now. Has anyone else seen this? Or am I a little behind and it's always been there? All I can say is it tastes great, especially on a hotdog!
  8. Hey Everyone! Sorry I've been MIA again, family crisis, a sick co-worker and lots of work are keeping me away from the boards. I have not had time to even read the posts, so I hope everyone is doing okay! I'll try to stop back and catch up! I weighed in Saturday morning and lost 5 lbs.! Woo Hoo!
  9. Happy Monday Everyone! Well I survived the weekend and am maintaining Induction (and no wine!). Jocelyn you were right, I'm getting that energy kick now and am no longer dragging in the morning. I got on my stationary bike this morning and rode for 20 minutes, it's not a lot but it's a start. Unfortunately I need to see my podiatrist because my ankle is getting worse. Just walking around shopping this weekend caused lots of pain. I have a feeling another surgery is in my future, UGH!:mad: And good luck Jocelyn on that whole room situation, that would be a bummer if you don't get mid-ship. I'm like you and prefer mid-ship also, but tend to pop the Bonine because I am so sensitive to motion sickness. Great job Annie on losing the 10 lbs. That's a great loss, especially "after" returning from your cruise. That's when I tend to fall off so I give you lots of credit. And Sweatin' to the Oldies is one of my old time favorite workouts. Hopefully once I get this ankle/foot problem solved I can start "sweatin'" again.:D Jean, I envy you so much being able to use your bike at work, that would be so cool! I wish I could have gotten into the garden like you did, our weather was perfect for it. Unfortunately we were shopping at Home Depot, Menards and other places looking for stuff for the house. Our new door (interior/exterior) is being installed on Wednesday so I'm taking a vacation day. Maybe I can get into my flower beds that day as it's predicted to be pretty nice again (60's). My hubby is like yours too, can't decide if he should be low-cal or low-carb. He goes back and forth and cannot figure out why he's not losing (not that he has much to lose, at least not compared to me!), but you can't eat high fat because of me and expect it to work! Men, sometime they have a problem getting it. But I do know he's doing more to support me than anything which is why I've been married to him for 20 years! Okay, like you Jean it's time for me to get back to work. Have a great day everyone!
  10. Happy Friday Everyone! Hey Jocelyn, way to go on another pound lost! Slow and steady is the way to go!:) Hi Jean, boy you sure do have a mish mash of weather. We have been lucky this week, we had 2 days in the 60's this week and now we have rain moving in for the weekend. I'll take the 2 days of sunshine, it felt so good! And thanks so much for your words of encouragement. Well I definitely know my body is moving into ketosis, I was feeling pretty tired and dragged out again this morning. I almost called in sick today because I had such an energy loss. But instead I decided to step on the scale and found out that I have at this point lost 4 lbs. So I drank an Atkins drink and then made scrambled eggs with ham & mushrooms (which I'm eating as I'm typing), and got my butt into the office. I actually felt the same way yesterday too and definitely felt better after eating my late morning meal. So I just need to get through this transition from burning carbs to burning fat. Can you tell I've been reading my Atkin's book again so I actually know what I'm talking about!:p Well I'd better get back to work. I hope everyone has a great weekend!
  11. Good Morning Everyone! Things are slowing down here at work so I'm taking this time to post. Jocelyn: No, DH is not doing Atkins in the sense that I am. I am following Induction strictly and making what I need to eat for me and he eats the same thing. However, if he wants a carb with his meal like potatos or rice he needs to make it for himself. He's fine with that, and sometimes chooses not to make a carb so he is having a low carb meal. His program of choice is the Body for Life plan. We recently ordered some products from on online company that sells protein drinks & snacks. I was able to order a couple boxes of the Atkins Cinnamon bars for breakfast. But I cannot live alone on the Atkins drinks or the breakfast bars, it just does not seem like enough food to keep my body going in the morning. I feel like I'm not eating enough to keep my energy level up. Or maybe I'm just starting to feel that change over into ketosis right now? I have been drinking an Atkins drink for breakfast around 6:00 and have been making scrambled eggs with sausage or bacon and mushrooms for a mid morning meal, that seems to be helping with the energy problem. Then it's a salad for lunch, an Atkins bar for a snack and then whatever I have planned for the evening meal. I've been tracking my intake of carbs and have not gone over 20 net carbs this week at all, my highest was 17 so far. I'm determined to stick with this for the long haul, it's just getting used to eating this way and finding foods that work for me. I went into Sugar Free Sheila's website and am debating on purchasing a recipe book. Anyone else order through her? I just want to say thanks so much to everyone for their support, and advice! Have a great day!:)
  12. Hey Everyone! Just wanted to stop in quick and say Hi!:) Been really busy here at work and the home improvements are continuing on our home. Started Induction again and am sticking to it. I will keep you guys posted when I get a chance to pop in again. We are actually supposed to reach the 60's today, I'm so excited, I think spring is actually here in Wisconsin, I can finally start digging in the dirt! I'm so excited about planting lots of perennials & annuals this year. I hope everyone has a great week!
  13. Hola Everyone! Happy Hump Day! We are almost halfway through the work week and looking forward to the weekend, at least I am anyway.:p Made a deal with DH that on Sunday, April 13th we are going to buckle down and make our eating programs work. It is not a good thing when each day (& week) goes by that I keep telling myself I am starting Induction again and then do not succeed. So we are ready to really kick this thing into gear and make it happen. I hope you are all doing well and having a good week!:)
  14. Lisa, Good luck on the new house, how nice to able to make some changes before moving. It sure makes it a lot easier without all the furniture in the way! And way to go on those 4 pounds, you'll reach that 14 in no time! Hi Jocelyn, I'm hangin' in there. Still have not buckled down with Induction, but working my way towards it. My mantra is, I will never give up! By the way, congrats on making to your b4 weight! Way to go! Hi Jean, I had a good weekend. DH installed my new kitchen sink and faucet, it looks so nice! And Sunday he tore out an old ceiling fan in the dining room that had terrible wiring, and a really bad patch job that they covered with one of those decorative ceiling covers that are used around light fixtures. Not sure how else to describe it. But he completed the "proper" wiring and then last night he put up new drywall and started patching that the "correct" way. I can't wait to get the new fan & light fixture up. Next up, a new ceiling fan for our bedroom.
  15. Hey Jean! Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, I'll get this nipped in the bud sooner or later. Like you said, with spring it means it's time to get outside and get active! I have not been dedicated to my exercise yet, but have been walking the dog short distances, more for her than me since she's an old girl (13 in May, her name is Veda and she's a german shepherd/golden retriever mix). She's got arthritis in her hips and it's good to get her out and about. And as soon as the weather warms up some more we will be able to start painting the exterior of the house. And then I can also start planting flowers and getting the vegetable garden planted, I just love gardening! And my first flowers of the season have started blooming, my snow crocus and my tulips have popped too. Yea, spring is on it's way in Wisconsin!:D We have no particular plans for the weekend other than doing some spring cleaning (take down curtains throughtout the house & wash, iron & rehang) and starting some of our remodeling. DH will be installing the new kitchen sink, faucet & disposal. And I would like to head to Home Depot again and get some paint swatches. We'll see where that takes us for next weekend! Your plans sound great, I would love to go to Santa Fe! Good luck on your "maiden voyage"! Have a great day!
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