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  1. Tbay wrote: "Venice is a unique city ... If you have much luggage, be aware of where your hotel is. It can be a long walk over several bridges." You should be aware that some locations where there are bridges, there is no way of getting around unless you use the bridges. The bridges have steps. If you have "wheelies" on your luggage, you will not be able to wheel your luggage but will have to carry it across the bridges!
  2. I've been slowly (very slowly) photoshopping slides-converted-CDs, which conversion occured in 2005! And all of those slides, many of them having fungus, mold and other inperfections, were taken as far back as 1956-57! For whatever reason, my sky replacement had disappeared from Photoshop and I use the Luminar program as a filter for sky replacement. It does have the bonus of having more skies to use as replacements - probably because they have been selling sky photos for several years. I'm also surprised that so many pictures had horrible skies in them, if not just p
  3. Been on Azamara twice. Loved the ships and the crew, dislike the price.
  4. Makes sense to me - guess we got to find a source for Christmas cards or buy a few more ink for our printers.
  5. NO, but ... There was a cruise from the West Coast to French Polynesia and I got an OK from HAL to board in Honolulu - my hometown.
  6. CUTE! Waiting for your assessment of Luminar AI!
  7. As I understand it, those who have gotten the vaccine have only a 5% chance of getting infected by COVID19. But those that have been vaccinated still could be carriers.
  8. I know that if there were a prohibition against mobility scooters, i would not be able to cruise again. Had limited use of my legs for a while, and rented scooters for my last four or five cruises
  9. I forgot whether I am a three star or 4 star, but in my experience - mostly in Asia or European cruises, the ship would dock and presumably pay port charges, a bulk of the passengers will go on ship-excursions and return to the ship and eat onboard and spend a lot of time in the afternoon napping or in the port itself catching up with e-mail or searching the web. Where is the benefit to the town?
  10. NICELY DONE!!! yelling, loud and clear!
  11. It may just the stay-in-place mind-set but the above photo really got me! (The other photos were great)
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