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  1. Great shots! Keep them coming! Are you using the CC website program for your reports?
  2. Darn it Dave! The nearest In-N-Out is about 2,500 miles away. Will be staying overnight next month in a Best Western near the San Francisco airport - looking for the nearest In-N-Out!
  3. Echoing ski ww - would like to see more photos. Iceland is on my bucket list though age and physical ability is a handicap - but I can dream, can't I?
  4. Depends on the hotel, restaurants or shops.Some do and some don't.
  5. Justin: Your photos are always impressive but these two really got to me!
  6. You might want to look at http://enthusiastphotoblog.com Aaron has a review and setup suggestions for the A6400 and comments on lenses for the A6400. Great camera (A6400) !
  7. I truly enjoyed reading your reviews and looking at your photos. I am going on a trip up to Norway on a B2B (Holland America) from Amsterdam to Rome. I would certainly would like to create a review for my family and was wondering what program did you use in creating your review and pictures?
  8. I have no idea whether it is as good as the original FZ200 but Amazon has an ad for a FZ300.
  9. Actually Celebrity and HAL cruises originate from the West Coast and stops in Hawaii on a Hawaii cruise or on its way down under or to the Far East. Sometimes it is difficult to join those cruises from here. Should add on flights to join a cruise, I will be going from here to Amsterdam by way of San Francisco next month and back here from Rome by way of Chicago and San Francisco. Two years ago, it was to Shanghai via Tokyo and back here from Hong Kong via Guam!
  10. When you live in Hawaii, about 2,500 miles from the closest land-mass, you don't have too many choices! Cruise around the islands, catch a return Hawaiian cruise back to the West Coast etc.
  11. Justin and Dave: Thanks for the update. Will be cruising in September (knock wood!) with my 6300 and 6400 - dreaming of what might have been if it were a 6700/7000 which probably will not be available until October/November). And looking forward to Aaron's (and Justin and Dave's) full scale review! (yes - I know - it's not the camera that's important!)
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