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  1. Most (95%) of my browsing is on HAL and Volendam - I think we were on it at least three times. Love the size of the ship. I was just curious why CCL is changing the name of the Trumph. It was first cruise my wife and I took (and also the last on Carnival).
  2. With the stay-in-place orders, probably all offers look good - something to do! So I ordered the AI version. Look forward to your comments! Stay well!
  3. SORRY - PRESSED THE WRONG BUTTON! Was this picture (Raccoon) taken with your zoom 400mm? Nice shot!
  4. Thank you for all your responses on the ferry vs expedition ships. Pray that the Corona19 didn't hit the port cities.
  5. Part of my bucket list was to take a trip on Hurtigruten up the coast of Norway. I was under the impression that ALL their ships were quasi-ferry boats delivering people, cars, mail, supplies etc up and down the western coast line. Does the line have dedicated ships just for cruising?
  6. looks good - but what is the recipe?
  7. Is that the world-famous Minnesota mosquito or is it a bumblebee humming bird?
  8. If a virus were a person, take away its passport and cancel its visa. But a virus is a virus and it does not respect borders. A country/state can try to minimize, but it is wishful thinking thinking closing its borders will stop the spread.
  9. Dead is dead whether you are white, black, red or yellow. The Corona virus (or any other virus) does not carry a passport or have a visa and certainly doesn't worry about borders.
  10. Very interesting and extremely creative! If she went into the MDR, she wouldn't have to ask for a doggie bag.
  11. Would an legal intergration of HK into China mean HK will no longer be a "free" port and Chinese visas be necessary to trsvel there?
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