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  1. Would "mishandling" apply to our political leadership as well? How far up or down should we blame?
  2. Beautiful! Congratulations to the new grad!
  3. Poster is correct - if you are really interested in reading the article, just google it. Fair warning - it is long.
  4. A photo apparently taken by Captain Albert when the Rotterdam went to the rescue of the Zaandam.
  5. for the longest whil, I coud not figure why the Westie was going to Vallarta from Hawaii rather than a (cmparative) straight line to LAX< SFO, or SEA Then the lighrt dawned - the Jones Act - a foreign registered ship cannot carry passengers from a US port to s US port.
  6. The latest news is that neither the crew or any passengers will be allowed to leave the ships (Maasdam and Westerdam) here in Honolulu. They will be refueled and supplies replenished.
  7. Both the Westerdam and the Maasdam are going to be docking in Honolulu Harbor to refueling and replenishing supplies, food etc. But no passengers or crew will be allowed to leave the ships.
  8. The Westerdam and Maasdam are in Hawaii today discharging the crew members and I assume using a bare-bone crew to get the ships back to the West Coast ports.
  9. Yes, live in Honolulu for about 81-years (I'm 87). Unfortunately, Lois is in a care home at present.
  10. SANTERRE: Missed a week or so looking at CruisedCriticf and your posts. Would have enjoyed getting together with you and your DH. Of course there would not be an opportunity to do trivia! Next time? Tom
  11. I enjoy seeing the trivia questions and answers. A little knowledge never hurts an intelligent person!
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