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  1. Well we booked the YC inside cabin for MSC Seaside we payed more than we wanted for this but did it because it seemed so awesome. We have lately been looking at prices and some deals we can get again on Horizon for a Havana room, Symphony Balcony, Holland NS Vista Suite, and maybe Norwegian Breakaway all at a better deal and all with balconies and Yes I know its not the YC but some of these we can do at better pricing. So I am not sure what to do. We can always cancel the MSC we booked as we have only done a deposit so far.
  2. So my husband I are planning flights for our may cruise. Allegiant is just by far the cheapest and best to us because its nonstop (2 hour flight into FLL or less from our airport), even after all the fees, baggage fees etc it is still 300 less than Delta, United or AA. We have used Allegiant probably 10 times now without issues. We would be flying in the night before our cruise. I guess I kind of started getting a doubt to ask on here because I saw someone comment on someone else's post about how Allegiant has the oldest planes flying of any company, which I never thought about. I honestly thought their Airbus 319 and 320 were fairly new(er). I am normally not one to worry at all about this stuff but just curious if others have had any issues with them lately and I am talking major issues. I dont mind a little delay. What I am talking about is safety....wheels up and wheels down in one piece!! Let me know yourthoughts! !
  3. Has anyone on here done the SJ 5pm to 1am deal and if so what did you? Was it safe?
  4. Oh jeez. I didnt even see that til you said something about San Juan...it arrives at 5pm and leaves at 1am. Weird hours and not sure about that one! Also yes St Marteen is 7am to 2pm. Hmmm....
  5. So my husband and I have been sold on picking MSC Seaside and doing the YC vs our original plan of the Havana rooms on Carnival Horizon. We have 2 iteniterary choices and wanted to see which you guys would pick. We have been to Nassau, Cozumel many times and St Marteen and St Thomas once. 1st choice: ocho Rios, grand cayman, cozumel, and Nassau 2nd choice: St Marteen, St Thomas, San Juan, Nassau Which would be better given both are the same as far as money goes?
  6. No we never have. We have only cruised mid ship before.
  7. As far as the Havana room and the Carnival sailing coming with a drink package - NO that is extra, where YC has a one up for me. My husband and I do have a few drinks each day. Our last 5 day sailing with Carnival the drink package was about 400 extra, so for a week I expect double that. Maybe more now. So I guess count that in also. I expect the inside rooms in YC to be not as fine and big as the balcony rooms. We were sort of sacrificing the balcony to get in YC. The balcony rooms for the sailings we were looking at were either sold out or about 1200 more. I cant see spending 1200 more for a balcony when I can hop outside to see the port. We have always had a balcony in the past though.....soooo. On Carnival the only thing that was doable for us was the Havana Cabana or Havana aft balcony.
  8. BermudaBound - help me here (others can chime in as well) - if Horizon Havana Cabana was 3200, YC inside suite 3700, and HAL NS Basic Veranda room was 2900 (I rounded all numbers up) - what would you go with?
  9. There are only 3 cabins left on this particular sailing and the HC room was one of them. I wont book. I just saw pics and the wider room and bigger bathroom was appealing I suppose.
  10. Thank you for the info. I hope we are making the right choice. We have not booked yet. The YC experience is really pushing me more toward Seaside. For just 400 more I can do YC. As far as NCL is was way more for a basic balcony room than anything else I looked at for some reason!
  11. One more quick question - if there is a large interior handicap room, which they seem to be larger than the rest, would it be wrong to take it just for the size? They seem to be wider rooms, larger bathrooms?
  12. aimcat

    Msc seaside cabin photos only!

    Are there any pictures of YC inside cabin 18031?
  13. Guys I think I am going to swing for the inside YC - I dont know which itinerary to do as we have been to ports on both 7 day sailings that the Seaside offers. The YC inside suite is the 300 less than what we can do the Horizon Havana for but I feel the 8 day southern Caribbean itinerary on Horizon is a better nonliterary.
  14. I was more carefully looking at prices and I can get a yacht club interior suite for the same price as a Havana cabana. Which would be the better experience? For about 1000 less I can do a balcony with the aurea. How would we do the cabana on NS if we go that route?
  15. If you could do MSC seaside yacht club interior suite vs a carnival horizon Havana aft balcony room or Havana cabana what would you choose?