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  1. Thank you. That is actually a different menu than Oceania attached to my reservation for this cruise. Interesting.
  2. How far in advance could you book or does it depend on cabin category?
  3. Do you think that person will have to pay for all? Have you heard if the menus are new or the same as what has been posted online?
  4. I wonder if people on those early Marina cruises have been able to reserve.
  5. I just called again. 🙄 This person said Privee is $300. She also said that 2021 LaReserve must be reserved onboard due to changing COVID situation and regulations. Situation may change for 2022. She said each cabin must reserve their own LaReserve and that the menus will be the same. Who knows what is correct?
  6. The LaReserve info she read said for 2021-2022 cruises…
  7. I asked her that specifically. I said, “I thought it was now $300?” And she said, “No, it’s $250”. The LaReserve info is most likely wrong, too, although she did sound like she was reading it.
  8. I just called Oceania to try to get to the bottom of it. Interesting, I was told that for 2021-2022 cruises we will only be able to reserve once onboard. Has anyone for any upcoming cruise been able to book LaReserve yet? I was also told that Privee is now $250.
  9. I was just told by Oceania that Privee will now be $250, not $300
  10. You mean it won’t charge the $99, just the approximately $18 gratuity?
  11. Thank you! So when you reserve you are charged immediately? If I reserve for 6 at $99 I am immediately charged $600? Just trying to get my ducks in a row for when reservations open for that.
  12. When the reservations open for La Reserve, are we able to book for more than our own cabin? For a group?
  13. Yes, the OBC with or without OLife is refundable. We do have extra OBc from Oceania that is nonrefundable.
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