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  1. Who can use this code? Do you have to be given it by the casino host for it to be valid?
  2. We boarded yesterday, too. Also arrived at10:00 with same 1 health question before medallion scan that was mentioned above. On the ship by 10:30. After 10 days on the Crown which ended last Sunday, I’m noticing one big difference with the Medallion charging. Almost no servers are carrying the scanner. Just pieces of paper and a pen. Asking name (never hear you correctly) and cabin number and fumbling around taking a huge amount of time. The first encounter was lunch at Alfredos. The server did the above and then charged me for an extra drink. Same in Good Spirits bar, same in Crooners ( quizzed the server and he said he didn’t have the scanner. Finally came back and I thought he had the scanner. I was talking to my friends and when he asked for my medallion I lifted my wrist to scan and he just read my name from my medallion himself and wrote it on the paper. Then in the dining room it all started again, same thing, but the waiter also wanted us to sign a slip for everything. I looked at him and told him I would not be signing any more papers. That one was it. In 10 days on the Crown we never had to sign one paper or scan our Medallion More than once. If I hadn’t just done that I would probably think the Regal lack of efficient use of the Medallion was just the way it was. We all agreed that it was much easier to get our cruise card out in the old days than it is to be quizzed over and over (sometimes for the same order) for your name and room number after he keeps repeating it wrong. I don’t know if others are having the same experience. Otherwise, the ship is bright, clean and beautiful. We all took a Move Down last Wednesday on this cruise, so we’re in inside cabins with a huge amount of OBC. Inside is fine with the huge amount of storage. The beds are hard compared to the comfy Crown beds. I called my last one my cocoon. Loved it. But the bedding is still very nice. The ship must be full, but nothing seems crowded. Always plenty of room to sit. I’m really happy with this cruise so far. I hope they get the Medallion charging squared away soon. I just stopped for a coffee in the IC and the server scanned my medallion with no drama or quizzing me for my info. Maybe today will be better. Looking forward to a great day on the Regal!
  3. We are aboard. The late dining is 7:45 even though we signed up for 7:15. On the Crown 1/16-1/26 we signed up for 7:15 and it was 7:15.
  4. I think that if he has OBC from Princess and it shows on his cruise personalizer he can reserve now. Then his problem is solved. Hopefully he will look again and be able to use it now.
  5. I’m not really answering your exact question, but wondering if you’re sure you can’t use OBC to buy your excursions before boarding. In my experience, if you look on your Cruise Personalizer and see onboard credit listed, you can use it. Select the excursion and when you go to pay it will give you a choice to use OBC or a credit card. Have you tried this or are you just thinking you can’t use it because that was how it was before? I just booked using OBC for two cruises. One of them I’m boarding tomorrow. I don’t think you can use it to buy anything else ahead of time, just excursions. Good luck!
  6. I found this pretty useless on the Crown. My vision isn’t great and I had to walk so close to determine what color those tiny dots were that I could read the sign on the wall.
  7. We were just given the Move Over offer that was really a Move Down. It also came by email. One of my friends received it twice. Before they answered her first response, they sent it again.
  8. I board the Regal tomorrow. Do you happen to know if late dining was at 7:15 (the time we signed up for) or if that made it later?
  9. There is a special cocktail time from 4:30-6:30 most days. Usually in Skywalkers. They serve some slightly discounted cocktails and a special appetizer that changes each day as well as a few cheeses and crudités. It is supposed to be for those categories, but others do go as guests. It used to be that they can accompany you, but their drinks weren’t discounted to the special price of $6.50 for certain drinks. Last week the guests with me received their drinks at the same prices I did.
  10. I talked to the TA and they are astounded that Princess won’t split it. They said they always tell their customers to go to desk and do exactly what I did. This is a huge TA. It was too late for them to split it this time. Maybe when we go to Guest Services on the Regal it will be no problem (as never was in the past). Possibly just one more issue on the Crown. Like everything else. Nothing major, but many, many minor issues. I’m hoping for a much better experience on the Regal or this will probably be our last Princess cruise.
  11. Yes, full refund of cruise fare to refundable OBC if we would give up our balcony and move to an inside cabin.
  12. I’m sorry I didn’t post this as a question. Has anyone had experience splitting TA OBC with Princess?
  13. I was in New Zealand last year when the group booked this cruise so my friend booked it and was the lead on this cruise. I use more OBC than she does. If she doesn’t spend it she has to wait for the refund for 8-10 weeks according to posts on CC. She didn’t even spend all of hers, much less mine, too. We realized that one could pay the other, but didn’t want to do it that way. When I walk off a cruise, I want to be done with it and on to the next one. Not trying to remember to watch for a check weeks in the future and making calls if it doesn’t arrive. She didn’t want to do that either. It’s pretty obvious it should be split. That’s why Princess split the OBC they gave us Immediately. It was posted as split on Princess.com when first posted. I’ve been cruising with these groups of women for 18 years, multiple cruises a year and this has never been a problem.
  14. On our 1/16-26 Crown Princess cruise we were given $350 from our TA. It was given to the lead person on the reservation. We went to the Guest Services desk to ask them to split it between our two accounts. They said they can’t do that. Had to stay on the person that received it. I take many cruises with women friends ( my book club or Mah Jongg group) and this has never happened before. We were always able to go to the desk and split it. The second time I went back, the woman I talked to said they can’t split the $$$ but they can move charges from one account to another. We eventually moved enough charges to cover the split. The OBC from Princess was split when we got it. This was one more irritating thing that happened on this cruise. Not a big thing, but just one more fail on Princess’s part. The reason I am asking is that I’m on a cruise with my book club on the Regal this Sunday and expect the same thing to happen again. This obviously isn’t an issue when cruising with my husband, but is when my cabin mate is a friend. Has anyone else found a way to solve this issue?
  15. I was on the 1/16 cruise. We skipped Princess Cays. It was not due to weather. The itinerary changed a couple of days before we left. Other ports had minor changes like getting in an hour later and leaving an hour later.
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