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  1. We are going on a 10 day day cruise on the Crown Princess. We are trying to decide between Anytime Dining and Traditional Dining. Is there typically a long or short wait for a table for a group of 4 dining between approximately 6-7 o’clock?
  2. In the program today it is listed as Steakhouse At the Veranda.
  3. jeno

    Upcoming Speakers?

    The Queen Victoria leaving today! I was also trying to help a friend with a couple of upcoming cruises. All were on here.
  4. jeno

    Upcoming Speakers?

    Thank you! Exactly what I needed.
  5. Is there a place where the speakers for an upcoming voyage are listed?
  6. I’ve been reading you can get a light lunch in the Chart Room. What type of food do they serve? Is it a set menu?
  7. I’ll keep my eye out for the restaurant on the back deck of the Lido. Thanks!
  8. I am assuming everyone needed Internet service to use their cells to find the Trivia answers. How did that work?
  9. We are boarding the QV on Monday and disembarking in Auckland a month later. During the cruise we will gain 18 hours. I’ve done many transatlantics and the clock was always changed during the night. I’ve heard in the past about a ship or ships that change the clock mid-afternoon. I’m assuming the clocks on the QV will be changed during the night, but does anyone know for sure?
  10. Does anyone know what menu they are currently serving in the Veranda on the Queen Victoria? We are wondering if it is a French menu or Steakouse menu. We are boarding on Monday for a month. TIA
  11. Yes. That’s why I said. “I’m not debating whether that is a good value or not.” I am arranging a cruise for a group of ten women. If you have done that at least 15 times (like I have) you will understand my situation.
  12. I am traveling with a group of women. We have been cruising on Celebrity for years. This year they saw an itinerary in Royal Carribean that they like. This group also likes a drink package as a perk. I’m not debating whether that is a good value or not. In your experience, have you ever had a drink package as a perk through Royal or through your travel agent. TIA
  13. We just received our documents about our upcoming voyage. It states that corkage is $25US. I hope it is really $20.
  14. And this discussion pertains to wine only, correct? We are not to bring liquor onboard? I’m sure that is correct.
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