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  1. We have sailed on Carnival and RCI, but Celebrity is our cruise line of choice. I have been a member of these boards for a while. Lately, I have been getting discouraged with all of the complaining going on. How about some positive comments? There are many that complain about the drink packages, the food, service, tote bags, foot stools, in-room movie charges, etc. People have a right to gripe, but once is becomes endless, it gets to be frustrating. As far as the drink package - they have always added 18% on, now it is 20% for new bookings. They are not the only cruise line doing this. Just for the heck of it, I priced out the same cruise on Carnival, and found it to be more expensive than Celebrity. The food: Celebrity has some of the highest caliber food than most cruise lines. Sure, you pay for specialty restaurants - another complaint - but they are worth it. Service: Workers bust their butts to make sure you have a good time. There is not one time that someone did not have a smile and say something nice. It is worth giving your cabin steward a little extra at the end - another gripe about tips. Tote bags: This does not mean much to us. Food stools: When I first heard this, yes, I was upset. I ordered 2 nice blow up footstools to take with us that weight less than 3 pounds for the both of them. In Room movies: I love movies like the next person, but I do not go on vacation to watch movies. These are just my humble opinions - but, I would love to have positives instead of negatives.
  2. No smoking on the balcony.
  3. To start vacation early.
  4. My personal public area is the solarium pool, and, no, it never loses it appeal to me.
  5. Thank you for your positive review. There are so many people complaining right now: no tote bags, no footstools, etc. It is refreshing to see this. We are on her in 2/20 and 2/21. Cannot wait.
  6. I would pick the Equinox because it is my favorite ship and it goes to places you have not been before.
  7. My husband has the premium package - his favorite is Maker's Mark.
  8. We did not like our RCI cruise - there was a fire in the sick bay and that also put a damper on things. Cannot go wrong with Celebrity in my humble opinion. Been on the Millenium and the Equinox - sailing on the Equinox in 2/20 and 2/21.
  9. Over the many years, cruises have changed for everyone. You used to get more bang for your buck. Now, it seems like there is a charge for this and a charge for that. We love Celebrity and do not mind paying to eat at the specialty restaurants for example. The little extras that they have gotten rid of bother me a bit, but instead of getting upset, I try to make the best of it. A tote bag - I do not need. A foot stool I need and bought 2 blow up ones on Amazon. Movies - I do not watch in my cabin. If I had young children this probably would bother me more. On pricing, I actually priced a similar Carnival cruise and found out it would cost more by the time I added on a beverage package and gratuities.
  10. I love your review and your pictures. It is nice to see something positive on these Boards for once. We will be on her coming up in February 2020 and then again in February 2021 for my 60th.
  11. We have 2 upcoming cruises on her, our favorite Celebrity ship.
  12. We found Nassau to be underwhelming. We did book a 3-hour walking food tour, not through the ship in which we greatly enjoyed and I would highly recommend.
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