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  1. So, I am not the only person who has been underwhelmed by Oceania's food? Good to know I am not alone. 😁
  2. From your posting history I am guessing that you are referring to your NCL cruise on Gem. NCL has a policy of keeping tight reign on expenses and often will opt for the most economical docking arrangements. Nothing wrong with that policy (many of us also economize when we can), but it can lead to not utilizing the more convenient docks in a port to save on port costs. As a competitive company they need to minimize their costs to be able to keep their fares as low as possible to attract budget minded customers. As the saying goes: "You can't have champagne tastes on a beer budget". 😉
  3. You need to take a reading comprehension class. Here is what I said: "As a long time owner of sailboats, I applaud this direction. Nothing more amazing as being on a 35 ft sailboat watching a 60 ft whale glide by at eye level." I am clearly on the side of the whales. Not sure why you are challenging those comments. 🙄
  4. I have never hit any, nor would I come out of it unscathed if I did. Positively stupid question to ask based on the comment your are sesponding to. And I course I realize that sailboats aren't the target of these new laws. I don't understand why you would even assume that I thought so. It's insulting that you think I am that ignorant. 😠
  5. Here I am packing for our last cruise. I simply slapped a luggage tag on each of these babies and we listened to our favorite hillbilly and gospel music on our balcony for hours on end. I sure like the solitude of being on our private balcony while listening to our favorite music. Happier than a pig in slop!! Oh, don't worry. We kept the volume low enough so the balconies on the other side of the ship couldn't hear it. We aren't that inconsiderate!
  6. About half our cruises are just the two of us. The rest have been with a couple we have been close friends with for decades. Neither is better than the other. We enjoy ourselves just as much by ourselves as with others. We don't make cruising with other people a condition of cruising. We occasionally ask others if we think they might enjoy the itinerary, but aren't disappointed if they aren't interested. To us, it isn't personal. Not everyone likes what we like, and we are OK with that.
  7. Totally misinformed comment. It isn't just cruise ships that are affected. It's all ships. Calm down and think rationally instead of being emotional about your favorite vacation method. As a long time owner of sailboats, I applaud this direction. Nothing more amazing as being on a 35 ft sailboat watching a 60 ft whale glide by at eye level.
  8. That can't be right! A couple of very persistent posters insist that what is being described isn't guaranteed!!! Must be some trickery or slight at hand going on. Fake news!!! 😁
  9. And why do you think that? Because of your anti-American bias maybe? You never give up on insulting an entire country of people, do you? For your information (and I am sure you will ignore it because it doesn't fit your bigoted views of Americans) poor service is not common, so rewarding poor service isn't the huge overly dramatic problem you claim it to be. Best if you would keep your views to yourself. They are mostly wrong and repeatedly show your ignorance about the people of an entire country. Instead of posting here on CruiseCritic, why don't you find an anti-Am
  10. AmazedByCruising should change name to ConfusedByCruising. It would be more accurate. 😏
  11. From so many of his posts filled with incorrect advice on other threads I wonder if he has ever been on a cruise ship at all!
  12. That would be more ecologically friendly. Fish food buffet!
  13. My siblings and I told our parents the same thing. Unfortunately they did not heed our advice. We finally talked my mother - years after my father passed - to come with us on a European vacation in 2001. She was 71 at the time. She even had to apply for her first passport to go. She enjoyed herself so much that she started planning another vacation to visit Belgium where my father received a wartime injury that left him partially disabled. They met while he was recovering in the hospital. Unfortunately, my mother died of complications from heart surgery before she could take that
  14. Clearly ilikeanswers doesn't actually like answers if they don't agree with his opinions. 😲 The list is posted daily. It is updated each morning and posted in crew areas where any crew member can see it. Makes no difference when you remove the gratuities - the crew will know as soon as it is done, whether the first or last day, or any day in between. This is standard practice of virtually all cruise ships - whether ilkeanswers likes that answer or not. 😉 And yes, most people remove the tips at the very end even though they knew they would do so well before they even boa
  15. You are showing your true stripes. You aren't interested in a discussion. You are only interested in causing trouble. In your short time on Cruise Critic, you have shown everyone that you are more interested in trolling threads to create a stir than in holding mature discussions. You joined only a month ago and you haven't yet offered anything helpful, only posting comments to stroke your ego. Go ahead and contact the moderators. They just might remove even more of you posts than they have already done. Must be proud moments for you when your posts are removed. It means you succee
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