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  1. sloopsailor

    Do you take your passport off the ship?

    We never take them out of the safe unless required to. No need to carry such a valuable document when it is unnecessary. We do carry a copy in case we are unexpectedly asked to "show our documents" (which has NEVER happened in all our years of traveling). Cruise lines know it is in their better interest to provide the simple courtesy of checking the room safe for passports if they know you will miss the ship. No cruise line I know of would knowingly turn their backs on assisting their customers in this way. At least, no cruise line I would ever patronize. If Cruise Critic members were left stranded without their passports, you can bet they would come here and complain loud and clear. And they don't.
  2. sloopsailor

    Money concerns

    Thanks for clarifying it was moved.
  3. sloopsailor

    Money concerns

    I am reading this thread on the "Ask A Cruise Question" forum. Either the op's original post was made on another forum and moved here, or gnome12 is wrong. Asking questions like the op's is exactly what this forum is intended for.
  4. sloopsailor

    What happens after I board ship?

    On our first princess cruise when boarding we asked staff directing people to the elevators which dining room was open for lunch. Both staff we asked told us none were open. We thought this odd since many people had reported on these boards that at least one main dining room would be open. We decided to check out the dining rooms anyway and sure enough, one was open. I asked the server if they are always open on embarkation day and she said yes. Not sure why experienced staff would not know the simple fact that there is always one dining open that day. Perhaps to keep the dining room from getting crowded? It never got more than about 25% filled during our lunch.
  5. sloopsailor

    What happens after I board ship?

    We board early and have never been herded to the buffet if our room wasn't ready. We explore the ship and we usually find a place other than the buffet to eat lunch, and always with no extra fee. Some lines have a dining room open. Others have the poolside grill or other dining area open. I can't remember the last time we have needed to go to the buffet for lunch. And have certainly never been directed straight to the buffet until rooms were open. Boarding early is a great time to explore the ship because there are fewer people on board and in some areas you may be the only person there.
  6. sloopsailor

    Cruising without a passport? Read this first.

    No, you won't be stuck forever. But if there is a serious emergency at home, do people really want to risk not being able to get there right away? Your house burns down but you can't get home to deal with it for days? A loved one has a heart attack and hasn't much longer to live. Do you really want to miss the opportunity to say goodbye? Another reason to have a valid passport was what happened to friends of ours. Their daughter was traveling overseas and became quite ill, so ill that the hospital wouldn't release her to go home. Because these friends had valid passports, they were able to be by her side in less than 24 hours. Three weeks later, they were able to bring her back home to continue her recovery. Without those passports, she would have had to wait alone for days until they could secure passports and schedule transportation to her. If such a situation happened during the current US government shutdown, they would not be able to secure those passports until after the shutdown ends, whenever that might be, because passport offices are closed for the duration. That could delay them for days, if not weeks. All the while they can't get to their daughter.
  7. sloopsailor

    I booked a price mistake

    Agree. It makes no sense to just wait, do nothing and hope for the best. Being proactive and contacting the cruise line will end either in disappoint or on a happy note. Why torture yourself with a "wait-and-see" approach that leaves you uncertain? Call and find out.
  8. sloopsailor

    Cruising without a passport? Read this first.

    Perhaps the poster in question should provide his personal phone number so travelers who find themselves in such a situation can call him and get his personal help with the authorities, a private loan to cover unexpected expenses, and pickup service at the home airport when they finally arrive. After all, if he is that confident they will have no problems or issues, he should be willing to back up his position with actions rather than anonymous bluster on a public forum.
  9. sloopsailor

    Why is rust removed by hammering instead of lasers?

    I suggest you contact the cruise lines and inform them how wrong they are maintaining their ships. I am sure they will be highly appreciative. 😉
  10. sloopsailor

    Cruising without a passport? Read this first.

    I don't recall a single post that stated a passport was necessary on a closed loop cruise. I did read several posts, including mine, that advise having a passport in case of emergency. While not required, having one will make the return home easier, quicker, cheaper and less stressful. The person who is "bull headed and wrong" appears to be the one looking back at you in the mirror.
  11. sloopsailor

    Cruising without a passport? Read this first.

    Sure, it's a viable option. But is it a good one? Not if a problem occurs. Hopefully, it won't happen and they can pat you on the back with a hearty "attaboy" for giving them such "good" advice. Seems as if that is very important to you to get that credit.
  12. sloopsailor

    Government Shutdown?

    LOL! Must be opposite day in your neighborhood! Seems as if read that line just a few posts ago. Must be an echo in here. 😉 A government shutdown is the direct result of the politics that caused it. That the cruising world is affected by those politics is unavoidable. Can't separate the outcome from the cause. Just like you can separate the symptom from the disease. They unfortunately are intertwined and we are helpless.
  13. sloopsailor

    Government Shutdown?

    This entire thread is about politics!! What do you think a government shutdown is all about???????????
  14. sloopsailor

    Cruising without a passport? Read this first.

    And you can probably drive on bald tires in the rail without having an accident most of the time, but would you be willing to tell your family members to do that? Giving people the lowest level choice seems to be irresponsible, even if they might get away with it. But then again, that is just the opinion from person who thinks giving people the whole picture is better than giving them only the cheapest or easiest. Must be a character flaw of mine to prefer passing along all the information. 🙄
  15. sloopsailor

    Cruising without a passport? Read this first.

    As opposed to telling people that it won't be a problem if something happens? As a traveler myself, I would rather people tell me the actual facts, and not their wishful thinking. I want to know the worst case scenario that can occur if I use the lowest common demonstrator in a situation, not just the best possible outcome. It is impossible to make an intelligent decision with only one side of the story. And I believe in giving people ALL of the information and then letting them decide for themselves. To do as you and others do and tell people "don't worry, everything will be fine" and suggesting they can get by without passports is not giving them the accurate information you claim to be giving them to base their decision on.