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  1. You are showing your true stripes. You aren't interested in a discussion. You are only interested in causing trouble. In your short time on Cruise Critic, you have shown everyone that you are more interested in trolling threads to create a stir than in holding mature discussions. You joined only a month ago and you haven't yet offered anything helpful, only posting comments to stroke your ego. Go ahead and contact the moderators. They just might remove even more of you posts than they have already done. Must be proud moments for you when your posts are removed. It means you succeeded in yet another trolling goal. Respond in whatever derisive way you want. I won't be reading anymore of your trolling posts. I have now taken advantage of the blocking feature on CC. You won't be missed.
  2. Do you also obsess with how the cruise fare you are paying is distributed or how the taxes, fees and port expenses you pay are distributed? I'll bet not. Your comment is just another example of anti-tipping attitudes, with people complaining that they don't like it rather than accepting that things aren't always done the way it is back home. I travel the US regularly and I never have any issues with tipping. It might be because I am used to this system. But it is most likely because it actually isn't as complicated as some people insist on making it. It is pretty standard everywhere I go. Perhaps it is because I am not fighting it at every turn by looking for ways to get out of it, and then complaining about it if I can't. As for buffets, if someone brings you a beverage or other items, then you are being served by a server. So yes, a tip would be a nice gesture. Someone is actually serving you personally to enhance your meal experience, so a small show of appreciation for their helpfulness is certainly appropriate. If the buffet is entirely self service, with the staff only replenishing the items at the counters and not bringing items to you at your table, then a tip is not needed. The key is whether you are being served at your table by someone or not. It really isn't rocket science. Certainly not nearly as difficult as having to learn how to drive on the wrong side of the road when visiting your country. 😉 😁
  3. And right on queue, here he is posting more insulting innuendos to bolster his own frail ego. Predictable as always and obnoxious as on past posts. A legend in his own mind. The troll is strong in this one.
  4. Your ignorance shows in these posts accusing people of living in fear. We simply don't. And it is blatantly obvious that you don't have a clue how we live our lives, and are not adult enough to accept that we have our own preferences that work for us. It is all about convenience, not fear. But your mind is so stubbornly made up that you denigrate and insult anyone who doesn't follow your preferred methods. Not sure why you need to be such a jerk about people preferring to not carry around items they don't need. But you certainly act like one. If you were a decent human being, you would accept that smart people don't have to do it your way to be smart. In fact, many of us would argue that the smarter ones don't do as you do. Fear has nothing to do with it. Try to get that through your thick skull.
  5. When I read his comment, my BS meter rose by several points and almost pegged out at maximum Smell-O-Meter levels - as it does with most of his posts on the topic. 😉
  6. A system is in place, good or bad, and you are fully aware of it. The crew on most ships depend on passengers following this system, a system they themselves did not put into place. Nevertheless, their income depends on passengers accepting a system, and I emphasize this AGAIN, that is not their choice. Anyone who ignores and defies the system the crew is dependent upon does it for their owe sake, and not for the crew's sake - who, may I remind you again, have no say on how that system was put into place. You can rationalize, justify, excuse your behavior all you want. But be clear that you are not tipping for their sake. You are tipping only the few you deem deserving to satisfy your own ego, all the while making believe to yourself that you are a "good guy". And punishing other deserving crew to satisfy your ego along the way. So very generous of you. 🙄
  7. With Carnivals' low prices, there isn't as much of a margin of profit to be able to provide the bigger perks that you may see on the other lines. If you want bigger benefits, you need to be willing to spend money on other than a budget cruise line. And you won't get a 10% rebate on any cruises. The "discounts" aren't really rebates. And they aren't at the same percentage value. They are perks offered by the TAs to earn your business. The perks come out of the TAs profits, not the cruise line's. The more business the TAs do with a cruise line, the more generous are the commissions they receive from the cruise lines, and the more they can offer their customers out of those commissions. If a TA only does most of their business with a small list of lines, those will be the lines that better offers will be available for. For lines they do less business with, they will make less commission and be able to offer fewer perks. Plus, the perks are often related to the itineraries as well. For popular itineraries, the TA's perks may be less because the cruise lines don't need TAs to help sell cabins, and their commissions are lower. And, there are other factors that affect how good the TA perks may be, such as seasonal. It isn't a "one size fits all" situation. Every TA has their own perks program, and every cruise line has their own working arrangements with each TA.
  8. So what is your point? That you got perks that everyone else booking with Princess would get? If you used a good TA, you probably would have doubled the amount of perks you got. Not sure why someone would be proud about losing money!
  9. I am a bit confused by your comment. Would you clarify what you mean with "if he/she decides the ship is sailing, no passport will be landed"? Doesn't the captain always makes the decision to sail when it is time? Why would making that decision prevent the passport from being handed to the port agent? I don't see the connection. We have been told during Q&A sessions with officers on two different cruise lines that they will go to a late passenger's stateroom safe and if a passport is found it will be delivered to the port agent just before the gangway is pulled up. Why would they tell us that if they can't "land" the passport in question? Seems like a simple task that should only take minutes and not delay the ship in any way. After all, the passports could be handed to the agent at the same time that other necessary documents are handed to him, documents that I have seen transferred on several occasions from my balcony.
  10. They aren't wrong and you know it. Why tell a new cruiser inaccurate information???🙄 Please include that it is your opinion and not fact when telling people such misleading information. Your constant scaring people into living their lives like you chose to live yours is what is WRONG. I have visited nearly 50 countries and only a handful required I carry my passport on my person.
  11. I have never experienced planes or trains waiting for late passengers unless it was a charter for a group activity. To make 45 people wait for over an hour on a commercial flight or public train for late passengers is extremely inconsiderate to those who were on time. Waiting for three hours is even worse. The time of everyone on board is just as valuable as those who are late. It is unconscionable to make so many people suffer for just a few.
  12. Another vote for flying in at least a day early. And that vote is based on experience. A few years ago we were invited to a 50th anniversary party for beloved relatives on the east coast. Due to work schedules, we decided not to take an additional vacation day and thought it would be perfectly safe to fly out the same day and arrive in the early afternoon for a dinner party starting at 6:00 pm. We booked a non-stop flight to eliminate potential problems with connections. And off we went to the airport. We took off a couple of minutes early, and were in excellent position to arrive on time, check into our hotel, clean up a bit, and be at the party in plenty of time. As we flew over Nebraska, an older gentleman behind us had a heart attack. The pilot immediately diverted to the nearest airport, Kansas City. By the time we landed, handled the emergency with the poor fellow, topped off with fuel, and lifted off again, we were almost 4 hours behind schedule. We arrived at the beginning of the busy commute hours, and our taxi got stuck in traffic. By the time we arrived at the hotel the dinner party was already well on it's way. We finally arrived just after the couple we flew out to celebrate with had left for their own flight towards their second honeymoon destination. As Maxwell Smart from the 1960's American comedy series would say: Moral of the story - it can happen, at anytime, to anyone. In our case it wasn't a missed cruise. But it was a once in a lifetime event that got missed. We so wished we had been wise enough to fly in the day before. Missed opportunities like that can never be replaced. We now always go in a day early for any activity that has a hard deadline.
  13. Very true. Unless a person only walks to wherever they go, they are impacting the environment. And, if we visit a store, restaurant, church, whatever, they also impact the environment because natural land had to be cleared and covered up by the structures, parking areas, and roads to make them accessible. EVERYTHING we do affects the environment in some way. It is unavoidable. Best to accept that reality.
  14. A legend in your own mind, I see. So happy for you that you have found a home in Fantasyland.
  15. And he implies that they only do closed loop cruises, so he apparently has not recently had the experience of entering the US from a foreign travel not associated with such cruises. The process is different when entering directly from a foreign country. And it has gotten more stringent. More people are being searched, questioned or detained than a few years ago. Even more so now than right after 9/11. My neighbors are of East Indian decent and visit family in India at least once a year. He has expressed concerns that his family is being singled out for additional questioning more now than in the past.
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