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    Alcohol! And getting it on board.

    [quote name='Rowan555']How recently have you done this?[/quote] We have been on many cruise lines and have always brought the box of wine that has 4 bottles to the box. I wrap it well and stick it in the middle of one of our bags. I have never had it taken. Also the small bottles of wine.. the ones that come in a four pack, also work well and go through easily. We went on two cruises last year, one on the Carnival Pride and one on Norwegian and the box of wine made it through. :)
  2. Cruisingmhtools

    The NEW I Work in Port Canaveral Thread!

    Has anyone visited Cove Marketplace in Canaveral? Was it fun and worth it? Granted, I love to shop and it doesn't take much to make me happy! :)
  3. Thank you for the Cove Marketplace tip! Can you get to this area, by the area shuttles or do you need to take a cab? :) Thank you for your help and advice.
  4. Cruisingmhtools

    What I like most about cruising...

    I love the days at sea, pizza :).... CAESAR salads.... Drinks of the day.... getting up early to watch us arrive at a port, reading, laying on the lido, dinner at the MDR.:D
  5. Cruisingmhtools

    Steakhouse on the Pride

    We were on the Pride the week of Dec 13. We ate at the steak house twice! It is TOTALLY different than the main dining room and really worth it. It was hard to save room for such a large dinner though... Have a light lunch. The presentation is awesome, atmosphere wonderful, and the food was really over the top. I agree.. no way you could get this at home for this price. I had the surf and turf both times. The Caesar Salad is made at your table and is really good! Definitely go at least once! :D
  6. Cruisingmhtools

    My first review - Carnival Pride, Nov 2009

    Leaving on the Pride today.. looking forward to an awesome cruise :)
  7. Thank you so much for posting them!~ The Dream is beautiful against the New York sky line.:D
  8. Thanks for the review and pictures! Too cool that The Port emailed you! That is awesome! Great review!;)
  9. Cruisingmhtools

    "LIVE" from Carnival Pride / Nov. 8, 2009

    What a beautiful day to sail out of Baltimore. The weather is AWESOME! Have a great trip!
  10. Cruisingmhtools

    Just Off The Pride - A Few Tips

    SargeJenn... once you boarded did you notice anyplace on the ship showing the Raven's game? or other NFL? Does the cable in your room, while in port get local Baltimore channels? We leave in December and the Raven's play that day :)
  11. Cruisingmhtools

    Pride Review 10/25-11/1

    Thanks Cathy! I love reading reviews and we are going on the Pride in December! I hope your son is feeling better! Terri