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  1. I transferred one to someone during their booking all at once.
  2. Thank you for the replies. I did some googling and found the list of items included. They will both be under 2 and food like nuggets, mac n cheese, and hot dogs are perfect for them. This really is wonderful news. I thought we wouldn't be able to eat these meals together.
  3. My wife and I have 3 specialty meals and 2 platinum dinners for an upcoming cruise on the Escape. I noticed while creating a reservation for Los Lobos the question mark next to the "Per Person Price:" says "Pricing will be adjusted onboard for children ordering from the complimentary kids menu." We have 2 children under 2. On a previous cruise the matre d allowed our kids to join us without any cost but it was made clear that this was an "exception" and we missed the rest of our specialty dinners because of it. Is this complimentary kids menu new or is it a relic that they likely won't know about? This would be wonderful if true.
  4. My wife and I will be platinum for the first time on our next cruise. On an upcoming cruise my wife and I will each have 3 premium meals + 2 "dinner for two" certificates. Our 2 young children travel with us. Everything I read about these certificates say "dinner for two" with no mention of who the guests are. If possible, I would love to use the "dinner for two" certificates for our children while my wife and I each use 1 of our dinning package meals.
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