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  1. On the ship looking out the window waiting for rooms to be ready. CC get together after muster. We have the wind song dinning room. Expect a full review when we return saturday!!!
  2. Ok so I went to best buy talked with the camera people about what needs in a camera are and what I would use it for now and in the future. I ended up going with the Olympus Tough - 6020 ($299 but $269 with my coupon) 14 MEGA pixels, HD Movie , can reach depths of 16 ft, drop able from 5 ft! I also bought an extra battery, wrist floaty strap thingy, 4GB High Performance card for recording video. So all this cost me about $462. Im really happy with this camera and can't wait to take it and use its tons on the cruise and report back with lots of pictures. I tested both in the store the the picture taking time is about the same on both. It wasn't enough to make me spend $100 more
  3. Ok so I think I'm going to buy a camera today. I want to go with the Olympus Tough because its water proof. The have two different ones. The first one can go to a depth of 16 ft under water and is $299. The other can go 30ft and is $399. Or do I just buy a few disposable underwater cameras. I don't know which on to go with. I'm not going to dive or scuba or anything like that. But I do snorkel. Please Help. Our port we are going to the beach at is Cozumel
  4. So we are leaving next Monday and looking at the 10 day forecast looks like a lot of rain. Cozumel is the only post we booked an excursion on and we really want to do it. If it rains do the cancel it? Do we get our money back? Will they still do it even if the weather is bad? Do we get money refunded or OBC? FYI: We are doing the "Beach Buggy & Snorkel at Punta Sur" Thanks for any information provided!
  5. I really like the new layout. I think the writing is earlier to read and its easier to find stuff. I am kind of sad they don't call it a "fun pass" anymore but i'll just have to make sure I have plenty of fun!
  6. Is there a way to sign up for this before you go or do you have to wait till you are on the boat? Also, does anyone have an idea on price? Oh and I'll be on the Ecstasy if that matters. Thanks for any help.
  7. I agree that you should book the room you want and can afford from the start but sometimes you do that and things change. We are sailing on 9/13 and were booked in an OS and very excited for our first suite. Well 2 weeks ago I was given a promotion and nice bonus. Well that night sitting at home celebrating the upsell "ninja" called. And i used from of that bonus and upgraded to a GS and added insurance and it cost $369 total!!
  8. I'm 24 and have had shingles 3 times in the past 2 years. They are very annoying and can be transmitted to those who had not had chicken pox before. Just make sure the area is covered and kept clean. Don't wear any clothing that will rub on that area. I would go and enjoy yourself, they can be painful. But I would rather be in pain on a beautiful beach some place then in pain in my bed. Best of luck!
  9. last year I did priceline name your own price and got Sheraton at the airport for which is a 4 star hotel for $72 a night! well worth it.
  10. Well today was a great day! I got a promotion at work that was a complete surprise then I get a call by my fiance. The up sell fairy had called. We went from V16 (os) to U107 (GS) and added insurance for $398 total for two people. This was a great deal in our eyes and worth the money. We don't drink or gamble, excursions are all paid for so why not spend the extra vacation money on an upgrade! It will be a wonderful anniversary cruise!
  11. So I have read about this thing called a cabin crawl. What is it? How do you become part of one. Also, so all ships have a time for CC members to get together. I started the roll call for our cruise but I'm sure there are more that aren't on the roll call. Just want to meet other people who love cruising as much as we do. Thanks for any information!
  12. I hope you have an amazing time we get to sail on her on 9.13 and can't wait. We are doing the Chef's Table and the beach buggy and snorkel in Cozumel.
  13. We are staying at Harbor House September 12th. We wend on Expedia and paid $89 a night
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