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  1. Thank you for the info. We'll just see what happens. Alaska is one of our favorite vacation spots. We have been several times so if RCCL cancels it's not a big deal. We live in Texas and just rebook a cruise out of Galveston.
  2. Our May 27 Alaska cruise was cancelled. We took the refund and then booked the Ovation for August 28th Alaska cruise. Hoping RCCL won't cancel this one. But if they do cancel we'll take the full refund again and look for another cruise.
  3. I have been to ISP several times. It's a good place to get off the ship and relax. There is a short nature trail near the pier. It goes into the forest and it's an easy walk. Great place to take pictures of the forest. I have been whale watching and bear watching. Both were good trips. At times you can see whales right near the ship. RCCL has built a pier there now and it's easy off and on the ship. There is a zip line, restaurants and gift shop at the pier. You can take a bus into Hoonah. It's about a mile from the pier and you walk along the shore line. Hoonah is a small fishing c
  4. My DW and I a long with another couple will be in Denali on June 6-7 and we are doing the Kantishna Wilderness Trails Tour that goes to Kantishna Lodge in the far back of Denali. It's 100 miles in and out. I called KWT tonight and asked about the road conditions. The person I spoke with stated it's still winter in the park and they have not information on the road conditions. He stated just before the park opens the NPS will determine what the road conditions are and then make a decision. He stated the road conditions would be posted on their website. denaliwildlifetour.com
  5. Thank you for the information. Four of us have purchased Kantishna Wilderness Trail bus ticket for June 7, 2020 for the 92 mile trip to the lodge. I hope we can make the trip or our money will be refunded.
  6. Thank you everyone for your replies. The information provided is very helpful.
  7. Mikes.... Thank you for the information.
  8. Does anyone know if there are washers and dryers on the Sunrise? We will be boarding Sunrise on Sunday, September 29 and will need to wash some of our clothing after spending 3 days in NYC. Thanks
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