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  1. Final resolution from my credit card company was in my favor. So I got it back from the credit card company. They asked me to remove the dispute and promised they would refund me this time. But, the credit card said if I withdrew it and they did not pay I would not be able to refile it. So, I figured I gave them multiple chances and I didn't trust them to actually follow thru so I just left the dispute in place.
  2. We had a refundable booking for Epic Tours in March (for 8 people). We canceled the tour a week in advance as soon as the cruise was canceled. We called and canceled and followed up with e-mails. They refused a refund claiming they had no money and the island was in financial distress. They offered a voucher, we said no, they said they couldn't refund. I filed a dispute with the credit card company after I saw their website says they are open, taking bookings and giving tours. Today I got an e-mail from them saying if I withdraw the dispute they will refund it. Then I got an e-mail from the company that does their billing that says they feel it's a legitimate charge. Wondering if anyone has received a refund, at this point I really don't trust them but not sure which route I should take.
  3. We were on March 14 sailing of Summit. We were in Puerto Rico and ready to board when they canceled the cruise on the 13th. Requested the refund about a week later (after looking at what I could get with FCC). Today I got the refund on my Credit Card. Of 4 couples traveling together so far 2 have refunds and 2 have only got taxes so far.
  4. So you were not at final payment date yet? Just Deposit refunded?
  5. Probably an e-fax. fax is harder to hack than e-mail. It is never printed but turned into secure electronic document
  6. Did you file a trip delay claim or is that reimbursing your insurance? Were you already at the port when Celebrity canceled?
  7. Our cruise was canceled 3/13 for 3/14 sailing. We requested refund upon return home. Nothing Yet, But I do know other friends in same situation on different cruise lines, non-cruise packages and airlines are also still waiting on their refunds.
  8. I was supposed to be on the same cruise. The e-mail with the link to request the refund instead of FCC said if you get the FCC you can change your mind later and request the refund up to a specific date. I believe it was Dec 2021. We had 3 other friends on the same cruise and all requested refunds as soon as we got the email with the link. We have not seen the refunds yet either but when I talked to them today she said it had been processed and was in a queue. she confirmed the amounts for me.
  9. The point of this post was no discussion. Just post when you see the refund. That thread is 15 pages of discussion.
  10. I talked to someone today that seemed to know what she was talking about. My cruise 3/14 was canceled on 3/13. She said she could see that my refund had been processed and was waiting in a queue to “be pushed out” to the credit card company. The numbers she gave me added up right. She said they are processing the refunds in order of sailing and that my sailing should be pushed out this week. She said they had been pushing them out every day but it was bogging the system down so now they are doing it once a week. I could have all been a very practiced load of *@$% but she sounded like she knew what she was talking about and was convincing. I got her thru the department where you can request a copy of your portfolio after sailing.
  11. You said you think Cruise Critic members skew older. I think the opposite is true compared to what I see on ships.
  12. It depends on the cruise. Longer cruises, cruises during school are an older crowd. We dis an 11 day cruise in Feb in the Caribbean and at our ages of late 40's-early 50's we felt we were in the youngest 10%
  13. I would have thought the opposite. The older cruisers are less likely to be planning on the internet
  14. I don’t know what their fees have to do with anything. The credit card charge is to the online booking company. You pay them, they purchase the airfare. Airfare gets refunded to them, they give you a credit instead of the refund.
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