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    Cove Balcony on Breeze - Electrical Outlets

    There is just the one outlet on the desk you mentioned. Bring an approved power strip (must not have power surge protection) in carry on only. Bring your own extension cord with the CPAP machine. BTW, excellent cove balcony location. Bon Voyage!
  2. forwardcabin

    Ghost on the Triumph?

    When we were on Triumph a few years ago in cabin 2323, we heard a constant clanging noise from down below--like someone was hitting the hull with a metal object. It was loud and constant all night. Even our other family members in the next connecting cabin heard it--none of us could sleep. We complained again and again at Guest Services, but they kept dismissing it as wind noise or our imaginations. We could still hear it when the ship was docked at Mahogany Bay and then later that night after we were under way again. It finally stopped before the cruise ended, but we got no explanation from the crew. Probably that ghost !!!
  3. Is the Steakhouse chocolate sampler available anywhere else except the Steakhouse? For example, can you order the chocolate sampler in the Main Dining Room?
  4. forwardcabin

    Becoming Platinum

    Welcome to the club!
  5. forwardcabin

    Booking on board under the old program

    That's a good question. We were able to move our Vista cruise in 2018 to another date and different embarkation port when we learned that the ship was moving to Galveston in Sept 2018. Since we had booked it onboard using PG rate, it didn't cost extra to move it and we kept the $100 OBC for booking onboard. Now...well not sure how this will play out. Here's what you could try: call the Carnival 800 number five different times over a period of several days and talk to five different reps. Then go back and take the best 3 out of 5 answers. Good luck. ...Oh, and come back here and let us know what you found out!
  6. forwardcabin

    Breeze Muster Station B3

    Most likely, the Main Dining Room on Deck 3 forward.
  7. forwardcabin

    Dreaded question every time I plan a cruise

    We belong to the SKI Club -- Spend our Kids Inheritance!
  8. forwardcabin

    Disembarkation Question (Freedom)

    There's all kinds of "ifs" with debarkation. Generally, however, if you choose self-assist, and you are Platinum or FTTF, and you are getting off on deck 3 (Lobby), you can take your luggage and your party down to deck 3 on the elevators anytime after debark has begun. Once there, don't ask anyone, just go around the elevators and join the line in the lobby to get off. Believe me, they want everyone off the ship as soon as possible so if you are willing and able to take your stuff and go, they will be happy to accommodate. Here's hoping you have a great cruise and easy debarkation. Bon Voyage!
  9. Carnival could easily include Costa Maya along with the other ports of call by doing 8- and 6-day sailings, especially from Galveston and New Orleans. 6-day sailings could alternate Belize-Costa Maya-Coz along with Roatan-Costa Maya-Coz itineraries while the 8-day itinerary could do four: Belize-Roatan-Costa Maya-Coz alternating with Jamaica-Gran Cayman-Costa Maya-Coz. I would eagerly book one (or more) of these.
  10. forwardcabin

    Cabin above Rome Main Lounge

    We were in a cabin on deck 6 forward on Carnival Triumph. If we listened carefully, we could hear some music and applause during the late show. It was somewhat muffled and didn't bother us at all. Your cabin is in a great location. Here's hoping you have a great cruise. Bon Voyage!
  11. forwardcabin

    Help us pick our 2018 cruise

    Try Carnival Vista -- April 21, 2018.
  12. forwardcabin

    Packing for next week and have a question about luggage!

    We put all of this under the bed with no problem... Here's hoping you have a great cruise. Bon Voyage!
  13. forwardcabin

    Regular balcony vs cove balcony

    Noise from the deck above should not be a problem if you can book a cove anywhere forward of the mid-ship elevators.
  14. Ask your MDR waiter for Bitter & Blanc the first night. Then, remind your waiter each night that you want it. You will get it one night by the end of the cruise. Don't know why, but it's no longer on the menu. However, it can be had if you keep asking.
  15. forwardcabin

    booking onboard not worth the hassle

    Not a "fake" cruise--you book a real cruise at some future date, usually as far out as you can. When you book un PG, you can make changes without fees and you can still claim price drops up to final payment date. Under ES, any changes, like ship, date, cabin, cabin mates, etc., will cost you $50 per person but you can also claim price drops up to 2 days before the cruise.
  16. forwardcabin

    Luggage drop off in Galveston

    You can do any of scenarios you mentioned in your original post.
  17. forwardcabin

    New Platinum/Diamond Gift

    We definitely agree with others who previously have said they have too many of these tumblers. We have been bringing them back onboard to use as prize giveaways for our Meet & Greets.
  18. forwardcabin

    Booking next cruise while onboard

    You book the future cruise using your preferred booking rate and with any promotional or sale price in effect at the time of booking. The OBC is based strictly on the length of the future cruise... Guests who book will receive an onboard credit up to $200 USD per stateroom for their next cruise. The guest will also receive two vouchers they can give to Family and Friends to take advantage of the same onboard credit given to the host booking. $50 USD per stateroom on a 3, 4 or 5 day cruise $75 USD per stateroom on a 6 day cruise $100 USD per stateroom on a 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 day cruise $200 USD per stateroom on a 12 day cruise or longer cruise Here's hoping you get the best possible deal. Bon Voyage!
  19. forwardcabin

    Lion Carpet in Cabin

    It's the only cabin with that type of carpeting and is usually reserved for John Heald.
  20. forwardcabin

    That's It! I'm Done With Carnival!!

    Always call the 800 number five different times and talk with a different rep each time. Then, go back and take the best 3 out of 5 answers.
  21. forwardcabin

    Why do they call everytime you look at site?

    We look up cruises all the time on the Carnival site and do all our own research. Then, when we are ready to book, we just email our PVP with the details and invite him to call us to finalize the booking. He doesn't bother us otherwise. So, if you want a PVP who will give you great service, but not bug you every time you look at cruises on the Carnival site, then send me an email at the address below and I will send you his info.
  22. forwardcabin

    Viking Serenade

    We cruised on the RC Viking Serenade in 1993. Curious to know if that ship is still in service.
  23. forwardcabin

    Viking Serenade

    ...oh my!
  24. We are considering a cruise on LOS this summer. After taking 2 bottles of wine onboard at embarkation, can you then buy additional bottles of wine at any bar? ...Can you pre-order bottles of wine to be delivered to your cabin after embarkation?
  25. ...thanks for the link. I browsed the offerings and they look quite good.