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  1. Thanks, I’ve done it now. The cruise I was looking at had no more cabins available in the category I wanted so didn’t show any choice. I changed the category and got the screen you described! The Princess and Celebrity websites are so much easier!
  2. Thanks for that but I still don’t get the choice! We choose select and cabin category but then don’t get a screen with the deck plan - just a screen with a red price bar telling me to ‘book now’ and the price! Below that is ‘what’s included in the price’ and ‘additional cost choices’. I think I’ll give up!
  3. Still can’t choose a cabin though ☹️.
  4. Hi all I’m just loving following you all around the world - the pictures are fantastic. Thanks for taking the time to entertain me - this is far more interesting than the book I’m reading 😉. Just one question for a ‘worldie’ - what happens to your on-board account? Do you settle it after each segment or do you get a BIG bill at the end 🤭? Lou
  5. Thanks. That explains why I can’t find them!
  6. Do you know if there are any new deck plans? I can’t find any. Thanks.
  7. We didn’t take our own soap powder and were surprised it wasn’t available in the laundrette (either free or paid for) as on other cruise lines. It was available to buy in the shop but forgot that the shops would be closed on 2 consecutive port days when the ship was in port until 10 pm :rolleyes:. Fortunately there were cups of soap powder available in reception for forgetful passengers, like us :D.
  8. This too is a myth according to the Oxford English Dictionary.
  9. I was answering another poster. It makes no difference to me when the grats are shown
  10. We did know about them before just not that they would be deducted in one go! Lou
  11. Have they started to automatically provide daily paper bills to your cabin without requesting them or did you ask for one? If it is the latter then unless you take action you won't see this charge until the last night. As I said before, if someone asks for this unauthorised charge back after the cruise then P&O would be stupid to do anything other than to hand it back. We asked for a bill - we had 2 rooms and wanted to check that the accounts had been combined. On other cruise lines we have been on, the gratuities were billed daily but this was the whole amount on day 2. Lou
  12. [quote As the service charge only appears on the bill on the last night without any mention of it, then in no sense can it have been said to have been 'authorised'. We are just back from Aurora - the charges were on our bill on the second day.
  13. We were in 8000 on Regatta for 28 days about 5 years ago from New York to Manaus to Miami. We didn’t notice any movement and there was no noise - but I think the card room was directly above. We loved how quiet it was and would definitely book the same room again. Lou
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