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  1. There is a large, free beach right in Progreso. The vendors will ask you to buy things while you/re there. You might also chekc with www.autoprogreso.com and check out the tours they have going to Technotel or the Reef Club.
  2. We've done the Chacchoban ruins with Native choice and had a good time.
  3. We have done the Chacchoban ruins with Native choice during one trip and on a different cruise we just hung out in Mahauhual and the beach. I like this stop and hope to go again sometime.
  4. We did this tour 2 years ago at Christmas and also had a wonderful time. Saw lots of monkeys as well
  5. Once we took a tour to the Chacchoban ruins with Native Choice and really enjoyed that. During another trip, our itinerary got changed during the cruise and we ended up going to Costa Maya on a different day and had to cancel our reservations at one of the beach clubs there. We ended up taking a taxi from the port to the town of Mahauhual (about $2 each way), visited the lighthouse, walked around town and hung out on the beach near the light house. It turned out to be a really good way to spend our day.
  6. I've been on the Elation several times (all before last dry dock) and enjoyed it very much
  7. Sounds and looks to me like the passengers were the ones out of line here.
  8. I've never understood this myself and figured I was missing something.
  9. My daughter carries her on and we drop it off in the cabin. I usually check mine still.
  10. Think it opens not long after the ship departs from NOLA.
  11. LEVEL POINTS RED Second Cruise – 24 VIFP Points GOLD 25 – 74 VIFP Points PLATINUM 75 – 199 VIFP Points DIAMOND 200 and more VIFP Points
  12. Did the vendors bother you much as you were walking around the Hip Strip?
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